1. From the House of Windsor to the House of Rothschild, England is run by a pack of satanic child molesters.
2. They're no different from the Vatican.
3. The slavery of their monarchs is signalled in films like The King's Speech.
4. A basic knowledge of cybernetics tells you what's really going on in that movie.
5. Or you can think of it in terms of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which Prince Charles advertises as "the new normal."
6. Charles pushes phony environmental causes, unlike his murdered wife, Diana, who actually cared about doing right.
7. Meanwhile, his pals in Canada, which is run by the Crown, slaughter millions of baby harp seals.
8. You can learn about Charles's relationship with his homosexual child-molesting uncle, Lord Mountbatten, in my article below.
9. Check them out.
10. Here's another shot of Charles's uncle, or is it his father, who had a homosexual affair with his cousin, Edward VIII.
11. Edward VIII was a nazi traitor, who blamed World War II on the Jews, when he wasn't pimping his wife to Joachim von Ribbentrop, but Hollywood celebrates him as a man who gave up the throne for love.
12. Here's another family photo, showing Prince Charles, with the child molester, Sir James Savile, whom his mother knighted and who undoubtedly raped both Charles and his children.
13. Here's a photo of Charles, the slave, with his master, Sir Evelyn Rothschild.
14. You can learn about Prince Charles's rapist brother, Prince Andrew, here.
15. Still, it's nothing next to the way the Freemasons sell English women and children to hordes of muslim rapists—all with crown approval.
16. Through NATO's GLADIO Operations, the English traitors at GCHQ, in Cheltenham, have long attacked their own country—first posing as IRA but now as ISIS.
17. Americans are taught to admire the Island of Slaves through the propaganda machine of PBS.
18. You can read more about my time in England, where I was abused by the Tavistock Institute, and how things work over there, in my latest books.
19. I've had enough of their crown crap.
20. You'd have to be as stupid as Prince Edward to fall for their lies.
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1. Dick Cheney has used his power to enforce "rectal feeding."
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