The Left Continues to Destroy Itself and Others With Evidence-Free Destruction of Reputations…
Equating accusations with proven fact is reckless and repressive. As we are yet again seeing in the NY Mayoral Race with the evidence-free accusations against Scott Stringer, it is also standard behavior in liberal politics, whereby they ruin lives without a second thought.
Last year, left-wing groups instantly embraced a sickening smear campaign against a young gay challenger to 15-term Dem incumbent Richie Neal, treating Alex Morse as if he were a sexual predator. When that was proven false, this is what they NYT asked the left. The answer is no.
There is only one place where it is controversial to assert that grave, life-destroying accusations shouldn't be assumed true without *evidence*: in US left-liberal culture. Destroying people with glee -- even those with reputations over decades -- is central to what they do.
There's no evidence -- zero -- that Scott Stringer is a sexual predator. There's evidence for doubting it happened. But evidence is irrelevant in left-liberal culture. No person should be trusted with the power to destroy someone's life without evidence.…
Ten years after Jean Kim claims - with no evidence - that Scott Stringer assaulted her, she wrote an email asking for a job with his campaign. That huge portions of the left has issued statements treating Stringer like a sexual predator is repulsive:

Imagine working for decades in public life with the left and then suddenly - weeks before an election - someone pops up to claim you groped them 18 years earlier and the left instantly proclaims you a predator. Who would want to work in such a culture?…
Now that Stringer has been throw into a ditch by the left with no evidence -- exactly as they did with Alex Morse (it's the same groups doing it) -- look at how their new favorite candidates speaks. Who talks this way??

This is the same group that used the phrases "rape culture" and "survivors" to denounce Alex Morse before learning the accusations against him were lies. Look how they talk about Scott Stringer, as though his guilt is proven. This mentality is repugnant:

This is who just destroyed Scott Stringer's chances to became Mayor, and his reputation for life, with an accusation utterly bereft of evidence about something that supposedly happened 18 years ago, that the left decreed is true. Laughing it up:

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3 May
They absolutely should delete those false tweets. Unfortunately, there are dozens of CNN, NBC, MSNBC & WPost reporters and even "disinformation activists" who have left up their false tweets about Giuliani's FBI briefing & refuse to correct or delete it even when asked to.
That's why these self-serving claims from the CNN/MSNBC/NBC/WPost/NBC axis that their false stories are somehow superior to what they call "Fake News" is complete bullshit. The employees of these outlets constantly spread false stories without any accountability.
Just unbelievable and infuriating. Look at this: Image
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3 May
Look at what is still up. Remember: these are the only outlets you should trust because they have layers upon layers of careful editorial scrutiny and fact-checking rigor.
Also, compare how viral the original WashPost false story went to how little interest there was in the subsequent retraction (and I'd bet most who spread the retraction weren't the ones who spread the original false story): ImageImage
Here's one of the countless ex-security state agents who now work for MSNBC, the FBI's Clint Watts (@selectedwisdom), who virally spread this fake news and never bothered to remove it. These are disinformation specialists hired by media outlets.

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3 May
Guantanamo is still opened, filled with people who have been in cages in the middle of an ocean for *two decades* with no trial and much torture, and its existence has been banished from US discourse with few exceptions.…
Many on the Right and in hawkish liberalism -- not just neocons -- got the War on Terror very wrong and should grapple with & acknowledge it (some have).

So many of today's state assaults on civil liberties domestically grew out of that lawless, authoritarian framework.
Correct. The US left overwhelmingly opposed the Bush/Obama War on Terror's civil liberties assaults, but (with its current liberal allies) are increasingly supportive of many of its repressive weapons in the name of fighting the new domestic Terror War:

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2 May
One of the leaders is castigating Scott Stringer as a sexual predator and demanding that his accuser be blindly believed is NYC Mayoral Candidate @mayawiley. But she had a *much* more "nuanced" view of how Tara Reade's accusation against Joe Biden should be evaluated:
What the NYC left has done to Scott Stringer -- denounced and repudiated him as a sexual predator despite no evidence beyond an accusation about 2003 that is extremely dubious -- is grotesque but now illustrative of how left-liberal culture functions:…
To be clear: I don't care about Scott Stringer at all. In fact, he himself has ratified these evidence-free hangings, declaring everyone from Andrew Cuomo to Brett Kavanaugh guilty. He's reaping what he sowed. But it's still a repulsive attribute of the left: guilt assumed.
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2 May
In one sense, this is just the latest dreary article whining about Substack by a jealous, resentful, wispy, inconsequential journalist: those come daily now - just a reflexive content-filler for digital outlets. But it's worth taking a brief look at this one: it's quite revealing
Just **72** hours ago, the Guardian was forced by public shaming to correct a falsehood that many outlets have long recognized as false: namely, Substack recruited me with an advance. Yet today, the Guardian publishes the same lie by @jamesrbuk. Look!…
Do see what's going on? These are the outlets that insist that Substack writers are just "bloggers" while they -- the august, trustworthy news sites -- are carefully edited and fact-checked. The reality is the opposite: *they publish any shit that pops into their bloggers' heads.
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1 May
This anti-science scold is *celebrating* how he shamed families who took their kids to deserted beaches even though he knows now it was safe to do. The "follow-the-science" media turned him into a hero. Taking kids into the sun was the *healthier* choice.

And then - like so many elite in media, entertainment and public health - this media hero turned around just *weeks* later and encouraged everyone to attend densely packed street protests that he liked. They manipulated "science" for power and control:

I know so many people who have said that was a major eye-opening moment of epiphany for them. Elites who spent months demanding nobody leave their house & shaming everyone who did, then turned around & *demanded* they go to the streets for protests:…
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