I gotta muse a bit more about sea gods sukuita

Yuuji wakes up in a shallow pool wrapped in seaweed. His bones ache and groan against each other as he untangles himself from the slimy nest. His mind struggles to recall how he ended up here. Naked and groggy must mean this is a
hangover, but he has no memory of drinking. He gropes around looking for clothes, but in the process, he comes to notice something.
This cave has no opening or fissures. The walls are smooth and featureless all the way up. The only possible entrance is through the pool, so that
means he swam here then. Yuuji pauses for a second when he realizes that despite the lack of any light source he can see the place as clearly as if it was lit by the noonday sun. He's trying to make sense of how his vision could improve so dramatically when a white scrap floating
in the water catches his notice. When he picks it up Yuuhji's mind grinds to a halt-it's his shirt! He can recognize the embroidered cuffs and the mismatched buttons, but...it's tiny. Barely the length of his thumb. How...

Wait his thumb...what's between his fingers. A thin
glossy membrane arcs between each finger, the nails are dark and pointed, and up the length of his arms are smatterings of gray and russet scales.
Yuuji feels around wildly, and can tell the scaling is much worse on his legs. His feet are...wrong. The bones are elongated and the
skin is rubbery. But somehow that's not the worst change As he brushes his hands over his chest one of his nails catches on something sensitive and delicate causing him to wince
He bends over to see and its as he fears. A set of feathery gills peaks out in the spaces between ribs
“I meant for you to sleep through the change but I must admit Im glad you get to admire my handiwork.” A familiar voices rumbles just behind him
He turns and is met with a figure that he remembers being so much larger and monstrous. Thats right-the storm, the whistle the creature
“Who are you?”

“I suppose you werent able to hear my song properly before-i sang my name to you every night, pup.” He leers, his tail flicks teasingly:

“Sukuna, you may call me Sukuna.”

“What did you do to me?” Yuuji presses.

“Nothing you didnt already agree too.” He smirks

• • •

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2 May
Sukuita🔱au cw death
Yuuji always tried to make the best of things, but as his little rowboat grinds against the stony shore he finds himself struggling. This is his first season on the island and fever has shaved the three-person team down to two. He knows Megumi
will join them eventually, but it’s going to be a rough start to his three-month term without him. They're around the same age and Megumi only has a single season under his belt. Todou, on the other hand, was grizzled and odd after years spent tending the light, and just from
the short jaunt from the ship here told him learning the ropes from him would be unpleasant.
The scarred man plops a ten-liter jug of kerosene into Yuuji's already heavily ladden arms. "Start taking the rations up, brother, I'll take care of the dingy."
"Aye..." If he can't
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15 Apr
On further review how funny would it be if Sukuna goes through the whole process of perfecting Yuuji so he looks like his old body and Uraume finds a way to free Sukuna from Yuuji’s body.
The only catch is he looks exactly as he does in the innate domain. Two arms, 5”9, no mouth
In his stomach. He’s still ecstatic about his freedom but its kind of raining on his parade that he’s stuck in this form and not the glorious one he gave Yuuji
Yuuji kind of loves it though. Now every run in with jujustu sorcerers or cowering curses begins with him being mistaken
for the King of curses, while Sukuna is labeled the traitorous vessel.
Well that is until the littler one’s hands are set aflame and he barks. “You fools, how can you not see I’m Ryomen Sukuna!”
The confused jujutsu sorcers eyes flit back and forth between the mostly normal
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14 Apr
Merged Sukuita Shibuya AU//
Somehow despite all odds, Yuuji was able to get to Shibuya before Kenjaku opened prison realm. It slinks through the crowd wearing Geto's skin, and Gojo falters as he paralyzed by the impossibility in front of him. His six eyes are so busy unraveling
what he's seeing that he barely registers the cube hitting the ground in front of him. His infinity instinctually deactivates as a pair of familiar arms wrap around him and throw him out of the way
Prison Realm Open
As he gets his bearings and picks himself off of the subway tile
Yuuji's been forced to his knees by thick bands of cursed flesh. The not Geto looks horrified that his trap has snagged the wrong prey, but Yuuji is grinning. Amber eyes focused on his senpai.
"I trust you, Gojo-senpai. I'll see you in a little while."
And with a snap of tissue
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13 Apr
Ok, now I want witch Yuuji. The itadori family used to be a powerful clan of witches before they were wiped out on suspicion that they were receiving boons from demons. Yuuji survives the purge and is whisked away by his grandfather to the countryside. His heritage isn't kept
secret entirely. Wasuke teaches him the basics and nature magic. But Yuuji grows beyond that and has strange aptitudes for a young witch. His constitution and strength are well beyond abnormal but more than that he's able to see and communicate with spirits.
Wraiths, creatures, curses-all of them whisper to him and he listens. It's a skill that others him from almost all the children in Sendai. They may know nothing of magic, but they can tell Yuuji's different from them. And it means a lonely childhood for the pink-haired boy.
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10 Apr
Unfair // Goyuu cheating au

Gojo truly believed it would be a one-time thing. He loved Yuuji more than anything, but the pressure he was under was starting to get to him. All the shit he’d been putting off at work came back to bite him in the ass and now the company has him
running around the country till he drops.
Home hasn’t been much better. Every precious minute he gets at home Yuuji wants to spend going over the move with him. He thinks if he has to spend another second talking about what kind of windows they should have the contractor put into
the place he’ll have an aneurysm. So when he ran into Suguru in Kyoto it felt like stumbling on an oasis. It'd been half a decade since he'd last seen the man, and all those moments they had shared wash over him.
There's stil the stiff "how have you been"'s, but then Gojo offers
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8 Apr
Anyways Gojo would totally be down to help uraume cook fancy human meat for sukuita. He's got the special grade munny so he's really excited to introduce them to all sorts of expensive ingredients. Truffle glazed pancreas, marula Honey saffron cheek, braised marrow with caviar😋
i wanna think uraume wouldn't be so much of a traditionalist that they wouldn't appreciate all the lavish cooking appliances Gojo buys for them to use. Gojo will try to justify it by saying it'll save time so they can make even more new courses for their master to try
maybe sukuita is a little bit more on the down-low at the moment so Gojo and Yuuji(+sukuna) are still playing nice with jujutsu society. Gojo's telling everyone he's finally decided to hire a chef to help him get off eating so much sugar and insists everyone comes over for dinner
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