This is a pattern designed to project/normalize the Right's dysfunction by attempting to label some aspect, behavior, or even the entire ideology of the Left/Progressivism to create a false/moral equivalency.

In a recent thread I pointed this out about "mob justice"...1/
The thread analyzed the Right's "secession" from the Rule of Law, and repeated embrace of "mob justice" even as they accuse the Left of engaging in it, with the implicit message being:
"if it's all mob justice, then none of it is" 2/
Another thread analyzed the Right's attempt to excuse Trump’s pathological dishonesty with allegations of the Left lying:

"If everyone is lying, then no one is lying"……because lying is normalized: 3/
Similarly, there are recent attempts to create false/moral equivalency around the Right's descent into Authoritarianism: 4/
And here, there seems to be an attempt to create a false/moral equivalency around the psychological dysfunction that has engulfed the Right over the last five years.

Basically, that "if everyone is unhinged/crazy, then no one is"....6/
This tactic also justifies "pre-emptive retaliation", because if the Right believes their "enemy" is mentally disordered, then they *must* pre-emptively act in self defense before the "crazy" Left does.

"Pre-emptive retaliation" is analyzed here: 7/

• • •

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28 Apr
Once again the Right "secedes" from the rule of law. Notice the reference to "Democratic prosecutors". When every attempt to enforce the law is politicized, there is essentially nothing anyone on the Right can do that is criminal, b/c all enforcement is "politically motivated".
More on the Right's "secession" from the rule of law:
The raid on Giuliani's apartment happened today. Yet Watters w/out any knowledge of the case/evidence is declaring Giuliani innocent. They confiscated Giuliani's phone. Remember when he was shaking it as if to threaten Trump about what was on it?
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27 Apr
There's a common theme that weaves through grievance politics, perpetual victimhood, “cancel culture”, the recent anti-riot laws, and the January 6th insurrection.
A recent example of perpetual victimhood and grievance was this rant by @TuckerCarlson. 1/
In Carlson’s snowflake world, a guy exercising his 2nd Amendment Right to have an AR-15 slung over his shoulder, should “politely, but firmly” ask a 64 year old woman to “take off your mask…...2/
....because your mask is making me uncomfortable”….that it’s “repulsive”, and that it should be illegal, that police, and child protective services should be called. 3/
Read 33 tweets
24 Apr
The, “how do we fix this” is perhaps the most important question we face as a country. To the extent that it can be fixed, it starts with framing and language used to describe the problem/solution. The “deprogramming” and “brainwashed” verbiage has to be eliminated. 1/
No one is receptive to finding “common ground” when the starting point of the person who claims to desire common ground is telling them they’ve been brainwashed, and that they need to be “deprogrammed”. 2/
This plays into the “Totalitarian” narrative that Tucker Carlson is propagating, even going so far as using the “don’t believe your own eyes” to reinforce the narrative. 3/
Read 29 tweets
22 Apr
The reaction to Chauvin's trial is not only another data point in the Right’s "secession" from the rule of law, it highlights underlying psychological dysfunction:

The Right is projecting.

Let’s examine their "secession”, & the recent incidents of Right Wing “mob justice”. 1/
A feature of Trumpism is the Right’s abandonment of principle, ethics, morality, and concern for the "collective good".

Instead, every occurrence/event is viewed through the lens of a collectively narcissistic, zero sum political/tribal calculation…..2/
As a result, the “law and order” crowd not only refuses to accept any legal proceeding/outcome that does not further their political/tribal/culture war objectives, but they undermine the faith in democracy, government, & the judicial system w/claims of Deep State conspiracies. 3/
Read 29 tweets
18 Apr
When winning is defined by the avoidance of loss.

Thread written in 2019 than not only predicted Trump's response to his 2020 election loss, but defines the current Republican Party's mindset:
When winning is defined by the avoidance of loss.

Thread written in 2019 than not only predicted Trump's response to his 2020 election loss, but defines the current Republican Party's mindset: 2/
Read 10 tweets

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