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What if I told you that an oligarch behind many of the Clintons worst crimes has flipped?

Why would so called conservative media ignore this story? Because they get ratings by tricking you into thinking nothing is happening.
#ButNothingsHappening #GilbertChagoury Image
Lebanese & Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury who illegally funded the Clinton's campaigns from 1996-2016 reached a secret agreement with DOJ to provide "unique cooperation" in October 2019. His cooperation was kept secret until 2 weeks ago!
I will be producing this thread today, but many of the side cases from this that I will post later threads on details of those cases. But Chagoury connects to so many Swampy crimes including the set up of Republicans to gain leverage over them. Image
The Chagoury case ties so many issues together, it is a thread that when pulled upon unravels so many cases: Clinton cash, Epstein, Spygate, the Marc Rich pardon, the extractive industries corruption & banks enabling money laundering for criminals & terrorists. Image
Unfortunately the Swampy media has not covered the story, because it poses a real danger to everyone in the Swamp.
You'd think FoxNews commentators would note the cooperation of a guy connected to terrorists who pledged $1B to the Clinton Global Initiatives...
You must understand that the Swamp is bipartisan, media on both sides of the aisle devote most of their time to making their side think it is the other side that is corrupt. This keeps both sides from seeing that 1/2 the Swamp creatures are in their & 1/2 in your party.
Let's start with the DOJ's announcement: Gilbert Chagoury flipped against the Swamp & is providing “unique cooperation” according to the DOJ documents.
Crimes: Illegal donations & loans to members of Congress, presidential candidates, & cabinet officials. justice.gov/usao-cdca/pr/l…
Chagoury reached a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with DOJ in Oct. 2019 in exchange for his cooperation. Under the DPA, he has admitted his guilt & if he fails to cooperate the charges will go to trial with his confession attached! Image
It may be better than a guilty plea for forcing continued cooperation, because he must cooperate for years to come rather than just until sentencing. In addition, if he failed to tell them about ANY crime he committed then it isn’t covered by the DPA & he can face those charges.
Essentially his only way to stay out of prison is to tell FBI & DOJ EVERYTHING!

And it has taken me two weeks to even begin to document what that EVERYTHING includes!

Unique in this case means evidence of crimes that no one else could help them solve!
Two of Chagoury's associates have also been flipped & are cooperating to avoid prison. But there is much more behind this as it exposes corrupt political contributions through straw donations. Image
We will get back to this later, but one of the stipulated crimes was setting up a contribution to a Republican Congressman during the 2016 campaign. The location connects this to other cases too! Image
If you think this cooperation means little, the cooperation started in Oct. 2019. By Dec. 2019 an Obama cabinet official & former Republican in Congress Ray LaHood was forced to flip & secretly cooperate against the Swamp. Image
Ray LaHood was a Swampy Republican from Illinois, who endorsed McCain in 2008, yet still was appointed Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury in early 2009. What kind of connections do you need to get a cabinet seat from a President in the opposite party that you campaigned against?
Isn't it weird that so called conservative media failed to mention that an Obama cabinet official admitted he was guilty of taking foreign cash & concealing that information from his ethics reports?

Should be headlining FoxNews right? But he has an (R) after his name...
Open Secrets has cross referenced the illegal donations with the FEC data on donations to identify the 4 campaigns not named in the DOJ information. Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential Campaign & 3 Republican Congressmen. opensecrets.org/news/2021/04/s…
That does not mean these Republicans are dirty, the Swamp controls honest politicians in both parties by setting them up with fake scandals. If they ever need leverage, they use them with Fusion GPS style media coverage to damage the honest ones. I think I found 1 here!
That 2016 donation in Los Angeles, it is likely that it went to California Republican Darrell Issa. The chairman who hunted down the truth on #Benghazi, #IRSTeaParty & #FastAndFurious until Speaker Boehner took the Benghazi case away & gave it to Gowdy. Image
In June 2018 Rep. Issa made a surprise announcement that he was dropping out of the race for re-election.

Did he drop out because of an investigation into these illegal donations that could be weaponized by oppo research to flip his seat in 2018?
I think it is very likely because on 9/30/19 Darrell Issa announced that he was coming back to politics & running to resecure his old seat. What changed?
Chagoury signed his DPA on 10/21/19 several weeks earlier his attorneys would have provided a proffer of his cooperation.
The timing makes it very likely that Chagoury proffered that he had set up Issa by making the illegal donations so they could be used against one of Hillary's enemies in Congress. As soon as the FBI cleared him, Issa announced his return to politics!
I have not had time to research the other 2 Congressmen or Romney donations yet.
But Chagoury was an albatros around Hillary's necks for a 2016 run, dirtying up Romney with illegal donations from Chagoury would neutralize that issue.
Cintons accuse them of what you are guilty of!
By specifying details of only Republicans, this baits the media into covering the story a little. Had the DOJ mentioned details connecting Chagoury to the Clintons the media would have buried it in an unmarked grave. This gets info on the record around media bias! Image
Those who follow me know I think it is very clear that the Mueller investigation & other actions were done as a smoke screen to hide the real investigations like the one of Chagoury. The Swamp had insiders on both teams watching that case, DOj had to make it look real.
Here is an example of a Swamp insider who would have known if the Mueller team took it easy on Trump. Mark Corallo, was spokesperson for President Trump’s private legal team in the Russia investigation. He was also Chagoury's spy within Trump’s defense team…
Likely coming out of revelations from the cooperation in this case. President Trump's Russian Collusion defense spokesman Corallo retroactively filed under FARA in the summer of 2020 for working as a Foreign agent for Chagoury in 2015!
The FARA exposed a variety of firms... Image
If you think it is interesting so far, you ain't seen nothing yet!
It looks like the Chagoury Clinton Foundation investigation grew out of the investigation into the Issa & Romney donations!
And it may be the case that lead McCabe & others to try a coup against Comey & Lynch!
The Chagoury case was resolved in Los Angeles where DOJ was following another public corruption case that lead to the Clinton Foundation. It looks like the unrelated public-corruption case was the donations to Republicans in 2012-2016 outlined in this cooperation announcement! Image
We learned in October 2016 that the Clinton Foundation was under investigation. The LA investigation of the Clinton Foundation coming from that unrelated public-corruption case. In Feb. 2016, DOJ lawyers were trying to block FBI agents investigating it. nymag.com/intelligencer/…
We learned this because the Wall Street Journal published a story claiming that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was blocking those investigations of the Clinton Foundations because of donations from Terry McAuliffe to McCabe's wife's campaign.
McCabe was busted!
McCabe responded by having Lisa Page make leaks to claim that he was really the hero who tried to fight the DOJ on this case. When he was really the one shutting the agents down to prevent the investigation. ImageImage
If you are still listening to conservative media, you may have missed the 5 OIG reports that make a clear case that McCabe & his accomplices began in early 2016 to try & force the recusal or removal of Lynch & Comey from the CF cases. So McCabe & Yates could make the decisions.
Until this announcement several weeks ago, we did not know what the Los Angeles Clinton Foundation case was. But the Chagoury agreement with DOJ makes it fairly clear that this is the case. Chagoury & the Clintons go back very far in the world of Swamp Crime.
Chagoury first came to national attention when he showed up at the Clinton's White House DNC donor party to celebrate the 1996 election victory. Which was odd as he was not a US citizen & could not legally donate to a Presidential campaign.
Even the Washington Post was honest enough to notice the stench of taking foreign donations from a billionaire oligarch who was closely tied to an African dictator guilty of human rights violations Image
The donations were laundered through Vote Now 96 a tax exempt supposedly nonpartisan group that was used as a DNC slush fund.
They were caught diverting money to the reelection campaign of Teamsters President Ron Carey. Guess that's how they stuffed ballot boxes in 1996! Image
If you follow the Clintons, you won't be surprised to see that Ickes, McAuliffe & Lanny Davis were involved in this fundraising perk to illegal donators!
But few people know Mark Weiner, the DNC fundraiser who arranged Chagoury's donations & his access to the Clinton White House. Image
Mark Weiner got his first job in politics in 1976, being personally hired by Hillary Rodham Clinton to work on the Jimmy Carter campaign. By 1980, he was raking in Swampy money providing t-shirts & other merchandise for the Democratic candidates & the DNC convention.
Vote Now 96 was also implicated in a variety of shady donations but of course the Janet Reno DOJ didn't prosecute anyone for those crimes! ImageImage
I guess you won't also be surprised to find Clinton lawyers Robert F. Bauer involved in this case along with the late Henry Cisneros. It had all the Clintonite Swamp creatures generating funds for the 1996 election. Image
So what was Chagoury trying to buy with his access to the Clinton White House? A reduction in US santions against Nigeria because Chagoury's ally Gen. Abach was enabling drug smuggling & hanging political opponents. Image
Gilbert Chagoury was the ultimate Swamp creature in Nigeria under Abacha & was working to integrate that with the Swamp in Washington DC. How did he get his access, through Mark Weiner using Jesse Jackson!

Gaining access to Clinton NSA James Steinberg & Susan Rice! Image
Note Mark Weiner was the money funding Jesse Jackson's coalition in the 1990s. The effort focused on accusing large corporations of racism, then shaking them down for contributions & consulting contracts to help the corporations appear woke. It may explain a lot but not today!
Apparently Steinberg & Rice were not very pliable to Abacha's interests when they met with Chagoury.

Jackson claimed to not know that his sponsor Weiner was also getting funding for the DNC's off books election efforts from Chagoury to get access to the Clinton White House. Image
Susan Rice had moved to State Dept & secret meetings were held with the Nigerians in Geneva. Someone invited Chagoury but State didn't give Nigeria what it wanted.
So Clinton brought in Swamp creature Congressmen Bill Richardson to handle private negotiations with Chagoury! Image
Chagoury became a billionaire because of corruption.

His parents emigrated to Nigeria from Lebanon & after college he & his brother began engaging in corrupt business building infrastructure in Nigeria!

Corruption is Infrastructure!
Gilbert & his brother Ronald build a multibillion dollar fortune controlling key industries & making friends with Swamp creatures all over the planet! He stayed out of trouble for many decades until his luck ran out in 1998. Image
Chagoury became very wealthy by beign the primary corruption conduit for Gen. Abacha, which came crashing down when Abacha died in 1998! But don't worry, he is still making money off that corruption today! Image
Wikipedia will disappear this, but their site even admits that this foreign oligarch who illegally donated to candidates has funded the election campaigns of both Bill & Hillary Clinton. Which is illegal for a foreigner to do & Dems have spent 5 years calling that treason. Image
In 2010, PBS's Frontline did a good article on Gilbert Chagoury & his corruption. Gen. Abacha's death made him vulnerable as the new leaders of Nigeria, wanted to recover as much of that corrupt money as they could for themselves!
I can't find a date, but Chagoury befriended Abacha when he was a young officer many years before he took over Nigeria in a coup. Chagoury likely groomed Abacha to be dictator of one of the most corrupt countries on the planet. Image
Abacha, through Chagoury, set up the usual #ButNothingsHappening case arrangements of shell companies, extractive industry contracts, along with bankers & lawyers to help hide it all. Tens of billions disappeared from this impoverished nation during & after his reign! Image
Nigeria is a very oil rich country stuck in poverty because of corruption from the oil industry.
Chagoury handled these corrupt deals in a very wise manner, he brought in both halves of the American Swamp: Halliburton & Glencore!
PBS of course focuses on Halliburton, because they investigate corruption in the Republican half of the Swamp. But when I continue this thread tomorrow I will look at the harder to find details on Glencore. Was Chagoury the reason Clinton pardoned Glencore's CEO Marc Rich? ImageImage
Resuming the thread!

Chagoury was hoping to survive the death & subsequent investigations of Gen. Abacha corruption in 1998.
He actually tried to establish a new Nigerian government in consultation with what the Clinton Admin would want... Image
The investigations of Abacha's looted funds placed Chagoury in the crosshairs with criminal cases in the UK & Switzerland. Gilbert Chagoury was convicted in Switzerland in 2000 for money laundering, but that case & the UK case were dropped later when Chagoury cut a deal. Image
The scale of corruption & the involvement of Western corporations, banks & politicians in the looting of poor African countries is stunning.
Estimates say more than $600 Billion was looted from Nigeria since 190!
Chagoury's defense was that he was using the money for diplomatic missions for Gen. Abacha. In a way this is correct, the corruption going into Halliburton, Glencore & other companies was coming out into the pockets of politicians, policy experts & lobbyists around the world.
With Al Gore's loss to George W. Bush, the Clinton's ability to prevent the Chagoury prosecution from expanding into Marc Rich was greatly diminished. With Jim Comey returning to the Bush DOJ, a renewed Rich prosecution seemed almost certain.
Comey had inherited the Rich case from Rudy Giuliani at SDNY. Comey pursued Rich for laundering money for the CIA front BCCI to conduct illegal covert operations. Those cases died when AG Janet Reno fired all the US Attorneys.
Marc Rich was pardoned to sabotage those cases.
The media & politicians refuse to connect Rich to Chagoury, because Chagoury leads to both sides of the Swamp. The Republicans including Sen. Burton ignored it, because Chagoury leads to Cheney.
@hughhewitt is one of the only people who have covered this.
When Chagoury emails asking for favors from the Clinton State Dept were released in 2016, Hugh pressured James Grimaldi to discuss the MSM’s refusal to cover the Marc Rich-Gilbert Chagoury business relationship and Chagoury’s massive donations to the Clinton Foundation. ImageImageImage
So who was the Chagoury 'spokesman' who so effectively got the media to print his talking points about his favors from HRC? Mark Corallo
How did they justify believing his defense of HRC? Because he used to work for Bush.
Then became Chagoury's spy on Trump's Russia defense team! Image
So in 2003, Chagoury gets to pay a $300M fine to Nigeria from the billions he pilfered & the US, UK, & Switzerland Swamp creatures let him escape justice for stealing billions from a poor African nation because he bought friends in the Swamp through extractive industry deals.
Of course it doesn't end in 2003, once he's cleared Chagoury goes back to playing the Swamps to make money. His businesses in Nigeria continue to thrive with new corrupt officials. The prosecutor that was chasing him fled the country because of threats to his life! ImageImage
So how did Chagoury return to polite company after his links to a brutal dictator & global coruption?

The old fashioned way!
Using philanthropy & paid public relations efforts to get the media to tell people how wonderful you are. Image
Chagoury even attempted to buy off then @NPR reporter @robinurevich when she interviewed him in 2010 for an article in Frontline. ImageImage
Chagoury even made friends in British commonwealth territory St. Lucia in the Caribean. St. Lucia is a world reknown off-shore tax haven with privacy, zero taxes, & even citizenship deals for people who hide their money there
St. Lucia appointed Chagury ambassador to the Vatican! Image
With the Clinton's out of office, Chagoury's 'donations' move from DNC front groups to the Clinton Foundation & it's various initiatives. Money that is connected to the Rich pardon when it is politically convenient to do so...nypost.com/2016/01/17/aft… Image
Clinton got paid for speeches, millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundations and during Hillary's 2008 run for the White House a relative of Chagoury was a bundler for her campaign & raised a lot of money.
Culminating in a $1B pledge to the Clinton Global Initiative ImageImage
Yes, you read that correctly, a $1 billion pledge to the Clinton Global Initiative.
It is smoke & swampy mirrors too. Chagoury was pledging to invest $1B to build a sea walled peninsula on coast of Nigeria to create a business & finance city for Africa with Clinton's friends.
A small city of luxury real estate walled off from the people of Nigeria, where Chagoury would pay his own construction company to build it, his own electric company to give it green power, & pretend they were saving the coast line from climate change.
I will have to go into Eko Atlantic at a later time, there is too much to it! But who is helping Chagoury build this city to sell to the world's Swamp creatures with support from the World Bank?
Government owned China Communications Construction Group!
This billion dollar pledge came in while Hillary was Secretary of State!
What did he get for it?
How about the Clinton State Dept protecting terrorist groups to avoid investigations of money laundering in Nigeria! world.wng.org/2016/05/troubl… Image
In 2011, Boko Haram bombed a UN facility in Nigeria. But the Clinton State Dept. refused to classify them as a Foreign Terrorist Organization under US law which would prohibit banks from funding them. Resulting in a focus on money laundering from Nigeria as the CF profited. ImageImage
Hillary spent her entire time at State attempting to intervene like a Neo-Con in every failed state to make money for her friends. But chose to not help Nigeria, a country her friends were already skimming from. Image
Tens of thousands of Africans would die to Boko Haram terrorism while Hillary prevented the State Dept from classifying them as a terrorist organization.
President Buhari of Nigeria even accused the US of aiding & abetting Boko Haram. Image
So State & Treasury, run by Clinton & LaHood both drug their feet in investigating Boko Haram's finances in Nigeria. LaHood flipped for taking cash from Chagoury! The Clintons took much more!

Only after both left the cabinet did State & Treasury finally go after them. ImageImageImageImage
Any investigation of illegal finance in Nigeria would pose a risk to Chagouri, Rich, & other Clinton partners in Nigeria. It is all one long string of corruption for decades.
Would the Clintons have known of Chagoury's terrorist financial ties? YES! Image
But even after Secretary of State Kerry designated Boko Haram as a FTO, Treasury still failed to investigate their finances. Did Sect. LaHood continue to block the investigation of terrorist financing to protect his benefactor Chagoury? Image
Meanwhile Clintonista David Axelrod was brought in to help former Oil Minister Buhari (who set up the Chagoury-Rich oil deals) to become President of Nigeria to continue the graft! Image
Did Clinton & LaHood know that Chagoury's financial ties would be exposed by investigating Boko Haram, an al Qaeda affiliate?
He was placed on the US No Fly List & detained in January of 2010 for his financial connections to both Al Qaeda & Hezbollah! abcnews.go.com/Blotter/us-apo…
Of course someone at DHS leaked that he had been detained & Chagoury sued the US to find out what intelligence lead to his inclusion on the list. His legal threats got him a vague appology & a waiver for flying into the US. ImageImage
How did he end up on the list, increased scrutiny after the Al Qaeda underwear bomber at Christmas of 2009 revealed that the bomber's father was a banker who worked with Chagoury. Image
But Chagoury was also suspected of funding Hezbollah by passing money to a Lebanese politician who forwarded the money to Hezbollah.

I wonder what a FISA on Chagoury would reveal? Two hops!
societynow.ng/an-injustice-t… Image
It's a good thing that all the Democrats are on record claiming it is okay for the FBI to get a FISA on a political associate of a 2016 Presidential candidate!
We even have an OIG report claiming such investigations are good as long as they are lawfully predicated! Image
What is interesting is that I have covered most of Chagoury's partners have been targeted in the #ButNothingsHappening cases. Oil corruption deals in Nigeria that involved Shell, Eni, Glencore & even crooked cardinals at the Vatican.
Another of the partners of the Clintons in Nigeria is running an oil company out of Houston, likely connected to all of the other oil prosecutions being handled by the Southern District of Texas focused on Citgo & PDVSA Venezuella's state oil firm.
Lawal & his family are not only involved in the Clinton Global Initiative & Chagoury Eko City project. He is also a campaign donation bundler for Hillary Clinton! He changed his company name form CAMAC to Erin Energy but it's the same firm.
There is so much more to this case, but I think I will wrap up this thread here. I have lots of other threads that touch on these cases & you can find them here: threadreaderapp.com/user/DawsonSFi…
Addendum: I mentioned Epstein but forgot to hit that topic in the thread. When Clinton was flying to Africa to cut deals with Chagoury & meet his friends, he used Epstein's plane for several of those trips. Wonder why he didn't want a charter crew? nymag.com/intelligencer/…

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