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Madoff whistleblower is claiming that there’s an accounting fraud inside of GE’s insurance and oil field services units that’s more massive than Enron and Worldcom combined.

@DawsonSField very interesting
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Glencore lost a court case that would have prevented Australia's tax department from using data and info from the #PanamaPaper leaks in their investigation of Glencore taxes.

Australia also warned its citizens who have money offshore "that they too were only one data leak away from their entire affairs being exposed."
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Moving from the bank to the banker, next up, the customers... #ButNothingsHappening…
Timeline on HSBC issue:
2008 Whistleblower took files to French authorities, nothing happened.
2014: Whistleblower gives files to investigative journalists
2015: ICIJ publishes Swiss Leaks based upon the files
2017: HSBC accepts fault
2019: Banker guilty…
The customers are a major cross section of the world's scum: arms dealers, drug dealers, mobsters, celebrities, dictators, & the family that profited off of pushing Oxycontin by lying to doctors about it's addictive properties.
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Things must be heating up if the @NYT's is circling back to Elliott Broidy!
Broidy is a Swamp creature connected to both sides of the Swamp in DC, Hollywood, & NY.
Poor Ken can't figure out why Broidy had great crimes planned w Trump but nothing happened...
He bought access to all the right people, he sold out to foreign leaders to illegally lobby as a foreign agent, yet while Trump & associates entertained his proposals in the White House, they didn't go along with them.
Almost like Broidy was caught in a sting or something...
@kenvogel says Broidy's efforts for a Malaysian financier involved in the #1MDB scandal "appeared to yield little action" is completely false. It lead to the guilty plea of a DOJ attorney assigned to Congressional support for trying to bribe Trump...
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Malaysia filed charges against 17 current and former Goldman Sachs directors in the #1MDB scandal, including Richard Gnodde, CEO of Goldman Sachs International and Michael Sherwood, former Co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International.

Another person that was just charged by Malaysia in the #1MDB scandal is Alibaba Group Holding President Michael Evans.

#China's Alibaba Founder Jack Ma recruited him himself in 2015.

Very interesting...…
Looks like Evans was a Director at Goldman Sachs, prior to joining Alibaba, of one of the Goldman units that was accused of misleading investors during the #1MDB deal.…
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Democrat #Illinois State Senator Thomas Cullerton was indicted for embezzlement from a Teamster’s Union.

He was a union member in one division before joining the Senate, then while in the Senate, he was hired by another union division to be a union “organizer” in a full time position with salary and benefits.

He ended up doing little to no work & pretty much just ignored them.
He still collected his full salary and benefits, though, and also fraudulently collected reimbursed medical claims.
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The FBI raided 3 properties of the South Bend Housing Authority in Indiana this AM.

Their official offices & two homes were searched.The homes that were searched were occupied by a former Housing Auth contractor & sub-contractor.

One of the homes was occupied by Archie Robinson, who used to have a government contract with the South Bend Housing Authority for cleaning and maintenance.
Archie Robinson also owns a business called "KTR Kleaning to Renovations."…
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Lord Andrew Feldman is a member of the Queen's Privy Council. He was made life peer by long time Oxford chum David Cameron.

Andrew started his career at Bain & Co before he would later become known as Cameron's "fixer."

#KAG 🇺🇲
#BritishMeddling 🇬🇧
Classmates, neighbors, and business partners. Lord Feldman is now a multimillionaire venture capitalist.
He's now formed his own consultancy firm and landed multiple advisory positions. I won't get into all of them...
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Thank you Mr President for reminding everyone election security begins with the states! We're a Republic; each state is sovereign. With sovereignty comes responsibility.
🎩TIP @TrumpWarRoom

— 1.6 million in Los Angeles County ALONE
— 10 California counties have voter registration rates exceeding 100% of the eligible population.

California is not alone. Now do you know why they fought the census question?…
@TrumpWarRoom I first posted about this in 2017. I had been tweeting about a long known problem, but not in threads. Some of the links are dead but new ones are available:
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The @washingtonpost spent many years operating as an Unregistered Foreign Agent for Russia. Russia paid them millions of rubles to publish “Russia Behind the Headlines” which was pure Russian propaganda disguised as ‘advertising’. #ButNothingsHappening
@washingtonpost Earlier this year, the DOJ had a judge order a media company register as a foreign agent under FARA. It was the first time anyone has been ordered to register in a civil action, which is much easier than finding them guilty of not registering!
@washingtonpost President Trump's comments & the Washington Post's response must surely indicate that this fight is getting closer. What does it do for the collusion story & the 2020 election when a judge orders @WashingtonPost to register as an agent of Russia & others?
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If you are not watching Puerto Rico for a preview of how the Swamp gets drained, you are missing out on great lessons!
Trump serving as bait in an FBI sting, corrupt businesses & bankers busted, politicians exposed as hypocrites, indictments of politicians, Dems chant Lock em Up!
Then the media gets exposed for their role in manipulating public opinion to protect the Swamp creatures in government. The media companies have to either admit they knew what was happening (they have the receipts) or flip against their reporters & editors & blame them for it!
Puerto Rican politicians were mostly spending Federal dollars in the graft schemes that are being exposed. So these scandals will climb into the DC based agencies that were supposed to be ensuring they were spent legally. #ButNothingsHappening
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Another crooked #Union boss was arrested.

Glenn Blicht, President of the Longshoremen Union Local 1964, was arrested for demanding and taking bribes from an employer in exchange for NOT representing Union employee's interests.

#ButNothingsHappening #UnionCorruption
LOL...and once again, THERE ARE TAPES!
Just as a reminder, and to put them in one place, there have been quite a few busts related to corrupt union bosses and officials. Here's the former VP of the UAW who pleaded guilty to corruption:

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Huh, Microsoft’s Hungarian division busted for a foreign bribery scheme. #ButNothingsHappening
Microsoft paid bribes to Hungarian officials to rig bids & sell software licenses to government agencies.

Total fines of $25M from round 1, DOJ & SEC. I'm sure there will now be follow up investigations & evidence passed to foreign partners for them to prosecute next.
They are claiming the Microsoft executives in Hungary lied to the main office to conceal the bribery issues. But I find it unlikely that they would not notice the margins & other issues. This was a blind eye at a minimum!
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So while we were all debating when Mueller is going to get Trump.
We missed what was really happening.
Facebook agrees to pay a $5B fine for violating user privacy & cooperate with the feds! #ButNothingsHappening…
Looks like they ignored a similar agreement signed with the Obama Administration in 2012!
Do you think it is a coincidence that this settlement was announced one day after it was announced that AG Barr & the DOJ were investigating social media companies for violations of anti-trust laws?
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SO Epstein was likely managing assets for a member of the Johnson & Johnson family? Was he blackmailing them?
Never expected Epstein to connect to the DOJ investigations of J&J.
HT to @99freemind for this article. #ButNothingsHappening…
The FBI fed information to Brazilian authorities in 2014 that lead to identifying J&J as part of a global healthcare cartel using bribes to get government healthcare dollars.…
Johnson & Johnson is also under criminal investigation for covering up issues related to talcum powder contamination.
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So the Los Angeles, CA, City Hall, City Attorney's office & the Dept. of Water & Power are being raided by the FBI with search warrants! #ButNothingsHappening!
You don't think the city's water & electricity providing agency was Swampy do you? $30M no bid contracts, illegally settling class action law suits, and building on the ongoing FBI investigation into foreign influence over LA City Hall!
I have touched on the LA investigations in the past, many involve Chinese companies, pay to play deals with council members, all similar to what the Aldermen in Chicago are famous for!
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UK oil exec confesses to corruption conspiracy...
More interesting one of his employees paying bribes in Libya was also the contractor who Clinton's State Department used to hire the guards in 2012 for the US consulate in Bengazi!
This guilty plea is for paying bribes for oil infrastructure business in Iraq between 2005 & 2013. The investigation started in March 2016 into suspected bribery and money laundering involving a Monaco-based oil and gas firm Unaoil.
Three other co-conspirators have trials scheduled in January 2020, to there is more to come from this case.…
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Tulsi Gabbard calling out the 24 Dems running for President to support the Democratic voters in Puerto Rico to #DrainTheSwamp in PR. Do they join in? Setting the standard for other Democratic cities & states when their leaders get arrested for corruption? #ButNothingsHappening
The Democratic Machine Swamps around the country are facing major FBI investigations for corruption: DC, Baltimore, NYC, Tallahassee, Memphis, Detroit, L.A., Chicago, Atlanta & many more.

What happens when Dems are in the streets demanding an end to the corruption? Everything!
Bernie has also supported the protesters (but that is not surprising) but will his complaints about big business corruption morph into criticism of his party getting rich extorting money from big business?
Let's hope!…
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Interesting timing here, Swiss bank turns over 8 US customer accounts with $33M in assets that were evading taxes. But 4 they should have turned over in 2015...
HT @JarradKushner…
If you are not aware of what has been happening, around 2014 many of the banks were forced to identify their US customers who hid money in their Swiss bank accounts. In exchange for flipping the banks were allowed to negotiate non-prosecution agreements with fines.
80 banks reached final agreements with the DOJ between March of 2015 & January 2016 turning over tons of US customers guilty of tax evasion between 2008 & 2014. I believe this pressure was a major factor in 8 these customers.
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Now all five of Peru's living former Presidents are in prison. #ButNothingsHappening…
Former President Toledo was arrested by US authorities to be extradited to Peru.
This case is linked to the #Odebrecht scandal that I have written many threads about.
So where has Toledo been hiding out while trying to avoid being extradited from the March 2018 request for his arrest?
He has been 'working' as a visiting professor at Stanford! How is it going to play with the lefties that hate politicians taking $20M in bribes to help the 1%!
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If you have been following along, I've said that Flynn may have hired Holder's law partners to see if they would help rig the case against their client. Did they advise a plea to aid the coup? Have they been hiding Brady material from Flynn & his new lawyer? #ButNothingsHappening
There was also a bunch of funny business with Evgeni Buryakov's lawyers too. He's the Russian spy caught in the FBI's Wealthy Atlantic City Casino Investor-Russian Collusion Sting in 2015. Pdop fired his counsel after a guilty plea too!
This may have been what happened to Scooter Libby too in the Bush Lied effort to rig the 2004 election. Libby was also Marc Rich's lawyer at Glencore before joining Cheney at Halliburton.
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Huh, Puerto Rico's Democratic Party governor (he also belongs to the PR New Progressive Party) & advisors caught sending "profane, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, attacking the opposition party, and mocking the deaths that followed Hurricane Maria."…
Joking about feeding hurricane victims to their crows, that's not a very good look for the Dems in PR. Calling female opponents sex workers probably not real PC either!
Oh, they included lobbyists in their secret cabinet chat group. Well I wonder what the less salacious but more incriminating messages show! Oh nevermind, the PR Justice Minister who works for the Governor has said she's not going to investigate it. Maybe the FBI will...
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Evidence Trump exposed Epstein! After Epstein tried to black mail him in 2005!
Recall how most of these so called anti-Trump hit pieces, never lay a glove on Trump but leave breadcrumbs to expose Trump's targets. Excerpts from Wolfe's book show what happened #ButNothingsHappening
If you follow me you understand there is clear evidence that Trump's operations are constantly involved in FBI stings to identify criminal suspects, money laundering, mob activity, dirty politicians, & even Russian spies. But now Epstein ties into this directly!
In 2004, Epstein showed Trump a mansion in Palm Beach Florida that Epstein wanted to buy. Trump bought it out from under Epstein while Epstein did not believe Trump had the money to do so. Epstein assumed Trump bought it as a front for a Russian oligarch.
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Epstein had a foreign passport listing his country of residence as Saudi Arabia in his safe with his picture on it! Wonder who provided that passport, it would certainly help a flight from justice to have a non-US passport. I bet it isn't the only one... #ButNothingsHappening
that it was issued in the 1980s, in an alias & is expired. But it doesn't mean he did not have a newer version of the passport that is valid.
I wonder what dirty deeds Epstein would do under an alias? I mean he did enough evil under his own name.
What do you think required a fake passport?

Intel work? But for which country?
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