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26 Apr, 4 tweets, 1 min read
Every single human endeavour that should unite us in our shared universal heritage (science, art, literature, music, sports, etc.) has been infected by tribal identity politics. Most announcements in academia today focus on immutable traits.
Every report about a movie, an awards show, or a book review is focused on immutable traits. Identity politics shatters the majesty of science, art, literature, music, and sports. Rather than allowing these uplifting expressions to unite us, identity politics shatters our ability
to see past our irrelevant immutable traits. Rather than freeing us from our personal identities as scientists, artists, musicians, or athletes, identity politics reminds us of the darkness of the human heart. Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity (DIE) is where our common humanity
goes to die. It is where brotherly love goes to die. It's where individual dignity goes to die. It's where personal agency goes to die. Reject it.

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21 Apr
We must reimagine medicine to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine education to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine policing to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine golf to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine dating apps to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine immigration to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine COVID vaccines to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine the SAT to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine the penal system to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine dentistry to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine retailing to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine parenting to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine sex to root out systemic racism.
We must reimagine food to root out systemic racism.
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20 Apr
Just found out that the fascists who are trying to cancel me from speaking at the Jewish Public Library, are asking their activists to state that they are not solely composed of members of the LGBTQ community but that some are also cisnormative heterosexual people! In other
words, they are seeking to strategize their deplatforming efforts in a way that signals: "See, we all hate the Lebanese Jew who fights for individual freedom, the scientific method, and liberty & dignity for all." Stop for a moment and think about it: I have gone on record
on countless occasions that I, a Lebanese Jew who escaped the genocidal hate of the Middle East, SUPPORT the right of Holocaust deniers to spew their grotesque anti-truth anti-human BS. And yet, these "super woke" Jews wish to cancel a Lebanese Jew to whom they should be paying
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18 Apr
Progressive mindset:
1) Borders are racist. National walls are white supremacy.
2) Defund the police, as it engages in structural racism.
3) Confiscate guns (weaken 2nd amendment) because mass shootings are committed by white supremacists.
4) Get rid of cash bail because racism.
because that process marginalizes communities of color.
5) Eradicate the three strikes law because it is a racist law.
6) Refrain from prosecuting countless felonies because the US judicial system is built on white supremacy.
7) Eradicate the death penalty (even for repeat child
killers) because bruh innocence and systemic racism.
8) Severity of a crime is judged based on the racial makeup of the perpetrator and the victim because bruh systemic racism. In doing so, implement a progressive judicial system akin to sharia law.
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15 Apr
Some of the dumbest, least intellectual, most tribal, most irrational people that I've ever met are so-called professional intellectuals. It is truly baffling to see the level of intellectual depravity that stems from academics and associated ilk. This is especially so when the
professional bullshitters are fully detached from the consequences of their vapid pontification. ALL of the idea pathogens destroying the West were spawned by leftist professors. ALL. Again, I implore you to read The Parasitic Mind.…
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4 Apr
I am watching with utter astonishment the orgiastic focus on identity politics specifically race issues when addressing EVERY possible story. It is as though the West has just been liberated from the most intolerant, genocidal apartheid regime last Tuesday. EVERY topic in
art, science, politics, literature, acting, voting, nutrition, COVID, climate change, poverty, interpersonal dynamics, marriage, gardening, the outdoors, and countless other topics are infused with race, race, race, race, race, race, race. It is tragic. It is self-induced. It
is the most hysterical form of a faux-moral panic. Most people irrespective of their race are not rabid racists running around hating on others. The West is the most tolerant society that the world has ever known. We are committing collective suicide. Drop the division.
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4 Apr
Enter a nightclub => Photo ID needed

Travel to another country => Photo ID needed

Driver’s license => Photo ID needed

Buy wine at a liquor store => Photo ID needed

University ID card => Photo ID needed

Facial biometric reading => Actual face needed
25 million other situations => Photo ID needed

Cast a vote in a democracy => Photo ID is worse than Jim Crow. It’s a way to implement white supremacy.
Let me tag my hero Unifying Man of Science @joebiden who compares the requiring of photo IDs when voting to bruh the Holocaust. Only Nazis would impose such a requirement.
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