46 million Kenyans out of 54 million pop can access the internet. 23 million Tanzanians out of 61 million pop can access the internet. Kenya has an internet access rate of 85% and TZ- 23%. Then why is it that Tanzanian songs are being streamed on youtube more than Kenyan songs?
Those doubting the stats, I got them from two different sources.
1) statista.com/statistics/505…

When it comes to internet penetration, Kenya sits among the best in the world.
This is Diamond Platinumz' YT stream insight for the last 12 months.
Nairobi has streamed his songs 83.5 mil times, Dar Es Salaam has streamed his songs 70 mil times in the same period.
Kenya has streamed his songs 109 mil times. Tanzania has streamed his songs 81.6 mill times. Image
When Willy Pual and Bahati were at the foot of their careers, they produced songs with Tanzania's Bongo flavor. Same to Otile Brown whose style is related to bongo. He is the most viewed Kenyan artist. Is it therefore safe to say that Kenyan love bongo flavas than other genres?
I don't think if the quality of song lyrics tells the whole story behind the low numbers in the consumption of Kenyan music.
There are Kenyan songs with beautiful messages. Check out these songs;

• • •

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When my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend started getting too cozy and flirty with my then-girlfriend during a trip in Naivasha, I became jittery and caused an unsettling scene. Nancy was the type of girl who traveled to quench her desire to explore the world as well
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Going back to my family and the society to report my decision to drop out of campus was going to be a mentally grueling and taxing task. I knew they would be disappointed, angry, happy, impassive even. What I did not know was how
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4) Your risk getting rejected by family and society....
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‘Our agency does not rent out houses to beggars. We are not a charitable organization. I am tired of begging you to pay rent. Hama from our houses kaa umeshindwa kulipa rent!’ My house agent said over the phone.
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I thought of saying that. Instead, I said, ‘I am sorry, madam. This month flipped me upside down.’
‘It is almost coming to the end of the second month, Mr. Sakwah,’ she reminded me. ‘Do you think I was employed to beg you to pay your rent? There are so many people who can
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‘I swear, by the end of the two days,
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