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13 Apr, 10 tweets, 3 min read
I can't tell you how infuriating this kind of gaslighting is. It comes in lots of different flavors. but this combination of "it takes time" as though it hasn't been decades and decades and "you have a lousy attitude" as though I have to be "nice" in order to deserve to live.
There's also this.

"A lot of white people are dead too. You don't see us caring about that."

It is so not the flex people think it is.
My dude is literally inventing activism on the spot. Nothing was happening before he showed up.
At this point, this guy has transitioned smoothly from "the number of people killed by police is fine" to "progress takes time" to "I'm calling police departments frantically as we speak".

This is really wild.
We've still been mixing it up with this guy for a while folks. But here it is. We always land in the same place. Spend all day talking about "data and evidence". And then when they get it, it switches to the next excuse.
He labels the source "an anti-police group". There's a fundamental problem with discourse for some people. They've been infected with this idea that being "impartial" makes data trustworthy. While being open about your cause means you are incapable of producing trustworthy data.
This might also be part of why a lot of white men work hard to avoid taking a clear stance on anything. (Which defaults to supporting the status quo). I think many of them struggle with assuming that if they feel too strongly about anything that means they lose credibility.
Because as soon as you "feel" something, then you are *immediately* labeled as someone who is actively deceiving other people to get your way. Those things are coupled in people's minds. You can see it here. I still don't how I became a "grifter".
I'm done talking about this person today. I didn't expect it to go differently than it did. but I was open to it. I don't expect these people change their minds in any real sense. All I'm looking for most of the time is some consistency and some self-awareness. It's rare.
All that's left is to watch for his "get to zero" campaign. I mean surely he didn't make that up on the spot just to be argumentative. We should expect to see this on his TL every day for the foreseeable future. That's how he's creating change.

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12 Apr
This is a decent article that discusses not just Clubhouse's recent data leak, but the increasing prevalence of data leaks in tech products.…
This tweet from the above article kind of sums up the problem. It's not these companies are incompetent at security (though they might be). It's that they still don't agree that this data that they collect from us *should* be protected.
Here's what was leaked from CH:
"Names, user IDs, photo URL, number of followers, Twitter and Instagram handles, dates that accounts were created and even the profile information of who invited them to the app"
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12 Apr
To those in power, Black protest is *synonymous* with anarchy. Y'all keep learning that. They're not subtle about it. How many times do y'all need to hear it?
I mean anarchy. Yes I know what it actually means. These folks aren't afraid of chaos. They create it on a daily basis. If you're gonna try to check me, please come prepared.
It's easy to get confused about where the critique is actually focused. It's a mistake to think that the problem with a riot is "chaos". Sure, that's the fear they sell to white people. And that is one aspect of the issue. But that is not what the powers that be are afraid of.
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9 Apr
I really need to put this on a billboard or something.
I'll say a few more words about this. Because I think there is a lot of work to do on the rift between individual contributors and middle managers. Those two groups should be working together to deal with issues that arise in the company.
As a manager, it can be tough when it feels like all people do is bring you problems and expect you to fix them. It feels draining, and you start to wonder if those people take any responsibility for the problems themselves.
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8 Apr
I guess this is happening. I need to get a beverage...
It'll be pretty off the cuff. Aniyia and I don't really have time for these things to be planned. But we're willing to be fairly open about the lessons we've learned in our relationship.
Tune in if you're interested. We're gonna try twitter spaces. You can't really link to it. So watch my account and look for it at the top of the app where the "fleets" are.
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7 Apr
This guy has no idea why this is such an ignorant comment. Which is part of the critique. What we want is for creators to have flexibility that is not constrained by white supremacy. The response from Whiteness is "well then jettison all context and pretend nothing matters".
Superman is an alien who just *happens* to look like an all American white male humanoid. Did you know that for the longest time all other Kryptonians just happened to be white as well? Coincidence I'm sure.
As time went on. Our time here in the real world. There was social and political progress. And eventually comic creators were like "yikes, I don't think all Kryptonians should be white". So they stopped doing that. There was never any creative barrier to it.
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7 Apr
I think companies should be more transparent about compensation. But let's be clear. Putting ranges in job descriptions doesn't really do any of these things Nathan suggests. Not without other tradeoffs anyway.
Does it save time? Sort of. If you mean you'll have a whole set of people self-select out of your process. Many don't want people self-selecting out early. There's flexibility to how things might work out. Posting salary ranges can suggest more rigidity than there truly is there.
Does it set expectations up front? Sort of. I mean there should be salary ranges that are consistent internally. But often the job description can't capture things like different levels that you might be evaluated at. Is the range for one level or multiple?
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