10 minutes into the @yourewrongabout episode on politics correctness and it already feels like a look at the intellectual history that led to that moral panic-y NYT story about Smith College a few months ago.

One thing that’s important context for fights over “culture” and “free speech” on campuses is that they are primary sites of conflict re: historical and ongoing segregation.
1) These are PWIs established *for* white students and white academics that are still reckoning with the reality that “integration” is more complicated than simply beginning to admit people who ain’t white. (Or straight or able-bodied or...)
2) Pervasive segregation in housing and schools means that (PWI) college campuses will be the first (and maybe last) time many USians share a social space for an extended period of time with critical masses of people of another race.
Like, one reason these fights over campus culture have been going on since the 1990s moral panic over political correctness to today’s moral panic about campus wokeness is every freshman cohort has to go through the shock of this experience for the first time.
You can look back to the fights that resulted in the first Black Student Unions and ethnic studies departments in the 1960s/1970s and find students making the *same sets of demands as students today. It’s really wild.
These are (generally) 18 year olds experiencing their first tastes of adult agency trying to deal with somewhat heterogeneous social spaces for the first time. And they’re doing this on campuses that were *never built* to be heterogeneous.

Of *course* this shit is rancorous.
That NYT story focused on an elite college’s response to one racial controversy — checking off the moral panic boxes from the @yourewrongabout ep.

But does the median experience of Black students at PWIs look like administrators mobilizing to ensure they’re not antagonized?🤔
I mean, damn... does the median college experience for anyone look like Smith College?

(That story was such concern-troll bullshit.)
More later.

• • •

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24 Apr
Congrats to this brother and also: these viral feel-good stories always have glaring omissions of context

Like, how is it that a school in OAKLAND that’s been around for 100 years has never had a Black valedictorian?
Also, one way you know it’s almost May is that the exceptional Black kid who got accepted to a bunch of elite university stories are all dropping

(Or the perennial story about UP in Chicago and their “100% college acceptance rate”)

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Her whole tiktok feed is this kinda weird cop content.
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Is this dude on #MarriedAtFirstSightatlanta with the conk/combover related to Kelly Oubre?

Same last name, both from New Orleans...
@bmluse. What do you have me watching?

“I’m looking to change the narrative...”

Dog, you’re on a Lifetime reality show
Man, Lifetime spared EVERY expense on the wedding venue
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7 Apr
Imagine thinking “the national press” is trying to ✌🏿make ‘jawn’ happen ✌🏿

two Americas. or should i say: two Delaware Valleys.
Look, i hate the tourist-ification of this word, too. But we were saying this long before all these suburbanites decided they wanted to get their reverse-white flight on and putting it on t-shirts and ugh
Oh, a Penn Law professor from Montgomery County doesn’t like a piece of appropriated Black Philly slang?

Well, that settles it then.
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6 Apr
@alwaystheself Yeah, it’s one of the confounding things about him. I went through a kick over a decade ago when i read a bunch of biographies of him and came away genuinely surprised at how often I’d heard the exact same views expressed by Black folks of all kinds — it wasn’t illegible at all
@alwaystheself Your point here, about him trauma bonding with white conservatives, is really sharp/important — it’s so much about personal anguish that it ends up not being scalable.

His personal relationship to his grandfather is revealing, too.
@alwaystheself His grandfather — who raised him along with his grandmother from a young age — was a mean, cold man who never showed him any love or tenderness. Thomas called him “the best man i have ever known”; his autobiography is literally called “My Grandfather’s Son.”
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This game is so stressful
How has the officiating been this bad???
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