One Year After George Floyd, Minneapolis Is “Murderapolis” Again…
A cop warns that the city is soon going to descend into even more violent anarchy:
Will probably do so: parts of the country appear to be regressing back to an early 90s level of peak violent crime, which few would’ve thought possible not long ago
Looks like homicide #24 for the year tonight in Minneapolis. In 2020, the city recorded its 24th homicide on June 19

Quite a comment here:
Another person whose name will never be chanted:
Spoiler alert: I inserted myself into this post because while reporting on crime patterns in Minneapolis -- including carjackings, which have surged astronomically in the past year -- I was (almost certainly) nearly carjacked!
Have already received a number of interesting reactions from people in the Twin Cities area, and will likely do a followup post compiling the best ones. So, send along if you're in the area and have an interesting reaction -- can give anonymity if desired
Here’s the Somali convenience store in Minneapolis where a clerk was just murdered last night. “He was like an uncle to me,” Somali teen milling around outside says of the victim. Adds that victim was hard-working. Another Somali teen says, “African Americans are hunting Somalis”
Asked why African Americans would be hunting Somalis, the teen says it’s because African Americans believe Somalis are getting special favors from the government. Teen angrily denies that Somalis themselves are “African Americans.” Here is a mural right across the street
According to these Cool Kid Media guys it’s not True Journalism unless you incessantly quote the same handful of foundation-funded professional activists and 100% mirror their preferred framing in every article
Either cool kid Brooklyn journo @AlexYablon is a pure liar, or so aggressively, maliciously dishonest that he’s indistinguishable from a pure liar 👇
This makes zero sense. Unless you think journalists should never travel to report on any place that they don’t happen to live in. (Also, I spent a week in MPLS on this trip, and spent two weeks there last summer. Minnesotans should feel free to come report on NJ if they want)

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