The George Floyd trial reminds me of the time years ago when our organization was burgled. Several checks were stolen. We reported it to the bank and the police.

Soon some people were arrested. All were undocumented day laborers.
So, some guy drove up to MLK and Burnside where the day laborers used to congregate and hired several who worked for a week on a farm. He then paid them with the stolen checks.

They got arrested. They all explained that this was their paycheck for working.
From the bank, we learned that check thieves resell stolen checks. That hiring people for temp jobs and paying them with purchased stolen checks is fairly common.

What boggled my mind, though, is the police insistence on prosecuting these day laborers.
They were twice victimized. They worked an entire week and got paid nothing and the police wanted to prosecute them for the bad checks they were paid with.

Does anyone know that George Floyd knowingly passed counterfeit money? Not that it makes any difference legally
But somehow it feels that he may have been twice victimized, by the person who gave him the bad check and by the murderer Derek Chauvin.

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20 Apr
When the NRA and ammosexuals perorate on how the 2nd Amendment is all about protecting us from government tyranny, they are not telling the truth. The 2nd Amendment was included for defense against Native Americans and to prevent any uprising by the people they had enslaved.
Patrick Henry, who famously said "Give me liberty or give me death," was a slave-owner. As governor of VA, he signed a bill bydrafte Jefferson creating a militia that every free man in VA was expected to join.
"Jefferson stipulated that “the free mulattoes in the said companies or battalions shall be employed as drummers, fifers, or pioneers,” which meant that men of color were to be required to participate in combat, but were not to have guns." (American Slave Coast)
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19 Apr
I think presumption of innocence is something widely understood. It is a requirement of the jurors. I am not a juror. I am not required to presume Chauvin's innocence. The media use alleged even if we can all see the video, but that's to avoid libel suits.
So OpEds can say Derek Chauvin is a racist murderous thug - if it's clearly an op-ed. I can say Chauvin is a racist murderous thug.

And if there is justice, after the verdict everyone can say Derek Chauvin is a racist murderous thug.
Jeez, misunderstood. Widely misunderstood.
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19 Apr
Today someone asked why it is so hard to fight racism and I thought of Hillary and how much she was vilified by the Berner left when she said we can't change hearts, but we can change policies and systems.…
She was being more honest with people than they like and was called a racist for it by the Bernie cult.

But how is that different from Ibram Kendi's argument in "How to Be Anti-Racist?"
According to Kendi, if you support racist policies, you are racist. If you support anti-racist policies, you are anti-racist. It's important to note that people can be racist on one policy and anti-racist on another.
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14 Apr
Require every officer have liability insurance. If the union wants to pay for it, fine, but not taxpayers. Let the union eat the cost of police violence. Insurance companies will raise premiums based on cops who are abusive. Police will have an incentive to purge bad actors.
Absolutely end the taxpayer subsidy of police violence. Police officers and unions must be on the hook for settlements, not taxpayers. If a few cops end up up bankrupted, perhaps they will think twice before murdering someone for an expired tag.
Not one more taxpayer dollar in settlements for police malfeasance and murder. Why should we take money from schools, libraries, roads, health care to pay for criminal cops?
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13 Apr
I sometimes wonder whether the reason there is near-impunity for police violence and police shootings is that we, as a people, value the collective trauma this violence inflicts on people, particularly on Black people.

I don't really wonder, I am pretty damn sure.
Look at the responses from police apologists. What words do they use?
The person did not: comply, obey, respect, listen
The person was: talking too much, angry, defiant, resistant, aggressive

In other words, they were not servile.
We see the high tolerance for disrespect, aggression, anger, and abuse from white suspects while poor Elijah McClain could not apologize enough.
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13 Apr
More training is not necessarily the way to reduce police murdering the public. I would argue that one reason police kill people is their training. Take the "Shoot, Don't Shoot" simulator.…
Since they are penalized for failing to shoot more than they are penalized for shooting in error, in essence, they are being encouraged to shoot. The answer is not more training, it's better training and training specifically in managing their own anxiety and in de-escalation.
And of course, the most important thing is to change Use of Force policies which in most places do not emphasize de-escalation. Tell the cops not to shoot people and they will shoot people less.
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