According to "aspiring physician" Edward Nirenberg, "The collective conclusion from our understanding of these biological process is that a naked mRNA in the cytosol has no potential to end up in a cellular compartment that contains our own DNA . . ."…
Not entirely convincing, but it's a start.
"If you already have mitochondrial and metabolic dysfunction, then you may, as a result, have a poor first line of defense against COVID-19. Future work should consider mitochondrial biology as a primary intervention target for SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses . . ."
The virus may attack mitochondria, and doctors are aware the mitochondria are at play in order to recover . . .
I have yet to find definitive information one way or another regarding mRNA vaccines, gene therapy dynamics and mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA), but the little evidence I could find is pointing in the direction of "no immediately discernable, long-term negative side effects."

• • •

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26 Apr
@jbarro @elonmusk is a fascist who pumps money into cryptocurrency, which is only valuable to Capitalists looking to expand into the domestic terrorism market. Crypto is also at least partially responsible for the genocide of Uighers and is accelerating global warming.
@jbarro @elonmusk SpaceX is #SpaceKaren's bid to raid the public coffers, which our government is all to happy to forfeit to a private enterprise, Tesla, which has never and will never end the War on Nature or help Earth heal.
@jbarro @elonmusk @elonmusk also bends over regularly for Donald Trump & Co., and he repeatedly lied about the severity of the pandemic and the danger posed by COVID.
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Every minute of the documentary "Notturno" is alternately trauma-triggering depressing or infused with sublime beauty. You know a doc is top-notch when it shows rather than instructs.
This documentary confronts the rot at the heart of it all head-on.
If humanity perishes, leaving only a cosmic record of shame, it will be because we deserve it.
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@DavidCornDC Many of us have been aware of Trump's danger to the American people for some time, and tho he successfully tamped down the Mueller Report, it clearly paints a portrait of coordination between Trump, his campaign and Russia.
@DavidCornDC I feel like we've known this, and we certainly know that he attempted a coup of the government. I feel like a lot of people are unconsciously dissociating that memory. It happened. We know all of this. When are we going to do something about it?
@DavidCornDC Jefferson Davis received two years in prison. TWO YEARS!!! How many people died in the Civil War? As far as I'm concerned, Trump is at least that guilty . . . but Jefferson Davis deserved FAR MORE than two years!
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Fuck this bullshit. 😭
It feels like they're poaching us.
Fuck their union and fuck them. Half of them aren't even from here. They're interlopers. Dissolve it. Dissolve the whole sick fucking operation.
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@JaymalGreen Compulsory civil service . . . just saying. It would fix the problem.
@JaymalGreen We need to offer a viable alternative vision of how we conduct ourselves with regard to the law. Well, compulsory civil service is a viable *alternative* to policing. Replace them, whole hog, at once, with a superior solution. It's a stronger argument.
@JaymalGreen Let's turn every young Chicagoan into a veteran of a new Civil Service that replaces the police. Pacifists can work in therapy and social services.
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"Suffer the little children of whom we are the survivors in adulthood;
endless torture may break a person or build character;
toughen their spirit until it becomes a sword . . .
. . . steel folded over and reheated to condense the layers, the molecules to align when cooled and to cut through flesh, blood and bone until the mind is focused on clarity, this truth within spirit we call tiger-style."
~ @StereoRooster
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