Narendra Modi is committing genocide and destroying the forests in India by weaponizing the pandemic. He is literally sucking the oxygen out of the country while fueling a tsunami level wave of fascism that results in more people burned alive and dead.
U.S. can help by disclosing the American political operatives who helped Modi secure power, including Steve Bannon and Paul Manafort, and especially Cambridge Analytica’s role.

Past time to stop disinformation that India is the world’s largest democracy. It’s not. It’s fascist.
Modi has a psychological profile similar to Adolph Hitler but he has the ability to mass murder hundreds of millions quickly and illustrated he’s a lethal danger with a lot of blood on his hands.

The North Star of national and global security must be human rights.

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3 May
The Republican Party spent the past years operating as Russia’s weapon against the U.S. Liz Cheney can testify to this, including her role propping up Putin’s installed regime. Then, there’s her dad’s “Big Lie” that made him a fortune and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.
“Turning their back on the rule of law” is exactly what Liz Cheney did for four years, enabling an unhinged Kremlin asset in the Oval Office. He never belonged on the ballot and because the GOP refused to act, hundreds of thousands of Americans died and more destruction followed.
When presented a clear and vital opportunity to protect the U.S., which would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, Liz Cheney was a “solid no.” Like her father, she has blood on her hands. No one is allowed to pretend they didn’t know how bad it would get. Many warned. Image
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1 Apr
Reuters is partners with TASS, a Russian Federation entity that promotes Putin’s propaganda. Reuters President Michael Friedenberg, said in 2020: “I’m delighted TASS and Reuters are building upon our valued partnership by having TASS join Reuters Connect.”
6 months before the deal with TASS went public, Reuters President Michael Friedenberg highlighted Putin in his “Pic of the Week,” reflecting on Putin’s two decades of power and downplaying his scheme to grab more power.
In Oct. 2018, less than 2 months before Michael Friedenberg started as president of Reuters, the newswire sold a 55% stake in its Financial & Risk unit (now named Refinitiv) to Blackstone Group run by CEO Stephen A. Schwarzman, a close friend of Trump’s who’s connected to Putin.
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20 Mar
The ex-POTUS hides in his Russian mafia war room headquarters in Florida, where there’s an outbreak of Covid as a result of a pandemic he intentionally weaponized against Americans, and while prosecutors work to ensure he’s brought to Justice for crimes against the U.S.
Mar-a-Lago is an active crime scene where America’s greatest traitor resides and strategizes with other enemies of the United States. It’s also a health hazard. It should be shut down and its members investigated as possible criminal accomplices.
Trump properties engage in multiple dark businesses. At the Florida ones, Jeffrey Epstein, the Russian Mafia’s kompromat dealer and serial sexual predator/child trafficker, targeted his victims. The properties hired vulnerable girls, Maxwell lured them in. Partners in crime.
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19 Mar
Anatoly Antonov is equivalent to a top GRU general; a master in political warfare and conventional warfare. He was sent to Washington, D.C. to help handle Trump and Kremlin ground operations. He’s been on the EU & Canada’s sanctions lists since 2015 for waging war on Ukraine too.
Putin’s Embassy of Russia in Washington, D.C. is a military fortress - an active measures war room that uses “diplomacy” as a strategic weapon. It’s not used for peace, it’s used for hybrid warfare. Time to shut it down until Russians are free of Putin and he’s put on trial.
You cannot have diplomatic relations with Satan or Putin.

History has shown, “diplomacy” with Putin and his agents always leads to seeds of evil planted and nurtured until they eventually sprout toxins sickening and threatening humanity and the planet.
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8 Mar
One out of every five humans imprisoned in the United States had COVID-19 by the end of 2020. There was wide-spread abuse of power by judges responsible to protect the Constitutional & human rights of our incarcerated. They refused to protect prison populations during a pandemic.
Prisoners shouldn’t have the burden of making the case for compassionate release. It should be provided to anyone who paid a fair price to society or can do so safely and responsibly outside of prison. Overcrowded prisons where 20% of the population gets sick, are illegal.
Denying prisoners protection from catching a deadly illness and permitting a situation of overcrowding to exist, thereby guaranteeing the spread of a lethal virus during a pandemic, is cruel and unusual punishment that violates the U.S. Constitution.…
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3 Mar
Christopher Wray is on the frontlines fighting fascism and protecting the U.S. and our allies. He’s a patriot. Many of us are alive because of his protection. I’m personally grateful to him and the FBI for protecting me from the Kremlin. I have faith in our 17 Intel Agencies.
There’s a global pandemic of corruption. America is being attacked from within and abroad. Today was another nuclear-level explosion of danger: U.S. Senators openly complicit in a domestic terrorist attack and a Texas Governor announced he’s going to increase his murder rate.
The Republican Party is dead because it is illegitimate. Its leaders, politicians, and propagandists are traitors working for hostile foreign powers while waging war against the U.S. and murdering Americans while threatening the Constitution and planet. They are Nazis.
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