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Philadelphia City Treasurer Christian Dunbar was arrested & charged with embezzlement, marriage fraud conspiracy, and faking his way to US citizenship.

#ButNothingsHappening #Philly
Shortly before he was appointed as Philly’s Deputy Treasurer, Dunbar worked for Wells Fargo. While there, he stole $15,000 from 2 bank customers.
Dunbar and his current wife both entered fake marriages with US citizens for immigration benefits and for US citizenship. These marriages go back to 2006 when Dunbar and the US citizens attended Temple University, where they came up with the scheme.
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This isn't the first incidence of FinCEN working to protect bad guys & oligarchs. People always blame the agencies that are household names & miss the ones doing the dirty deeds. #ButNothingsHappening
FinCEN was protecting Putin's Oligarch Oleg Deripaska when the Trump Admin moved to sanction him.

But they were also sending intelligence to Russian officials using Gmail accounts to hide their collusion.
This story goes back & is intertwined with the Biden stories. I suspect that some of the Hunter SARs were meant to test the Swamp creatures at FinCEN.
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Now Finland is going to investigate oil & mining services company Trafigura for money laundering. Wonder if they bribed any Swamp creatures to get their stake in Terrafame?

I have threads on several scandals related to Trafigura & their competitors!
Trafigura is a common thread in many of the #ButNothingsHappening cases. They connect to many Clintonistas & corrupt oligarchs & dictators all over the world.…
Trafigura was handling the corrupt oil business in Angola for the Dos Santos family who were propped up by the foreign policy establishment in DC & other places.…
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Online shopping sites used to launder money out of China through gambling enterprises.
Gamblers buy fake products as a means of buying their chips for offshore gambling. HT @ferny77528037

The Chinese government & People's Bank of China are now claiming to be making an effort to stop it....
They even go so far as to have people at shipping companies add fake packages & tracking data into their system to make it appear the goods were shipped.

These companies must have been getting rich shipping fake packages. One investigation found 600M fake packages.
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Trump has told us that it is time to stop listening to the Biden allegations out of Ukraine.

Are you going to listen to him?

So stop falling for the fake news & lookk at what the Trump Admin has to say!…
Unlike Obama who sat back & allowed Russia to interfere with the 2016 elections, Trump is acting aggressively to stop their fake news & dirty dossiers.

So stop listening to those pay-triots & reporters who are passing on this propaganda. #ButNothingsHappening Image
So what are the Russian's doing? Using their friends in Ukraine to polarize the US electorate by making them believe fake news. Sounds a lot like 2016... Image
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Another Pentagon Swamp draining case. The announcement is short on details so hard to tell how much wider it will get.
QuantaDyn has plead guilty for bribing military contracting officials to sell training simulators to the military. #ButNothingsHappening…
USA John Bash has secured the guilty plea along with $51M in restitution, fines & penalties. Guilty plea to bribing an Air Force contracting official, looks like the indictments were unsealed in January but the case didn't get much coverage. Image
The timeline is vague, saying the scheme occurred while Dunn was President of the company. He founded it in 2000 & headed it until 2020 it seems. Was he paying bribes the entire time? It's left unsaid... ImageImage
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Interesting, this looks like it came out of the OIG investigation that I discussed a few months ago. It looks like this is the first of many arrests to come as they talk about a lot of co-conspirators including the cartels!
That OIG report found that DEA was illegally hiding covert money laundering operations from the Attorney General & Congress. That they DEA was protecting some cartels, banks, & people from prosecution while investigating others.
The OIG investigation only covered 3 fiscal years, but Irizarry & his wife plead guilty to 19 charges in a scheme lasting 7 years. They were using DEA undercover stings against money laundering, to launder their own money & take pay offs from targets to not investigate them.
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DOJ filed a complaint to forfeit almost $1 Million from Ryer International Trading Limited and Rensy International Trading Co for acting as middlemen for North Korea’s purchase & acquisitions of telecom equipment from #China’s ZTE!

Again, note the dates.

From 2010 to 2016, ZTE exported millions of parts to North Korea that originated in the US and used shell companies based in China to receive US dollars. Image
And, to top it off, Ryer International’s owners tried to invest their proceeds from this scheme in the EB-5 immigrant investor program! Image
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Thread by OCCRP on Semlex a Belgian biometric security company...
Bribery to get contracts for passports & other documents...
In addition to Africa, Semlex was playing swampy games in former Soviet republics too.
Semlex has connections to some Russian oligarchs who are friends of Putin.

Connected to a case where someone started killing former French intelligence agents who were hired to assassinate figures exposing the corruption.
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Cerissa Renfroe Neal, the former Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Education & MS Dept of Ed Contractors Joseph B. Kyles, David B. Hunt & Lambert Martin were charged w/ conspiracy, bribery, money laundering and wire fraud.

They were actually indicted back in February, but the indictment was just unsealed.
Neal and the MS DOE Contractors altered purchase orders, used fake quotes, and rigged bids in order to steer contracts to the Contractors and make the MS Dept of Ed pay higher prices for THEIR profit. Image
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WOW! US Treasury Dept puts sanctions on the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for human rights violations or corruption! Looking for details on the specific reasons... #ButNothingsHappening Image
The US has also sanctioned Phakiso Mochochoko, the ICC’s director of jurisdiction, complementary and cooperation division. But Sect. Pompeo did not explain the reasons for the sanctions.…
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AG Barr has demoted a lawyer at DOJ who decides what secret surveillance actions are legal. The Dems are very upset that this career lawyer who could give get out of jail free cards out by ruling things legal is gone.…
HT: @ebolanteres #ButNothingsHappening
Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brad Wiegmann had headed the Office of Law and Policy in the Justice Department's National Security Division for almost a decade. After Trump was elected, he took Obama NSA officials like Katrina Mulligan onto his team. #VivaLaResistance?
So what does the DOJ National Security Division Office of Law and Policy do? It decides what federal counterterrorism and counterintelligence activities are legal & what ones are not.
Take a wild guess what you think this office decided in regards to Spygate? I have a few guesses
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Looks like Sheriff Roscoe & his Deputy Cleetuses are in for a bad day...

McCabe's defensive leaks to NYT's again show that Comey, Rosenstein & Mueller were on Trump's side!

HT: @justforfun1328
The fact that Michael Schmidt is repeating McCabe's lies shows that McCabe was the source of earlier leaks from the FBI that some have tried to blame on "Comey's FBI" rather than on Comey's coup plotting Deputy Director.

McCabe is again accusing Rosenstein of protecting Trump!
So Comey's memos lead Rosenstein to appoint Mueller to not investigate the Russia case the way Andrew McCabe wanted it investigated!
The DOJ also concealed the narrowing of the scope from McCabe's FBI so he would not know that Mueller wasn't investigating Trump!
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McKinsey & Co. tried to help corrupt fintech company Wirecard purchase Deutsche Bank in an effort that Wirecard hoped would be able to use the chaos of the merger to hide the billions of dollars it had skimmed off from the company! #ButNothingsHappening…
Concealing Wirecard's fraud by gaining €1.4 trillion in Deutsche Bank's assets so that the couple of billion in fraud might get lost on the balance sheet. Wonder how much more fraud they could have pulled off after gaining control of the bank? ImageImage
Only problem was a KPMG audit as a prelude to arranging the financing for the deal showed that €3.2bn in debt raised since 2015 has been “lost”. Including a billion given out as loans to shady shell companies in Asia. ImageImage
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Hillary Clinton knew Nader was funneling money to her campaign because the FBI warned her campaign in October 2015. Clinton decided to take the money anyway! That is called collusion to win an election!
Mueller busted Nader & he's awaiting trail for it now!
Nader then got busted when he tried to become a Trump donor. He was one of those Hillary donors who met with Trump associates during the transition period. After Trump moved out of the tower to avoid the wiretapping,...…
Nader, the one colluding with Hillary for foreign powers was also working for the Russian Direct Investment Fund so may have been funneling Russian money into her campaign in addition to money from UAE. #ButNothingsHappening…
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Follow the money, it often leads to the explosives, illegal arms deals, corrupt banks, & Swampy politicians. #BeirutExplosion #ButNothingsHappening
A Russian operator, explosives from George, heading to Mozambique, a British middleman working for some Ukrainians...

You almost couldn't make this up! Image
The entire operation hidden behind shell companies, of course...

Like so many cases, you must spend significant time deciphering the shell companies & secret bank accounts in off shore havens. ImageImage
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More New Jersey corruption!

Jeanmarie Zahore of Rahway, NJ was indicted on corruption, wire fraud, and bribery charges for bribing an unnamed Orange, NJ public official.

Zahore owned computer consulting company JZ Nettech.

In 2015, the Orange Township City Council awardees him a no-bid $350K contract to install a networking system at a municipal complex.

Zahore bribed the unnamed city official in exchange for that contract. Image
After Zahore and the city official conspired, The Orange city official told officials at the Orange Municipal Court and Police Dept they had an urgent security issue in their network & that JZ Nettech was picked to fix it. Image
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Lynn Haven, Florida Mayor Margo Anderson and City Attorney Joseph Adam Albritton we’re indicted for fraud and corruption related to Hurricane Michael clean up.

Not sure what party they are, but draining the swamp, regardless.

Just looked at some articles about it and party wasn’t mentioned, which makes me think Dem. We have a pattern of media not reporting the party when a Dem is charged.
Whew! 64 count indictment! Image
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FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith pleads guilty for falsifying documents used to secure the FISA against @carterwpage
Not much information in here but plenty to show Clinesmith is not the only one at risk. #ButNothingsHappening…
Obviously "Individual 1" is Carter W. Page & "Other Government Agency" "OGA" is the Central Intelligence Agency. Image
Clinesmith provided support to the National Security Division of DOJ & The Crossfire Hurricane team by preparing the 4 FISA applications against Carter Page. All of which alleged the FBI had probable cause that he was a knowing agent of Russia! Image
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Dallas Real Estate Developer Devin Hall pled guilty to bribing former Dallas City Council member & Dallas Housing Committee Chair Carolyn Davis in exchange for supporting Hall’s apartment project.

Hall also promised Davis a consulting job once she was out of office in exchange for the bribes.

Carolyn Davis was previously charged & pled guilty kin another bribery scheme with another developer.

She has since passed away, though. Image
Looks like Davis and her daughter were killed in a car crash last year.…
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US Justice Dept seeks $18.1 BILLION from Purdue Pharma over criminal conduct involving OxyContin.

The company's Bankruptcy Judge has also ordered them to stop making political contributions with their money.
Guess they thought they could still buy Swampy friends?
The Sackler family who own it donated money to Democrats while the corporation donated to Republicans. Taking care to feed both sides of the Swamp.
Reports in 2019 estimated the settlement was going to be $12B but it seems that DOJ wants more!
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RICO charges related to the construction of a casino in the Marianas. THIS casino is huge in connection to other cases.

The FBI previously raided this casino's offices on other corruption charges including bribery & money laundering.

The casino's board members include former FBI Director Louis Freeh, former CIA Director James Woolsey, former PA Gov & DNC Chairman Ed Rendell, Judge Eugene Sullivan, & former NY Gov. David Paterson.
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Retired Spanish King Juan Carlos has fled the country to escape a $100M corruption scandal involving the previous King of Saudi Arabia and other Swampy contracts! #ButNothingsHappening…
I have a bunch of threads on King Juan Carlos if you want to find additional information on this case.

He even helped arrange some illegal arms deals to Angola to prop up the Dos Santos family at the request of the Clintons, oil companies, using money laundered to Russians by Marc Rich.

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