Why do you think the ROTH's used A deer head/Y Head ?..
Did they along with MANY others on BOTH sides of the isle know someone was going to be born ?

I Showed you all everything. You know what this world did? Spit in my Face because I knew the truth WHY everything was created
and for who. KNOWING that person was going to do all he did for Humanity.

I Shared it all with you. You know what this world/Country did? 'The People', my people spit in my face. You know what I did? Loved them even more than I Did the day before. Kept moving forward
showing you ALL the truths OUTSIDE of 17. You had everything you needed to know what I Just showed/Shared with all of you within 17. All the other stuff, yes, is with 17 but someone broke it all down for YOU 'The people' ..
You know what the collective did?
Allowed Fakes to
to mimic me and mock me just because I was being myself. I told you all I pretty much Adopted 2 kids before I was 18(17) and shared with you my life and WHY it all mattered. In the end, it doesn't even matter. Because I don't want to be glorified Or praised. All I want is
A family & home of my own. I want to keep my bloodline going strong and helping rebuild/create A world I know my childrens children can do the same in peace.

I just want to be left alone & be with the family who left all the truth they did hidden within time for me to know
exactly who I Am and why they did all they did. I want to be with the people who sacrificed their entire lives to make sure I would not be in chains & find peace once I was done helping humanity understand who they are and why they are here. You are here to help set so many
souls/lives free. You are here to be the ones who rise above all the things others were not strong enough to rise above. You are here to HONOR those who could not accomplish what OUR generation has accomplished in setting all these children and lives are from being trafficked
or slaves to A corrupt system.
Do you know how many are prisoners to their own fame? Do you know how many of those people just want to be themselves but can't because they are bound down by chains because they are apart of the BIGGER PICTURE leaving truth hidden in plain sight
for all of YOU the people. YOU are helping set so many lives free so they can BE THEMSELVES, YOU ARE FREEING YOURSELVES to be free to go be whoever you want to be in this world AS A #FREEMAN/WOMAN without chains!

• • •

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More from @VVission123

28 Apr
I chose to forgive all of "THEM" so "THEY" wouldn't destroy the world. One simple act of kindness as small and worthless as A PENNY, saved the world & many of you who "THEY" didn't want to allow to be set free because some of you were in that world & knew.
Why is it something as small as forgiveness little to no one could or wanted to do? Pride? Ego?
They hurt children & Humanity, so does that mean just throw away the future and allow those children and Human beings die in vein? I'm certain if those voices could speak,
they would say"Do whatever it takes to ensure
A future for the kids/Humanity & make sure nothing like this ever happens again" ...

Be the change.
"We Will not forgive" That's what is within 17.
So because 17 says "WE WILL NOT FORGIVE", I'm just supposed to fall in line and not
Read 4 tweets
28 Apr
I tried telling everyone A long time ago. Giving hints and clues. I knew you were not ready for the truth. So I took two steps back and bought ALL OF YOU how to Calm Down and find peace.

I Know the truth though, I Know that land is going to be given back to the people.
Once someone was forgiven, he took all his money and bought up farmland. It will be seized and most likely homes will be built on it for homeless or given all back to the Native Americans .

So many more possibilities once it's all given back to the people.
of kindness can change the world for the better, forever.

The power of God & the power of forgiveness.

I know the truth, I share that truth back by all the ones YOU look to for confirmations & answers. It's not good enough because YOU #FEAR it all being true and then being
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28 Apr
Truth to Light ..

It's been over for A very long time. Corruption at the highest of levels is about to be brought to light. It all boils down to the children & Keeping ones that were groomed or ones that were raised/grown on A "Farm" in those positions of power. However
they could keep the individuals that were grown on A farm in these positions of power, they would. ON BOTH SIDES. "THEY" had "Farms" that were growing people form child on (Most likely children that were bought from child traffickers & sent to A farm to be groomed) it became
Impossible to stop them way back then. They would grow, groom & then PLANT these people within BOTH SIDES of Government & would do whatever it took to make sure these people made it into the positions they needed them in to keep the process going strong.
Evil took over
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27 Apr
Have A nice Day everyone, I'll be back A little later.
The doGs name is Buck ..


"I Broke the Internet"
Read 6 tweets
27 Apr
April Showers Bring May Flowers..

In Bloom.
"We own the night" Because the night belongs to lovers, SOLID Foundation. (BED) Looking out the window Waiting for her love to give the O.K. to come get him. Dark/Light
We are each others Foundation. Twin Flame.

Two Lanterns.
Video #13
Read 4 tweets

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