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Maybe there were bigger reasons Katie Hill resigned from Congress.

Seems her fundraisers husband was hacking opponents in the 2018 Democratic Primary to help her win the nomination.
Looks like her campaign even listed his website security consultations for Hill as an in kind contribution with a value of $500!
After her fundraisers husband attacked the websites of her opponents, Katie Hill narrowly won the Democratic primary before going on to narrowly win the general election.
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Former Deputy Attorney General George J. Terwilliger III joins the fray. Terwilliger was a very important member of the Barr Team that has not publicly rejoined the band!
Very critical player to red pill generations of people!
At one point, even mentioning the name Terwilliger on Twitter would draw out an army of bots & trolls.
Yet George remained in the shadows for the last few years. His taking a public stance is very encouraging that the game is coming to an end!
GJT, III, was Deputy AG under Bill Barr during the HW Bush Admin as Barr's team was attempting to drain the Swamp through the BCCI case. He wrote this op-ed in the @washingtonpost to support the AG doing his job & leading DOJ.
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3rd largest Swiss bank busted for laundering money for #FIFA corruption & #PDVSA Venezuelan state oil company.
Crimes were from 2009 until early 2018.
Why did the case expand? The US arrested one of Baer's client advisers in 2018. Baer is now required to put in place measures to detect & identify when it's client advisers are helping the crooks launder money & do dirty deals.
Prohibits them from being involved in large mergers.
They lost a CEO in 2017 & another in 2019 as the rats jumped ship to avoid the investigation.
The banks can only survive this by replacing their executives, admitting the crimes & handing over the receipts to assist prosecution of their employees & customers.
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Former US resident Harald Joachim von der Goltz pleaded guilty to wire & tax fraud, money laundering & other charges in the #PanamaPapers investigation of Mossack Fonesca!

He was charged along with Ramses Owens, Dirk Brauer, and Richard Gaffey.

He hid his money in offshore accounts from at least 2000 to 2017 and used multiple shell companies and bank accounts to do it.

Ramses Owens previously worked as a Lawyer for Mossack Fonesca and helped him hide his money. He is another one charged in the scheme.
Richard Gaffey, who was also charged, was a Partner at a US based Accounting firm.

Looks like the firm was Elder Gaffey & Paine PC.

I can’t read this whole thing, but it’s right in the beginning.…
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Democrat Massachusetts State Rep David Nangle was arrested this morning for campaign fund fraud!

Press conference at 10:30 am.

Here’s the DOJ announcement.

Democrat Massachusetts State Rep David M. Nangle has been charged with bank fraud, tax fraud, and embezzling campaign funds for personal use, including for gambling.…

Nagle was also a former House ETHICS COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN!

Boy, those are SOME ethics!
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US Treasury Dept. accuses of Oleg Deripaska of laundering money for Vladimir Putin in response to his law suit against the US for imposing sanctions upon him in 2018...
As Senator Burr said, everyone in #Spygate was working for Oleg!
The allegations come from a 2016 Obama Admin report identifying him as 'holding & laundering funds on behalf of President Vladimir Putin"
The Trump Admin broke precedent & started targetting Putin's oligarchs with sanctions to punish them for profiting from the misdeeds of Putin & his cronies.

Deripaska's crimes: threating lives, illegal wiretapping of govt. officials, extortion & racketeering.
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Now Pakistan's largest bank is under investigation for suspicious transactions...

The bank was previously shut out of the US financial system under sanctions. Actions that led to Pakistan being added to the global watchlist for #moneylaundering & suspicious banking.
Now Pakistan faces being placed on the FATF blacklist...
This meeting began today in Europe & may have serious ramifications for Pakistan including shutting down IMF bail out programs.…
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World Bank chief economist leaves after WB won't let her publish a report showing that putting aid into a developing economy increase the money leaving the country & getting laundered into off-shore tax havens!
Seems their research found that about 5% of foreign aid goes almost directly to tax havens. I suspect even more goes there indirectly through consulting contracts, loans & other instruments used to hide these transactions.
The Economist is pay walled & I haven't found another access yet to read it in full.
It did lead me to this great paper, showing 15% of oil price windfalls to third world regimes go directly to off-shore havens.…
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Japanese company pleads guilty of price fixing computer disk drives with their competitors & pays $28.5M fine. They handed over the receipts which resulted in the indictment of 2 of their executives.
So like with the bank cases, the company cooperates & the now former employees get prosecuted. Expect all of their competitors who were involved to plead guilty in short order!
The conspiracy began in 2008 & continued until 2016. What was your DOJ doing President Obama?

So they brought in the US Postal Service OIG to investigate as the USPS buys a lot of hard drives making them victims of the conspiracy!
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Another set of defensive leaks to the @nytimes trying to spin the facts before the truth comes out. This has a few very interesting points in it, none of them good for the CIA.

The headline says it but then tries to spin away the fact that the CIA was trying to hide what it & the Russians were doing in 2016!
Then in the fine print below Brennan's picture we learn that Brennan's false assumptions guided the accusations against Russia AND that he hid intelligence from other agencies in order to have his false narrative become accepted.
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Huawei is hit with a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) indictment by @SDNYnews
How was Huawei caught? But the anti-corruption unit set up at HSBC by @Comey identifying their customer's crimes!
HT: @LJT_is_me…
@SDNYnews @Comey @LJT_is_me 16 felony charges connected to stealing US trade secrets!
This connects into the cases of college professors stealing intellectual property for China...
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#China Telecommunications company #Huawei and two of its subsidiaries have been charged with racketeering conspiracy and trade secret theft conspiracy!

Oops, my mistake, I read it too quickly!

2 US subsidiaries have been charged.

ON top of that, 4 other official and unofficial Huawei subsidiaries were charged.
Here’s who exactly was indicted:

Huawei Device Co LTD
Huawei Device USA Inc
Futurewei Technologies Inc
Skycom Tech Co LTD (Skycom)
Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng

Now, will Canada do the right thing and extradite Meng back to the US?
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How many times will we see this talking point between now & Tuesday?
Democrats hyping a claim that Trump called NH "a drug infested den"! Do you think he really said that? Or was the transcript altered & then leaked to dupe people into believing he said that?
In his 'victory lap' on Thursday, @realDonaldTrump admitted that he knew LTC Vindman was adding false information into the Ukraine transcripts!
Whatever his reason for allowing it, it lead the Dems into the impeachment trap.
Vindman even admitted to editing a transcript to include things Trump didn't say...

Ah because the policy people wanted that message sent...
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CEO of Credit Suisse banks is gone!
Allegedly over a scandal for spying on an executive who was negotiating with another bank. But there is much more. #ButNothingsHappening
ht: @ProudBigDaddy2
Links to global corruption schemes & money laundering, like the looting of Mozambique.
Draining the Swamp goes through the banks laundering the money. To save the economy, they are targeting the banks slowly. Getting them to cooperate, getting the receipts & then getting them to flip on their employees & customers.…
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Of course the @NYTimes has forgotten that they once believed it likely that @Comey upended the 2016 election on purpose!
When will they learn that their narratives do not change the facts, only the temporary interpretation of them...…
By firing Comey, Trump destroyed 6 months of narrative framing by the Dems. A narrative that Comey rigged the election against Hillary on purpose. A narrative that he did it to help the Russian mob was next. With impeachment of Comey & Trump to follow.…
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Whew, Mississippi just arrested and indicted 6 people in relation to a massive embezzlement & public corruption scheme.

Arrested were:

John Davis - former Director Mississippi Dept of Human Services

Latimer Smith - former MS DHS employee

Dr. Nancy New - owner/Director of Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) and New Learning

Zach New - Asst Executive Director of MCEC
Arrests continued:

Anne McGrew - MCEC Accountant

Brett DiBiase - former Pro Wrestler
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Charges moving forward against a Swampy software CEO & investor out of the UK.
How big were his Swamp connections? Thought he could rip off Hewlett Packard for $8.8B & get away with it. He did until the Trump Admin took action.
HT @LJ20175
This case began to move forward when he was indicted in November 2018 in one of my early #ButNothingsHappening cases.
He is heavily connected to Cambridge & members of the UK Parliament.
He also has connections to a Russian oligarchs, Davos, & politicians cutting deals with China....
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Ara Aprahamian, the former VP of Sales & Marketing at generic drug company
Taro Pharmaceuticals, was indicted for his role in conspiracies of #BidRigging, price fixing, and making a false statement to the feds.

#AntiTrust #ButNothingsHappening
Here's a previous write up about it.

Par Pharmaceutical Companies was also involved in the conspiracy of drug companies to inflate generic drug prices.…
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United Auto Workers moves to expel members & executive indicted for corruption. This is a 5-6 year investigation that is finally hitting home & causing big results.
The case has lead to indictments against UAW officials, GM executives, Chrysler engineers, & a RICO lawsuit by GM against Fiat Chrysler for bribing UAW to give GM a worse labor deal.
Several of the UAW executives have resigned from the union to avoid being expelled by a trial.
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Guilty plea in Atlanta federal jobs training program bribery.
Individual was accepting bribes to direct students toward training providers who paid up. Similar to Baltimore arrests connected to the former mayor.
Graft like this exists in every federal program & has become a key target of the FBI & Justice Department. Often using agency inspector generals to find cases & probable cause to get the FBI access to investigate.
This case involved the US Dept. of Labor OIG & the State of Georgia OIG to identify & investigate suspects for hand off to the FBI & DOJ. Let's hope he has flipped!
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Follow along if you would like to see where this is headed...

So what was Airbus doing & why were they doing it?

Well if you want to sell airplanes you have got to beat the competition, which in Airbus' case means Boeing. You can't bust Airbus without taking down Boeing too!
This $3.9B settlement is the largest foreign bribery case ever resolved (though I bet Boeing's will be larger!
Bribery all over the world to government & executives to sell planes. Settles with the US, UK & France.
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Is this connected to Operation Cassandra?
It is certainly a #ButNothingsHappening case, $115M illegally laundered to Iran from Venezuela from 2011-2013, but not investigated until the Trump Admin.
Lied to FBI agents about the scheme which started in 2006 in January 2020!
This is a superseding indictment, which likely means an earlier indictment happened under seal. Now this one as an edited version to hide other connections & cases connected to this defendant. ht @ProudBigDaddy2
One of the reasons this may be Project Cassandra related is that they are having the SDNY's Terrorism & International Narcotics Unit leading this investigation.
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France's Airbus entered into deferred prosecution & will pay over $3.9 BILLION in fines to resolve corruption & foreign bribery charges, violations of the Arms Export Control Act, and violations of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

A criminal information was just filed on Jan 28 charging them with conspiracy of the above charges. Of course, conspiracy means more than one, so there is more to come!

Airbus will now have to cooperate and turn over their receipts!
And WHO was Airbus bribing? None other than #China .... and other countries.

And of course they tried to hide their bribery by using layers of "business partners."
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United Nations director general of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) António Vitorino implicated in a 35 million euro Venezuelan corruption scheme.
Case stems from time when he was Spain's ambassador to Venezuela.…
The case also involves the former head of the Venezuelan oil company flying to Madrid to testify, then being found dead in his hotel room.
Money was laundered through shell companies & banks in Panama & Switzerland. I'm sure some of this was exposed by the #PanamaPapers & #Swissleaks.
Which have made it easier for investigators to discover the owners of the shell companies!
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