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Forget ChatGPT, these 6 game-changing tools feel illegal to know about!

Let's dive into them: 6 AI tools that feel illega...
1. Want to create stunning videos from your text, blog, or long videos? Check out, the AI-powered video editor that does all the work for you! #pictory #videomarketing #ai
2. Need a voiceover for your video, podcast, or audiobook? Try, the AI voice generator that creates realistic and emotional voices in minutes. #lovo #voiceover #ai
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Voici 10 façons pratiques dont #ChatGPT fera gagner des milliers d'heures à votre équipe marketing ou pourra vous aider dans vos business #ecommerce #shopify par exemple!
Pas besoin de RT, Follow gnagnagna tout est dans le #Thread 🧵⤵️
1/10 Script de chatbot (shopify, messenger, whatsapp etc...) #chatbot #IA
Exemple de Prompt :

"Ecrivez un script pour un chatbot qui peut aider les clients à trouver la bonne paire de chaussures".
2/10 Engagement sur les médias sociaux
Créez des commentaires 100 % personnalisés sur les médias sociaux. #socialmedia

Exemple de Prompt :
"Rédiger une réponse à ce tweet [tweet] qui montrera notre soutien".
Tu peux aussi faire ca avec une ext chrome check mes tweet ;)
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A thread on #podcasting and sponsors:

Do you get at least 200 downloads per episode? Do your listeners trust you?

Then you can monetize your show with sponsors.

Here are 3 reasons why sponsors will help you become a better podcaster and a tip to get sponsors:
1) Sponsors help you keep the lights on.

Podcasting takes time and effort. Even a small sponsorship could help you pay for a new mic, your hosting service, or better editing tools.

With less financial pressure, life and podcasting are more fun.
2) You become a better storyteller.

You chose the brands you endorse. And you'll learn how to position them in your podcast episodes without coming across as too salesy.

Placing brands in front of your listeners forces you to learn storytelling.

That skill pays you for life.
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Happy #InternationalPodcastDay!

The brilliant @PodcastDay team have some great things happening today but I wanted to give some personal reflections on what #podcasting has done for me personally since I launched my personal podcast on this day eight years ago...

I found podcasting about a decade ago when I was looking for a passion project in the geek culture space; @GarryAylott suggested we do a podcast to run alongside our blog, "Two Shots to the Head" - I was hooked from the first episode but didn't know ANYTHING.

I became obsessed!
At that point I was running a successful digital agency but was getting bored of the constant dealing with IT managers who thought that their CCNA certificate meant that they knew about everything digital. So I built a side business with @KieranMcKeef to bring WordPress...
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25 podcasting tips through the songs of Whitesnake.
A 🧵 #podcasting
1. Sure you can monetize your podcast, but you need to make it worth monetizing. There Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City when it comes to sponsors. #podcasting
2. You don’t always have to monetize - many podcasters simply do it All in the Name of Love. #podcasting
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One of the things that seems to come up regularly in the #podcasting space is around the word “indie.

From indie podcaster to #indiepodcast, it’s a term that usually results in a healthy discussion/debate between podcasters and others in the space. A 🧵
In an early episode of Pod Chat, my guest @JamesCridland wondered whether the term was doing more harm than good.

Podcast consultant @tannerhelps and podcasters like @podcast_father are looking to help define a standard that covers exactly what indie means.…
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It’s dope that our projects were birthed for very much the same reason; to add some colour to a wildly monochromatic #Anime Fandom and Anime #Podcasting Scene.

Since time immemorial, White Voices have been fêted as important tastemakers within global popular culture; even…
within Anime, which is very much a facet of East Asian culture and our projects disrupt this notion.

They show that Black Folks should not only be respected and celebrated as Anime Tastemakers; but also that our voices carry weight, the content we make is world class and we…
are collectively (ESPECIALLY Black Americans) pushing the #fandom culture forward; driving Anime fully into the mainstream and the forefront of Western Popular Culture.

What you’ve done with #AnimeAfterDarkCH is truly incredible and I cannot wait for it to blow up even further…
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Sad news indeed that a hub of creative commercial radio @unionjackradio has closed down. I remember building the launch package with Tim P and crying when I'd made the first jingle!

So, if anyone in #audio, #digital, #podcasting or #creative is looking for the best of the best:
⭐️ @Adam_English_ - national award winning presenter, production whizz, superstar in the making.

⭐️ @NinaVasu - production maestro, music-mad, super quick editor and lovely human being.

⭐️ @OHughesRadio - digital / social guru, podcast production king and comedy lover.
⭐️ @MattJackWill - student radio king, creative madman, meme king, digital whizz.

⭐️ @charliehockin - faster than a Formula 1 driver (when it comes to audio, not driving), worked with big brands, script writing giant.

⭐️ @Laoishee - news reading Queen, loves her car.
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I've long said that in #podcasting, the only #podcastmarketing you should entertain is on other podcasts--feed drops, in particular. Yesterday, there was some contrarian Twitter discourse. I respect that; my experience in not universal. But I want to show you a chart. 1/5
Here is the complete download record of History Daily since its launch. I'm fortunate to have Noiser and Wondery backing my efforts, the latter gifting me 1MM impressions (thanks!) across their history and business shows. We launched with confidence! But that plateau... 2/5
But I had a plan for feed drops! After a fortuitous partial drop on American History Tellers on 1/3 (look at that hockey stick!), we began coordinating with other shows we liked. History Daily dropped on their feeds 1/29, 2/7 and 2/16. You can see the results. 3/5
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I took a MUCH needed week OFF from #podcasting, but episode 20 of the #InvestmentBlueprint is OUT! LINK 👇(end)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Karthick Jonagadla from @Quantace_R . I love everything about Karthick and his approach - he is sincere, he has the experience,
he has gone through very powerful learning lessons (three major ones, in fact, which he details in the episode), and he knows exactly what he brings to the table. In this wide ranging conversation, we went through his entire journey. I'm excited to see how QuantAce grows!
➡ Despite being brought up in a family where everyone believed the stock markets are risky, he went against the grain - how did he do it?
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@BillyDees explains how the Ohio does well with technology with the coat or living relativity low. For news it Cleveland was the training group, especially for radio.
#TwitterSpacesDecoded #SocialAudio #TwitterSpaces #LiveTweetBri
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🎉 The Callin family is growing 🎉 We’re excited to welcome new creators exclusively on Callin – @ggreenwald, @mtaibbi, @briebriejoy, @andraydomise, @antoniogm, and many others!

Stay tuned today as we spotlight each new creator & their shows.…
Creators are excited about Callin for a few reasons:

1) A #fullstack #podcasting #platform.
Record, edit, publish, and distribute with a few taps. #Creators love how seamlessly Callin fits in with and complements their other content & social channels.
2) #Audience #engagement.
Live recordings and hosts/listener interaction = questions, commentary, discourse, and debate. Bottom line – it makes the listening experience FUN!
Highlights, social sharing & messaging means new ways to engage and share your favorite #content.
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For many podcasters, downloads are the key metric for a show's success.

Here's why you should maybe stop thinking about hard downloads, and instead look at what really makes for good podcast download numbers – growth and engagement.

A thread. 1/16 #tweet100 #podcasting
I get it – downloads are something that every podcaster wants to be as high as they can be.

After all, it’s – arguably – one of the main metrics podcasters ask about, and something to be used for sponsors.

The problem is, not all podcast numbers are "good". 2/16 #podcasting
- A download isn’t necessarily a listen (auto-downloads, queue for later, etc)

- Unless your podcast host offers IAB V2 Certified Analytics, then bots and scripts can skew the numbers

- High downloads aren’t a sign of a highly engaged audience 3/16 #podcasting
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I truly believe that @CaptivateAudio is the #podcasting platform of choice for the serious independent podcaster looking to grow and monetise their audio influence.

There's clear space between what we do and what other hosts do and...
...rather than reskin old stuff & brand it as "innovation" or implement free podcasting tactics to pat ourselves on the back for investors, we actually choose to push the boundaries of what a podcast management system should be & do our best to lead from the front.

That's why... we launched the final building block on our journey to AMIE.

Today we launch the podcast industry's first EVER automatic podcast cross-promotional feed drop system and network features to EVERY podcaster using Captivate.

You see...
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To celebrate 2 years since Captivate launched in beta, we're live with our annual "Ready, Set, Grow!" podcast education summit on Weds!

3 hours of podcast education from 3 of the world's brightest experts, PLUS a huge new @CaptivateAudio feature reveal!
Our first expert education session is from @JamesMarriott and he's educating on a KILLER podcast launch strategy and the mistakes to avoid.

Do not miss this if you're launching a new show this year!

Next...'s the ALWAYS stunning @hmosgood from @truenativemedia showing you how to escape the CPM and secure your first sponsor as an indie creator.

Rounding out the event is the wonderful @AWeber team teaching you how to convert followers to fans, a must-see!

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Kicking off Day 3 of #ComSciCon21 with some #networking sessions — some topics up for discussion: science literacy, #podcasting, & the #science of #SciComm !! {Opening slide for ComSciCo...
Here’s a peek into the #networking group discussing how to get paid (well!) for #SciComm work {zoom window of 7 participa...
These fantastic attendees are having a conversation about promoting #ScienceLiteracy to non-academic populations! {zoom window of 7 participa...
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#VTuber #ENVtuber #hkVtuber #VTuberUprising *Qilin's Manic ADD Ramble about tech upon seeing this meme.*
My sorry ass last December was experiencing the the pc dustdown of my life when extracting the #ZOTAC 1070 Mini from the 2011 HP Pavilion tower. For gpu thermal paste session.
Before installation in my first self built rig. I'm lucky the gpu is still essentially "prestine" cause my lack of intense gaming and no use of programs that would push it. Due to the fact it was in a pre-built with a weak cpu.… done
Using this classic as my main graphics driver for the conceivable future. Memories of it being part of the last major teenage savings spent for "gamer" stuff. Razer Kraken Pro V2, Ornata Chroma, and Logitech G602 since there were no Razer mmo mouse in Best Buy stock that 2016🎄.
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How to grow your podcast by being a human - three big ideas you can use right now.


#podcast #podcasting
We can't ask listeners to make us their number one, must-listen-to podcast choice without giving them a reason to do so.

In fact, podcasters like you and I fall into a trap of expecting listeners to do too much for us as soon as they've begun to listen to our podcast.
We ask them to share, to subscribe (follow, now!) and to review our podcast "if you like it".

The problem is, usually, there's no structure to any of it.

It's something that we fall into because it's what every other podcaster does.
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🌱 Podcast growth mistakes & their fixes, a thread.

I'm very lucky to be able to work in podcasting every day with @CaptivateAudio, helping thousands of podcasters via our community.

These are the top 5 mistakes I see podcasters making when trying to grow a show.

1. Putting too much focus on producing more content.

So many "gurus" teach that cumulative monthly downloads is the number to worry about and so, they teach "publish more".

Fix: get better at producing *quality* content that stands out (thanks @amahnke for this inspiration).
2. Chasing downloads, not people.

Podcasters want marketing to be quick and easy. It's not. It's hard to find one listener yet far easier to ask them to find your next listener.

Fix: spend time building relationships and community. @Podchaser & @PodcastMovement do this well.
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The @ApplePodcasts announcements regarding new features and the subsequent tech glitches that have upset so many, has me thinking about some innovation we could have in the #podcasting space and the opportunity for someone else to dominate, @Google

Time for a thread...
1/ Given the way Apple botched these changes, if I were in charge of #GooglePodcasts, I would be running a massive ad campaign to get more people using my platform to consume podcasts. Esp since it's available on both ios and Android devices already.
2/ I would focus on improving the analytics available to podcast producers. They're already pretty powerful, but because not a lot of people listen on there yet, most #podcasters don't really pay that much attention to that data.
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#JorrVichar inside this Twitter Thread!
Consuming podcasting is like learning on the go for a lot of people these days.

As a brand, you should definitely have a podcast for your audience as a voice marketing strategy.
Well-conceived podcasts are an effective, portable, convenient and intimate way to deliver and produce content, and to build ongoing relationships with your clients, employees and constituents.
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Podcasting. We already know what it is all about. It is the talking form of blogging. A thing that can easily help you create an online brand.

But how do you start your own podcast if you have millions of things on your mind to share with the world?

If you are in this
category, the good news is that you can actually start an online podcast almost for free because we have listed some of the best platforms you can use and kick start your podcasting journey.

Here is the list of them;…

#podcast #podcaster #podcastlife
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Más que una moda pasajera, el rápido crecimiento de redes como @joinClubhouse, @app_stereo, @discord o @TwitterSpaces aventura la eclosión del #audio social con atractivas y sorprendentes propuestas que @jowyang disecciona en este post. Hilo resumen 👇

🔗 Image
«En la era del confinamiento #COVID19, el texto no es suficiente y el vídeo demasiado, ¡pero el #audio social es perfecto! Ante fatiga de pantallas y deseo de conexión humana, la voz genera una gran empatía y no tiene las desventajas de inmovilidad y cierta impostura del video».
«Asumamos que las plataformas grabarán conversaciones para extraer datos e identificar mediante #IA a influencers, alcance de charlas, sentimientos de participantes, matices culturales, gráficos de quién-sigue-a-quién o pronósticos de conversación». (cc @jorgecarrion21 @cscolari)
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