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Another major victory for the IRS using a "John Doe" summons to get customer records from schemes used to conduct money laundering tax evasion...

A decade of FBI investigations of
banks for enabling money laundering & tax evasion flipped the banks into giving up the #receipts. So crooks & swamp creatures switched to crypto, which is now giving up the receipts.
At Coinbase & other exchanges, Suspicious Activity Reports to the feds tripled in 2021 because the companies started reporting instead of protecting their clients.

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A great example from Australia of how fake news is manipulated by collusion between oppo research figures, 'journalists', & politicians to convince the public of a narrative they want to create.

How the current PM was involved in taking down a past PM.

Brittany Higgins made an allegation that she had been raped by Bruce Lehrmann in the office of Australia’s then defense minister in 2019. She told police but wouldn't file charges. Then went to the media in 2021 in a political campaign against the PM.…
Lehrmann was charged with sexual assault, but the case was dismissed for jury misconduct when a juror brought evidence into the deliberations from the internet. Image
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Guilty pleas for selling $100M+ of refurbished & compromised CISCO networking equipment from China with counterfeit parts & software to make them appear legitimate to US users including the US military. From 2014-2022.
Onur Askoy of Turkey & Miami, Fl. ran these companies including selling on Amazon & eBay.

Added components to defeat Cisco security measures & conceal that they were fraudulent devices with bootleg software.

All counterfeited in China... Image
They don't mention backdoors or vulnerabilities but those are by far the biggest issue when these network components were used by schools, hospitals, government agencies & the US military.
So govt agencies & the military were purchasing counterfeit Cisco routers from the Chinese? Image
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Executives & lobbyists convicted for participating in an 8 year scheme to bribe Illinois officials, including then Speaker of the House Mike Madigan for Swampy favors for ComEd.

Energy company ComEd flipped in July 2020 & provided the evidence to convict their former executives & Madigan's staffers/lobbyists.

This investigation was also targetting AT&T, Walgreens, Rush University, Exelon energy, & others for similar bribery schemes with Madigan's lobbyists.
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Record seizures & arrests for trafficking opioids & fentanyl on the darknet.

It's like the key nodes in the global corruption services industry have all be compromised & are being used against the cartels, organized crime & corrupt officials...
Because that is exactly what happened!

Law enforcement seizures of darknet infrastructure provided investigators around the world with leads & evidence! Image
It is amazing how much global drug cartels have been getting destroyed since ADAG Bruce Ohr was relieved of his post as head of OCDETG.

That's a lot of international partners in these investigations! Image
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It's amazing what happens after you drain the Swamp creatures out of the Swiss AG's office!

If you have missed the decade of global swamp draining connected to the 1MDB case, you don't know what the Swamp is, how it works, or how it is being drained.
How serious? Like President Xi offering bribes to President Trump to obstruct the FBI serious...
I can't find anyone reporting the name of the 2 PetroSaud managers. My guesses would be the Obaid brothers, guys I call the Kevin Bacon's of global corruption. From them every Swamp creature on the planet is within 6 degrees of separation.
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From 2009-2019 one of the largest tobacco companies in the world used their Singapore subsidiary to sell tobacco to North Korea in violation of sanctions & launder the proceeds of the sales.
Plead guilty & agreed to cooperate with the feds.

3 individuals involved have also been indicted but have not yet been captured. One is a North Korean banker & the other 2 are Chinese facilitators. ImageImage
Part of a larger scheme of tobacco related corruption used by the North Korean government to fund other activities including their nuclear weapons program.

I'm guessing DOJ now has the #receipts... Image
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3 sets of charges against Chinese intelligence assets for running a covert operations center in New York City.

Attempting to suppress free speech in the US to help China.
This is an expansion on a investigation of agents working for Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

Note: at the beginning of this thread I suspected that the agent was working at Webex, but as I not later in that thread it was Zoom that was compromised.
Charges include efforts to influence the election of a US Congressional race to stop an anti-CCP candidate running for office.
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Looks like Justice Clarence Thomas is being exposed as a Swamp creature. I'm sure he isn't the only one...

I guess that is why the federal court system finally agreed to make Justices & Judges report gifts from their friends on their ethics filings.

Since the 70s, judges & justices havee ignored federal ethics laws. But because they exempted themselves from compliance with reporting gifts they allowed this process to continue.

Wish someone would give me a free $500,000 vacation... ImageImage
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The Swamps must be running out of steam if Dmitry Firtash is negotiating a plea deal!

Wonder who he is willing to flip against?
It better be everyone!
Firtash was likely behind the Furman & Parnas effort to frame Trump for corruption, but good thing Rudy collected the #receipts for DOJ!
Firtash was also behind the CEO of Wirecard, the corrupt financial services company that was stealing billions & working with hostile intelligence agencies.

That CEO was once involved in a plot to by spyware like the stuff Biden just banned by EO.
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Biden sanctioned NSO last year, then a front company, using a fake businessman, signed a contract with NSO to buy spyware claiming it was for US govt to spy on cartels in Mexico.
Was this a rogue contractor? Or a rogue agency?
I guess now we know why Biden issued this order last week prohibiting federal agencies from using spyware from shady companies like NSO!

They have to report to the White House to admit they did this or that they did it illegally!
Riva Holdings sounds like it is a front company for US covert operations from many agencies. Or at least it was before this story!
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Some are starting to see it!

Wait until they realize it means not just former Presidents but former Secretaries of State & other roles!

If you read my thread the other day, you will see the New York Times is allowing this former prosecutor to raise issue with the same things I said were the goal. To open up others for state prosecutions...
Lots of novel legal issues for the courts to resolve!
Based on a case so weak that it will never get to a conviction but will serve as precedent for prosecuting others for their crimes!
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Gov. Hogan's staffer has become a fugitive to avoid trial for Swampy games to get federal funds into his pockets.
That's a lot of aliases for a political operative... Image
Looks like someone set up a twitter account with one of his aliases this week.
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French raid Societe Generale, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Natixis, & Exane banks in €100 billion fraud investigation in the cum ex tax fraud case.
Laundering investments to claim green tax breaks for multiple customers in the same year. #ButNothingsHappening…
This investigation began in 2017 & lead to German raids on Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, & JPMorgan Chase & Co.
in 2022.

The cum ex trades to generate tax fraud have been identified across the EU & have spawned massive investigations of banks, their wealthy customers & government officials who enabled the tax fraud.

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Biden Executive Order bans US govt agencies from using commercial spyware that poses a risk to national security.
Such as Pegasus software that was used against US govt personnel & likely many others.
Software companies that sell to bad guys can't sell to US
So if softwar companies want to sell spyware to the US IC & law enforcement, they can't sell it to anyone who uses it against the US or for repression against other citizens.
So I'm guessing that all the spyware companies that spied on Trump, reporters, & the FBI in 2016 are going to be prohibited from US govt contracts!…
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Crypto firm Binance being sued by CFTC for violating commodity trading rules!

If you're not aware of Binance, they're the world's largest crypto firm founded in Shanghai by Changpeng Zhao a Canadian originally from China. They're now HQd in the Cayman Islands corruption safe haven.
But it may still be operating primarily from China.…
Binance is accused of knowingly operating a illegal exchange in the US while permitting money laundering on their exchange in order to profit from illegal movement of money by unidentified account holders. ImageImageImage
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Commodities traders trading bags of stone instead of real reserves...

Metals trading markets have been getting exposed for almost a decade for rigging bids & markets.

Wait until they get to the fake gold bars...

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Sterling Bancorp pleads guilty to $69M Securities Fraud for it's IPO, Initial Public Offering, & it's 2019-20 financial statements field with SEC.

Their bank issued $5B in shady mortgages to customers willing to pay extra for a bank not asking questions.
Bank executives had their employees selling the mortgages ignore all the paperwork requirements & deceive the underwriting department to get the mortgages approved.
The guilty plea implicates the founder Scott Seligman, a minority owner of the San Francisco Giants.
The bancorp was forced to flip on more than 100 former employees & executives who participated in the crimes.
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Silicon Valley Bank closed by regulators.
2nd largest bank failure in US history.
CEO was on the board of the San Fran Federal Reserve Bank now fired.
Funded the #SiliconValleyOligarchs
Major player in venture funding & ESG shell games.
A lot of Chinese involvement in that bank too...
It is a key nexus of tech companies, hedge funds, crypto, woke banking & hostile foreign investment.
Looks like the insiders got to sell their stock before it collapsed though...
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Ohio Speaker of the House Larry Householder: Guilty
Lobbyist & former head of the Ohio GOPe Matt Borges: Guilty
Took $61M in Swampy bribes to let FirstEnergy collect more than a billion dollars from Ohioans.
They were arrested in July of 2020 for this corruption scheme. You can look back to the initial thread I did when that happened.
The 3rd Defendant, GOPe Lobbyist Neil Clark committed suicide so he was not available to testify or stand trial.

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Swiss prosecutors charge 4 Russian bankers with laundering millions in assets belonging to Vladimir Putin.
The Swiss branch of Russia's Gazprombank has been winding up operations due to sanctions.… Image
Bank officials classified Putin pal & his daughter's Godfather as a non politically connected customer to avoid due diligence like asking where the money was coming from. Image
The banks knew who he was but pretended he was just a conductor at a theater.
Who needed to move more than $10M per year through Swiss banks.

Not suspicious at all... Image
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The Johnie Doc connected bribery trial ends with prison for Philly Councilmember Henon.
But it's just one piece of much larger prosecutions including election crimes that swung control of Congress in 2018 by electing PA SC Justices to redistrict House seats. #ButNothingsHappening
Johnie Doc is John Dougherty, corrupt Philadelphia union leader who was also convicted in this case.

Organized crime controlled politicians, stuffing ballot boxes in Philly to ensure candidates who paid them won elections.
One of their biggest crimes was blocking Gov. Wolfe's Supreme Court nominations, then rigging the Democratic primaries to elect the justices they wanted in 2015.
They quickly & unconstitutionally redrew Congressional districts to steal 9 seats from GOP.
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Nicholas Palmeri, DEA Regional Director of North and Central Americas Region, was ousted for diverting funds from Special Investigative Unit funds for a birthday party & other travel expenses.

This serves as a great example of how what looks like a small investigation pulls threads on so many other investigations & much larger issues.
This isn't about birthday parties, but DEA personnel laundering money for drug cartels, ignoring Chinese fentanyl supplies, & much more.
This report came out about a month ago, but there is so much coming out that it is impossible to see it all.
But within a few minutes, it connected to several other issues.
Some of the funds were used to pay for trips for Acting DEA Administrator Tim Shea...
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Rand Paul & Mitch McConnell advisor Jessie Benton sentenced to prison for laundering Russian money into Trump’s campaign as part of the GOP effort to frame Trump for Russian collusion.

Trump pardoned Benton for an earlier campaign offense (buying endorsements for Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential campaign) while FBI & DOJ investigated his efforts to frame Trump.
Did he try to use the Russian cash as leverage against Trump? It backfired!
Two weeks before the 2016 election, Benton was ‘caught’ in an October Surprise video offering to launder $2M from China into a ‘pro-Trump’ SuperPAC.

In reality, the Chinese representatives were working for a British newspaper.…
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