What Republicans think doesn’t matter.
Here's what I mean. The story isn't what Republicans believe. The story is that Republicans are not participating in reality.

Their beliefs are dangerous—but their beliefs don't matter. The beliefs of Republicans mustn't be considered as we make policy. They must be ignored.
There is a dominant cultural narrative that the only way we can survive this moment is by coming together with Republicans. That's dangerously incorrect.

The only way to survive is by addressing reality, which means ignoring the beliefs of people who have rejected reality.
There is a dominant cultural narrative that the only way we can survive is by convincing Republicans to rejoin reality. That's dangerously incorrect.

The only way to survive is by doing what's necessary, without seeking permission from people who have abandoned reality.
People are free to believe anything they want. They have the right to believe in a false reality.

They don't have the right to live in it.

They mustn't be treated as if their opinion on reality is relevant. It's our job to refuse to do that.

Republicans' beliefs don't matter.
We have to insist on reality, because it's reality we all have to deal with, whether we believe it or not.

We can't seek some middle ground between reality and unreality.

We can't join them. We have to beat them.

Perhaps we'll lose. But we have to try.

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1 May
Saw a clip of Trump blathering to strangers at his gross resort for rich Christian fascists, and it really brought home what hostages we all were to the mundane grotesque whims of this dull-minded pathetic bully.
Conservatives need to understand that on top of everything else Trump manifestly is—fascist, racist, sexist, ignorant, cruel, foolish, crude, narcissistic, evil, greedy, genocidal—he is also deeply, deeply, pathetic.

And you all voted for him. Your gross pig king. We see you.
I don't forgive people for voting for Trump and I probably never will. There's no excuse for it. I don't seek common ground, I don't seek understanding, I don't like them and I don't want to be liked by them. I think they're garbage and I think deep down they know it.
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30 Apr
Republicans want to make it legal to run over protesters with cars.

In case you thought the defense of the nazis who invaded Charlottesville was limited to just Trump.
We are in a global pandemic, we face climate catastrophe, wealth disparity is at levels unseen since the great depression, cops kill 3 people daily, & the top Republican priorities are bullying trans teenagers, demolishing democracy, and making it easier for Nazis to kill people.
It is impossible to compromise with Republicans.

Impossible, not because we hate compromise, but because compromise presupposes a second party that is participating in the same reality and in the same organization.

Republicans are, quite simply, not participating in America.
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29 Apr
I would say that the government that imposed a Muslim travel ban, a family separation policy, sweeping deregulation of environmental protection, multiple trillion dollar giveaways to billionaires and deliberately spread misinformation about a pandemic, was also “big government.”
Government that spends all our money on things with zero/negative civic or social benefit = harmless benign “small” government.

Government that spends all our money on things with positive civic or social benefit = dangerous scary “big” government.
We are a country of 330 million, the 3rd most populous on earth; covering nearly 4 million square miles, the 4th largest country on the planet.

Anyone suggesting that we could have a “small” government is a lunatic or a thief.
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29 Apr
You know what? We *should* persecute Republicans.

Nothing stops them from saying they’re being persecuted anyway. Let’s give them the reality they demand.

Laws banning Republicans from public spaces. Judges protecting religious convictions to not serve Republicans. Let’s go.
They want to be the persecuted ones? Let’s show them what that is.

Every law they’ve passed against others for decades, let’s pass against them for a few decades.

No fly lists. Travel bans. Bathroom laws. Gerrymanders. Criminalize McMansions.

Oh—let’s take their burgers, too.
Yes, for their own good. Republicans need to understand that we don’t hate *them*, in fact we *love* them as god commands us! We just hate their sinful Republican lifestyle.
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27 Apr
Celebrating self-educated people was a big mistake.
If you refuse to get vaccinated without a valid medical reason there should be social and financial consequences.

(This should also be the penalty for listening to Joe Rogan.)
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26 Apr
I can’t be the only one who sees happy faces when looking at fingers. Sketch of happy little finger people.
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