The @ApplePodcasts announcements regarding new features and the subsequent tech glitches that have upset so many, has me thinking about some innovation we could have in the #podcasting space and the opportunity for someone else to dominate, @Google

Time for a thread...
1/ Given the way Apple botched these changes, if I were in charge of #GooglePodcasts, I would be running a massive ad campaign to get more people using my platform to consume podcasts. Esp since it's available on both ios and Android devices already.
2/ I would focus on improving the analytics available to podcast producers. They're already pretty powerful, but because not a lot of people listen on there yet, most #podcasters don't really pay that much attention to that data.
2a/ I don't see why they can't copy what Apple is already doing in terms of measuring how long people listen for, devices, etc.

And the fact that Google Podcasts analytics can tell podcasters what search terms led listeners to my content is super powerful
3/ They could use better community features like ratings and reviews. One way they could quickly incorporate that into their platform would be to acquire @Podchaser. Often called the IMDB of #podcasting, Podchaser would bring a ton of cool new tech to Google podcasts
3a/ Their ratings & reviews for starters. Their industry information about who produces/hosts/guests/etc on podcasts. And I love their Podcast RSS feed collection. It's a way for anyone to create podcast collections and playlists while still getting credit back to the creator
3b/ That information could also be used in Google Search results the way they already pull from the likes of Wikipedia and IMDB.

But it only works if you keep the @podchaser team, esp their social team who absolutely crushes it each and every day
4/ Google could easily implement paid/private subscription tools. They could acquire a @supercast or truthfully build it on their own very quickly.
4a/ And by using Google logins as a way for people to access this content and keep track of it, they could provide the content creators with useful information about their users, which Apple isn't doing
5/ Dynamic ad insertion will play a bigger role in the future of #podcasting. Right now @MegaphonePods does this brilliantly. They've been acquired by @Spotify so that's a no go. But Google could quickly get in the game by grabbing up @getredcircle
5a/ Google clearly knows how to sell ads. With an acquisition of RedCircle, they could offer podcasters a massive influx of potential advertisers by incorporating audio ads into their already existing ad marketplace.
5b/ If I were Google, I would take it one step further by creating a focus on #geotargeted audio ads, which I believe would create the next boom in podcasting. Localized content is primed to explode but needs better tools. Very open to working with you on this @google
6/This brings me to another place where @google could create some amazing goodwill with the podcasting community. Marketing/Advertising.
6a/ Why hasn't google offered a way for podcasters to advertise their content across the Google Search and display networks? They could help us create text/video ads specifically tailored to promote audio content effectively.
6b/ If there was an easy way to create effective advertising via @GoogleAds, I can almost guarantee every #podcaster would take advantage of this as a way to grow their show. Whether it's promoting specific episodes or the show as a whole.
6c/ And if those ads were tied to the Google Podcast platform, I am sure they could track not only clicks but actual plays and downloads, like the way @ChartableDotCom does this today with Smartlinks. Seems like a massive opportunity for them.
6d/ I love what @dzohrob and his team have built over there. Maybe just acquire them. He deserves the payday. But keep him and his big brain on as well.
6e/ Big brands and others are already relying on Chartable's attribution and tracking tools. Would be a pretty powerful get for @Google
7/ I am confident there are some @YouTube creator tools that could easily be ported over to Podcasters. I am not a youtube expert so I won't try to list them in this rant, but there's def an opportunity to be creative.
8/ Lastly, I doubt @google has someone monitoring every single mention. And the fact that both @PodcastsGoogle and @googlepodcast exist but aren't owned by Google means, there's really no one to talk to directly and publicly about this stuff.
If someone is paying attention, I'm happy to go into more details about all of these ideas and more. mathew [at] It's a google email so you should be able to contact me no problem. 😉
Make Google Podcasts a bigger priority @Google.
1. Apple's recent moves have opened up an opportunity
2. Spotify has claimed 2nd place (maybe 1st) in a market that you should have dominated 5 years ago given your experience with YouTube
3. Audio creates a huge inventory for current google ads clients to reach potential customers
4. Audio creators are dying to find an effective way to advertise their content and grow their audience.
Gotta start doing some real work today, but I'll be monitoring this and replying as I can. Open to healthy debate on any of these talking points, but if you're a jerk, know that I will just ignore you.
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