Brits always feared thinking soldiers. When a Dogra soldier named Nagda reconnoitred a route to climb a cliff side and surprise the enemy [British officers had given up as hopeless], Brits just mentioned him in despatches, gave him an order of merit 3rd class and sidelined him.
OTOH, when Gulab Singh found a Zorawar Singh, he rewarded him with the highest honours and promoted him all the way to commanding an army. See the difference? Brits wanted servile and docile minions, dhaarmic maharajas wanted thinking officers of loyalty, integrity and ability.
cc @dikgaj You may have more insights to add to this.

• • •

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More from @maidros78

11 Apr
This time, the Left is probably going to get the lowest ever vote in Bengal since 1952. In fact, the Left's power in Bengal has been significant since 1952. This will probably be the first election where the Left is completely wiped out in Bengal, with probably <5% vote.
Think @Sujan_Speak @mishra_surjya and @salimdotcomrade will perform the final rites of the Left in Bengal this time. There are no comebacks from this. They will do well to reflect why a party that was a permanent fixture in Bengal has been so thoroughly wiped out by them.
Of all the people on the Left, it is @mishra_surjya who disappointed me most. He knows the woes of Hindu refugees. In fact, CPI gained strength in Bengal fighting for Hindu refugees [from the then East Pakistan] in the 1940s and 1950s. Knowing this, his party opposed CAA! Shame!
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21 Mar
There is a reason why I really hate twitter and that is the spread of false statistics about Hindu numbers.

It has become fashionable to claim that Kerala is Hindu minority [it is not - it was ~55% Hindu in 2011 and is ~53% at worst now], that Bengal will be finished in 5 yrs
[It won't - Bengal was 72.5% dharmic and is >70% dharmic today], that Andhra is Hindu minority [Andhra is 75-80% Hindu], that TN is Hindu minority or close to it [TN is 80-85% Hindu]. The point is not that these people know anything. It is the vicious network spreading nonsense.
They know nothing about the actual statistics, and care nothing. But spreading nonsense has a huge resonance.

And also Punjab - the whole ecosystem goes into collective wails about the percentage of Christians in Punjab [max. 5-6%].
Read 6 tweets
18 Mar
It is a pity that most south Indians don't read Magyar. There is a lot of Magyar history that applies to us. In particular, how they were caught between the Ottoman Turks and the Hapsburg empire. Hapsburg empire always used `Christian unity' slogan to demand Hungarian obedience.
The Hungarians were told `you should obey because the alternative is Turkish domination'. When Hungarian concerns were raised, they were simply brushed aside because `the Turks are the greater enemy'. Hungary was pillaged ruthlessly by both the Ottoman and the Turks routinely.
Ottomans and Hapsburgs repeatedly cut deals with each other at Hungarian expense. Hungary was degraded, its population destroyed, its resources plundered and its citizens discriminated against and repeatedly sold to the Turks because other Hapsburg interests demanded it.
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10 Mar
This is such a misreading of the situation. Maharaja Karan Singh became king during a time when Sheikh Abdullah was all-powerful. Maharaja Hari Singh had been banished for opposing him.
What Maharaja Karan Singh achieved was by fighting a battle against Sheikh Abdullah from within the Congress. For that, he has had to do all kinds of things, including being on good terms with Nehru. His bargaining position was extremely weak.
Playing a long game from a position of weakness, he was able to thwart the more horrid schemes of Abdullah. You will find some glimpses of what he did to keep the Hindus in the game in his letters with Nehru.
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3 Mar
Another point - can we impose a `leaving fee' for all students going to `universities of concern'? If they want to go to such universities, they should be forced to pay - say - 5 crores leaving fees and exhibit the receipt before being allowed to board a flight from India.
Put Oxford, Rutgers, etc on such a `universities of concern' list, ask any Indian going there to pay the leaving fee before being allowed to board a flight there. And such Indians are ineligible to any OCI/PIO cards, or any diaspora benefits.
Not sure of any legal points, but from my understanding such a move would not be unconstitutional. Hope any lawyers can respond here. cc @jsaideepak
Read 4 tweets
27 Feb
It is, in fact, quite easy for a dhaarmic to have multiple identities - a consequence of our non-jealous Gods and our polytheism. As long as you can understand a culture deeply, will identify with it and fight for it, you can belong to that particular identity and culture.
Many people, born to parents from two different cultures, can and often will have two identities, taking pride in both and defending both. We don't have conversions as such, since there is no need to convert in order to belong to other cultures. Conversion is for Abrahamics.
Only those with jealous Gods - Abrahamics or Sanghis - need conversion. The invisible sky entity of Abrahamics or the Flagpole God of Sanghis will not tolerate other Gods. Consequently, their only identity is that of their Abrahamic religion or Sanghism.
Read 4 tweets

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