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2 May, 17 tweets, 6 min read
Polls are now closed, in much of Texas on CT. Follow along here as the results come in.
The San Antonio police union referendum? 50/50 in early results.

Austin’s *early voting* give a lead to Prop B, which would re-criminalize some activities tied to homelessness.

First results in #Tx06 have 4 candidates between 10% & 16%, so buckle up for a tight Top 2 race here.
Democrats are at risk of being shut out of the #TX06 runoff based on the results of early voting, which is far worse for them in it was in November.
As the first Election Day ballots are counted in San Antonio, the initiative to weaken the local police unions (Prop B) is trailing — by less than 2 percentage points. (That’s out of roughly 110K ballots counted.)
First ELECTION DAY results are in from TX06, & here’s what’s interesting: Susan Wright, who got Trump’s endorsement in the final days, is doing much better compared to the early vote, & other Republicans are doing worse. Will that enable the lead Dem to make up ground for Top 2?
Right now the Democratic candidate with the SEVENTH most votes in the field (7th among just among the Dems) is getting more votes than the difference between the Republican in spot 2 & the Democrat in spot 3! That’s how fractured the field is that may lead to an all-GOP runoff.
#T06: This is what is now turning out to be quite damaging for Dems: the Republican vote got *more* consolidated on Election Day voting compared to early voting (clearly as a result of Trump's endorsement), but the Democratic vote... got less consolidated!
It's looking dicier now for San Antonio's Prop B, which would weaken the power of local police unions: It's trailing ever so slightly in the Election Day vote with the majority of vote centers reporting, but has an overall deficit of 2 percentage points (2,500 votes) to make up.
Austin's Prop B, which would reinstate criminal penalties against homeless people for camping or panhandling, is losing the Election Day vote (just starting to report). But it doesn't seem to be nearly by enough to undo its large lead.
#TX06: Tarrant County just reported another big batch of Election Day votes, and Democrats didn't make-up nearly enough room. Only 6 "vote centers" (out of 173) remain in Tarrant. Unless there's an issue somewhere, Democrats will be entirely shut-out of the #TX06 runoff.
Dark humor alert:

the FIFTEENTH candidate in the #TX06 field (& the 7th highest-vote getter just among Dems!) received 3 times more votes than the margin by which Democrats are being eliminated from the runoff here.
The Fort Worth mayoral election is heading to a runoff.

Mattie Parker (a Republican who's worked for outgoing GOP Mayor Betsy Price) will face a progressive Dem, Deborah Peoples. They grabbed the Top 2 spots.

(Forth Worth is the 2nd biggest city left with a GOP mayor.)
REMINDER: if you want a recap of all of the night's major results (& overall it's quite a strong night for the right), you can check out all at whatsontheballot.com
RESULT: Austin has voted to *pass* Prop B, an initiative (supported by the GOP governor) to re-criminalize homelessness & re-instate criminal penalties for behaviors like camping, & panhandling, & laying down on a sidewalk.

context: theguardian.com/us-news/2021/a…
RESULT: Lubbock, TX, has voted to adopt an ordinance that is meant to ban abortion within city limits.

A legal battle will be next, the Texas Tribune explains: texastribune.org/2021/05/01/lub…
RESULT: San Antonio defeated its Prop B, which would have weakened local police unions & their collective bargaining rights. Result was narrow, 51% to 49%.

Context: theappeal.org/politicalrepor…
RESULT: Two Republicans, Wright & Ellzey, will move on to the #TX06 runoff. Dems shut-out.

Lead Dem was eliminated by < 400 votes; that's less than the 18th candidate in the field! (Silver-lining for Dems is district will be redrawn anyway, one reason for lack of engagement.)

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26 Apr
And it's time: The Census Bureau is about to announce, months late, how many congressional districts (& electoral votes) each state will have for the next decade.
WOW. Rhode Island will not lose a seat.

New York will "only" lose 1 seat.

Texas will gain two seats rather than the earlier-estimated 3.

Florida will gain one seat instead of the earlier-estimated 2.
HOW SEATS WILL SHIFT in the next decade:

+2 seats: TX
+1 seat: CO, FL, MT, NC, OR.

-1 seat: CA, IL, MI, OH, PA, NY, WV
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15 Apr
Police *& prosecutors* openly lied about this shooting.

It's being exposed in this case. But how many thousands of people have convictions or are in prison because of tainted testimony & lies, and of prosecutors who are complicit or who look away?
Just last week, the Queens district attorney responded to the revelations of misconduct by her staff that led to a wrongful conviction for 24 years by... shrugging this away as isolated, and not ordering a review of other cases by the same people.
When the Westchester County DA received *recorded tapes* of police officers admitting they were framing people, he reacted by... continuing to rely on these same offiers' testimonies to send people to prison!

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14 Apr
Fairly devastating news from Mississippi.

MS sentences people to life without parole for a 3rd felony. 86 people are in prison for life over a drug conviction.

A bill that'd have retroactively reduced their sentence was *so* close to passing, but died in conference. #SB2795
The bill would have made the maximum sentence for a third felony enhancement 15 years, which is still a staggering number especially for a drug offense, but would have brought relief to many.
CORRECTION: SB2795 is another criminal justice bill. The bill I'm describing above, & which didn't pass, is #HB796.
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13 Apr
Striking in this @mauraewing story on Philly: just how much the debate has shifted to question the entire war on drugs framework.

The idea a DA should lay down any condition to drop substance use charges (as Krasner still does) is under relentless fire. theappeal.org/politicalrepor…
.@BrookeM_Feldman explains here that mandating attendance to a treatment program, if it comes at the wrong time or is coerced, can backfire.

And a growing number of prosecutors in the country are saying they'll take drug possession out of the criminal legal system.
For instance, Baltimore's chief prosecutor just said she'd make permanent a COVID-era policy of not prosecuting low-level drug possession.

She said: "when we criminalize these minor offenses we expose people to needless interaction with law enforcement

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8 Apr
Washington State just restored voting rights to tens of thousands of formerly incarcerated people last night.

behind this big reform: a lawmaker who is formerly incarcerated herself, & fought for this to pass.

I talked to her about why it's so important: theappeal.org/politicalrepor…
I may still do a thread unpacking all @TarraSimmons5 had to say. But mostly I won't do it justice, so I'd urge you to read it yourself.
Of having lost the franchise: “It made me feel like I wasn’t a part of my community... I feel that way still when I can’t rent an apartment or I can’t go on a field trip with my kids, those things that other people take for granted but that convicted people don’t get to enjoy.”
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7 Apr
I appreciate conservatives making it explicit that their goal is to target democracy itself only to the extent that it gets to the bottom of what they've already long been doing, and they may as well dispense with the pretense & the constant lies about fraud.
Tragic irony is how the same people who are making this case that some of their neighbors are too unqualified to have a voice (AND are following thru with laws modeled on that idea) wld be incensed if you were to treat them as too elitist & entitled to make engagement worthwhile.
Just as I said: The people who want to argue that some of their neighbors are not intelligent enough for voting, & who argue they deserve having more voice and political power than these excluded, then get very frustrated when you don’t engage *them*. You can’t make this stuff up
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