@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse Seeing #Wakanda in jarring. It is interesting to me that Bucky has more connection to Wakanda in the #MCU. In the comics, #TheFalcon has deep connection to the Black Panther. This shift continues the tension between African versus African Americans we have seen. @AssembletheMCU Image
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse #Zemo's ideology is easy to understand. In some ways, his critiques remind me of the historical concern about the danger posed by comic book narratives. I know it is a strange comparison, but Zemo's sounds like he represent the common person, but we can't forget his privilege. Zemo makes points.
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse Sam's understanding of Karli's position is interesting to me. As a black person does he leverage the reality of trauma with the potential for a better world everyday. I think he wants to save Karli and that should not be ignore. It is very Captain America. Karli is on a dark pathSam understand the pain
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse Is Karli the new Captain America? Is the shield a symbol of fallen empire? They are cutting close to the bone and reality. A New Captain America
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse Over and over again this series shows us that Karli is fighting for an imagined community. It is appealing to populist rhetorics we hear everyday. communityKarli
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse #Zemo is ideological pure. Let's not forget this. He is no difference than Karli. This show is making us think and the challenge is real. Zealot
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse This went as expected. Walker's reaction is textbook for him. Still, the confrontation of black woman with the personification of white male power is another jarring moment the series is providing us. No.
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse This scene is reminder of the pressure women of color face and the difficult choices they must make. This is a turn for Karli, but I can't ignore how the series is forcing us to understand systemic failure and the way it affects the most vulnerable. @AssembletheMCU America's doesn't care abou...The world doesn't care abou...
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse This episode has led us to this moment in thoughtful ways. Walker's feelings of not being powerful enough lead to an murderous rage. Again, this show does a powerful job of exploring tragic realities. John WalkerFeeling powerlessOut of ControlThe way the world see the U...
@falconandwinter @JMarieBrowning @SilasLapham @shengokai @CACovi715 @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @MSUEnglish @CALMSU @Prof_Kennedy @GBreezy20 @JustinWigard @huffythescholar @zackkruse Battlestar consistently acted as external validation for Walker. His labor supporting him was seen throughout the series. That is death triggers a murderous rage is not shocking. Yet, the fact a black man was doing this for someone so ill suited for the power he is telling. Battlestar always reminds W...Battlestar saves Walker's life

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12 Apr
@CWBatwoman @SilasLapham @JMarieBrowning @shengokai @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @CACovi715 @MSUEnglish @CALMSU The choice of #BlackMask as villain in this show is interesting to me. The False Face Society might be seen a metaphor for queerness. This not the case, but is it worth considering? @SilasLapham @shengokai @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom ?
@CWBatwoman @SilasLapham @JMarieBrowning @shengokai @plcphd @Cruz_CritCom @CACovi715 @MSUEnglish @CALMSU This really interesting. In an era of careful consideration of #defunding the police, the ideology community championed by a black superhero is intriguing.
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