anthony and i made some popcorn and had a little movie night with the mitchells vs. the machines and oh man, this movie RULES. absolutely 10/10
it would have been so easy for this premise to devolve into tired boomer "kids these days can't stop looking at their damn phones" shit but instead it's this super nuanced and compelling family drama, that also happens to be a hilarious and super stylish cartoon adventure
there are so many little things that i loved in this, from the 2d flourishes all over the place to the fact that the older sister and younger brother actually got along to the way they just said the damn names of websites instead of being like "oh yeah i love using snapstagram"
anyway i know they're just the producers on this one but this is yet another lord and miller movie that knocked it out of the park. clone high reboot's gonna whip ass

• • •

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13 Jan
sackboy is a very good platformer but if i have one complaint it's that even though it has the wide variety of feminine (and gender neutral) cosmetic options you'd expect in an lbp game all the characters still always call you sackBOY
between the title and the story it feels like they're trying to make sackboy himself more of a mascot character, but then it's still got (most of) the character customization options as usual so it's like. no. i'm not playing as the default sackboy. let me be my own sackperson
just tryin'a live my life as a funny little sackgirl and then i get he/him'd in a cutscene
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21 May 19
if you like she-ra you absolutely owe it to yourself to watch the episode of the toys that made us about the creation of the original he-man and she-ra. the story behind how those shows got made is just as cartoonish as the shows themselves
the reason why he-man got a cartoon is that one of the creators of the toys lied about there being a cartoon on the way in a meeting with a retailer and then they had to actually make a cartoon to cover their tracks
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11 Nov 18
it's still wild to me how many dudes are still super bitter over anita saying such entry level feminism 101 shit about video games in the year 2018. like what world do you live in where "having less female characters be damsels in distress would be nice" is a radical position
also i feel like a lot more Gamers used to complain about damsel in distress types being "useless" or w/e and liking it better when characters like peach took more active roles in games, before it was framed as a feminist thing. now if you criticize the trope you hate video games
gamers: ugh i hate this part where you have to escort this helpless girl, why couldn't she help fight or something??
anita: ye-
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10 Aug 18
i always kinda figured we happy few was just supposed to be about a fascist government forcing its populace to take hallucinogenic "happy pills" to stay complacent but then i found this fucking galaxy brain take from the devs
on top of the dumb shit about antidepressants, like... what fucking world are they living in where everybody is pretending to be happy on facebook. like we're literally seeing an epidemic of people getting outraged on facebook over false news stories spread by the far right
(sees the we happy few devs saying antidepressants are bad because we "don't value sadness anymore," framing taking meds as a moral choice) hey that's cool. anyway it sure would be nice if i wasn't poor so i could afford therapy and the pills that would make my brain work right
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