When the NRA and ammosexuals perorate on how the 2nd Amendment is all about protecting us from government tyranny, they are not telling the truth. The 2nd Amendment was included for defense against Native Americans and to prevent any uprising by the people they had enslaved.
Patrick Henry, who famously said "Give me liberty or give me death," was a slave-owner. As governor of VA, he signed a bill bydrafte Jefferson creating a militia that every free man in VA was expected to join.
"Jefferson stipulated that “the free mulattoes in the said companies or battalions shall be employed as drummers, fifers, or pioneers,” which meant that men of color were to be required to participate in combat, but were not to have guns." (American Slave Coast)
Even before the 2nd Amendment was drafted, Black people were not included.
Patrick Henry resisted the Constitution for a long time because he feared Congress might free the enslaved. The 2nd Amendment was included partly to appease him. Here is an account from 1850 of Henry's argument over the Constitution.
The militia of the 2nd Amendment - not so much about liberty but about infringing the liberty of Black people
The only tyranny the 2nd Amendment was to protect against was emancipation.
Any idea that the 2nd Amendment is about all people is easily refuted by the Mulford Act which Ronald Reagan signed when the governor of California. It was supported by the NRA. It was just one of many laws passed in the 60s to limit access to guns. Gee, what was happening then?
The NRA continues the American tradition of guns and gun ownership being the province of white people, not Black people.
One telling example is the NRA's opposition to a state's right to have more restrictive gun laws and they are outraged by arrests of people who violate a concealed weapon ban when that person can carry one in their home state.

But they said not one word about Philandro Castlle
To the NRA, arresting a white man with a concealed weapon is an outrage but killing a Black man for having a concealed weapon doesn't merit comment.
Here's another example of racist gun control laws. Until 2019 when a court ruled it unconstitutional, guns were banned in public housing. This is due to the stereotype of public housing projects as being predominantly Black.

As soon as the Civil War ended, states passed Black Codes that prohibited Black people from owning guns. Florida passed a law allowing the police to enter Black homes to search for guns and confiscate them.
This is a detailed history of Gun Laws restricting access to guns for Black people.
So, no matter they had Killer Mike as a spokesperson, the NRA is a white supremacist organization that has no interest in protecting gun rights for Black people like Philandro Castile because the 2nd Amendment has always been an anti-Black amendment.
P.S. The founders regulated gun ownership. People who were not willing to swear loyalty were not allowed to own guns.

The founders REGISTERED guns, requiring people to bring them in for inspection as well.

That was part of their well-regulated militia, registering and inspecting guns.
I am not fond of Reason, a Libertarian magazine, but they will be more blunt than most (CN: offensive language)
Now, reading this thread you might think I am against gun control. I am not. I think guns should be regulated. But, currently, white men can walk around carrying automatic rifles while Black people get shot for carrying a cell phone.

The NRA is a white supremacist organization.
This is not original thinking -

By the way, there is an example of the NRA's "good guy with a gun." His name was Jemel Roberson, an armed security guard who stopped a man who opened fire in an Illinois bar. When the police arrived they shot and killed him.

It happened again, "Good Guy With a Gun" Emantic Bradford was also shot by police when a shooter opened fire in mall in Alabama
From its inception the 2nd Amendment was steeped in white supremacy and the enslavement of Blacks. True to this history, the NRA continues to be a white supremacist organization that defends gun rights for white people and ignores the violation of the rights of Black people

• • •

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22 Apr
So it took me a while but I found the video that convinced Libertarian Conor Friedersdorf whose obsession is liberals caring too much about racism to recognize police impunity is bad. Of course, the man killed is white. Still, this is undeniably except
the jury acquitted the officer. Basically he toyed with Shaver and then shot him when Shaver tried to pull up his pants. He knew he was unarmed.
Interestingly, the Shaver shooting led into this killing that is in some ways similar to George Floyd and Elijah McClain's deaths. Again, no consequences for the officers and the judge threw out the civil suit citing qualified immunity.
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22 Apr
One of the always frustrating things is the way white mass murderers can be arrested safely while Black people who encounter police are in mortal peril no matter the circumstance.

Then the media kicks in...
And we get the church-goer, Boy Scout routine for the white man who killed 10 people and the "he's no angel" for the Black youth who jaywalked.

And it just occurred to me that this is about how racialized our concepts of violence are.
The crimes of white people are ascribed to circumstance and judged in the context of their emotional, economic, and other problems.

The crimes of Black people are ascribed to character and judged in the context of stereotypes of Black cultural, parental, and moral deficits.
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21 Apr
Here's what I think of the body cam footage. The essential fact is she should still be alive. It complicates the issue only because most white Americans will use the knife to avoid thinking about whether or not a cop would have shot a white girl with a knife in the same situation
Consider another person with a knife. Older, bigger, and someone who had just killed 2 people and critically injured another: Jeremy Christian.

Police had endless patience with Jeremy Christian, talking him down until he surrendered.

I don't want the police to be shooting down Christian, Rittenhouse, Roof, and the many other white murderers who are allowed to surrender despite carrying weapons.

I just want the Makiah's and Elijah's and George's to have the same chance to defend themselves in court.
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19 Apr
I think presumption of innocence is something widely understood. It is a requirement of the jurors. I am not a juror. I am not required to presume Chauvin's innocence. The media use alleged even if we can all see the video, but that's to avoid libel suits.
So OpEds can say Derek Chauvin is a racist murderous thug - if it's clearly an op-ed. I can say Chauvin is a racist murderous thug.

And if there is justice, after the verdict everyone can say Derek Chauvin is a racist murderous thug.
Jeez, misunderstood. Widely misunderstood.
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19 Apr
The George Floyd trial reminds me of the time years ago when our organization was burgled. Several checks were stolen. We reported it to the bank and the police.

Soon some people were arrested. All were undocumented day laborers.
So, some guy drove up to MLK and Burnside where the day laborers used to congregate and hired several who worked for a week on a farm. He then paid them with the stolen checks.

They got arrested. They all explained that this was their paycheck for working.
From the bank, we learned that check thieves resell stolen checks. That hiring people for temp jobs and paying them with purchased stolen checks is fairly common.

What boggled my mind, though, is the police insistence on prosecuting these day laborers.
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19 Apr
Today someone asked why it is so hard to fight racism and I thought of Hillary and how much she was vilified by the Berner left when she said we can't change hearts, but we can change policies and systems.
She was being more honest with people than they like and was called a racist for it by the Bernie cult.

But how is that different from Ibram Kendi's argument in "How to Be Anti-Racist?"
According to Kendi, if you support racist policies, you are racist. If you support anti-racist policies, you are anti-racist. It's important to note that people can be racist on one policy and anti-racist on another.
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