(1) Test only symptomatics. Random tests of all will create shortages and drive down positivity

Now that we have approved most vaccines, make these available at all institutions which already are used to cold chain. Chemists. Sub centers. Maternity Homes. And so on.
(2) If they are good for one temp sensitive vaccine they are good for the Covid one as well.

(3) Focus more on beds with Oxygen and steroids. Down prioritize vague stuff like plasma etc.

(4) Enforce masks. Penalize crowds. Easier said than done but we need this urgently
(5) Don't be afraid of data transparency. Honest dashboards will help appropriate behavior

(7) Use IT to clearly inform people on where beds, O2, tests, vaccines are available. Will rationalise crowds and ease access.

(8) Unpopular one for the last....
(9) Don't shy away from widespread use of Antigen tests. It detects those with high viral loads. That way, you diagnose & isolate the most infectious ones quickly. Way rapid & point of care test. But as recommended, retest the negatives on rtPCR. Will free up rtPCR capacity.
(10) What did I miss?

• • •

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