Mr. Timo brought his wife to the hospital for her bruises after he hit her in the head.

When asked what happened, he said although he had never done that to his wife in their 5 years of marriage, he was compelled to do so this time.

Here's what he narrated..
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Mr. Timo said his friend who lives abroad wanted to send N2 million through Timy to his family members in the village.

However, Timo realised he didn't have a domiciliary account and wanted to use his wife's account to receive the money and send it home.
So Mr. Timo told his friend abroad to send the N2 million into his wife's account to be transferred to the sender's family member back home. The money was sent.

But instead of remitting the complete N2 million to Timy, his wife told him she'll send only N1,950,000. Timy said no.
At last, Mr. Timo's wife forwarded only N1,950,000 to the family of her husband's friend. When confronted by her husband Mr. Timo, the wife said she kept the remaining N50k for family use..
When Mr. Timo was later contacted by his friend's family, as to why only part of the money had been send to them, he told them not to worry and further begged his wife to send them the remaining N50k urgently. Yet she refused.
In anger, Mr. Timo seized his wife's phone and hid it inside a room in their apartment to put pressure on his wife to send the remaining money to the owners. Still, she didn't.

Instead, she broke through the window into the room where her phone was hidden and carried it.
On knowing this, Mr. Timo got really furious and hit his wife in the head once. She fell and sustained some bruises. He had to quickly rush her to the hospital for treatment.

From all that happened, was Timo RIGHT or WRONG to have hit his wife?
Note: Mr. Timo is a hypothetical name!

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3 May
Some people don't breastfeed but discharge milk from their nipples especially when touched.

This is known as galactorrhea!

It's not a disease on it's own, but it could be a symptom of an underlying problem.

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There's a chemical or hormone in your body known as Prolactin. It is responsible for stimulating breast milk production.

The hormone is made by a bean-shaped organ called the Pituitary gland.

This gland is found in the brain of both men and women.
Anything that causes too much prolactin to be produced can lead to breast milk discharge or galactorrhea, both in men and women.
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There's a myth going around that women can’t get pregnant if they have sex while on their period.

While this doesn't happen all of the time, it still happens some of the time.

Here's why:
1. Shorter menstrual cycle

Most women have a 28-day cycle. Usually, they bleed for 3 to 5 of those days & are most fertile during the ovulation stage around 12 to 16 days before the next period starts. If she has a shorter cycle, it means she also ovulates earlier.
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A woman can conceive twins from two different biological fathers.

Such twins are genetically half-siblings because they came from the sperm of different men who had sex with their mother around ovulation.

This is known as heteropaternal superfecundation.

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For this to happen:

1. The woman must ovulate twice (dizygotic), meaning she ovulates 2 eggs in the same cycle instead of the usual 1 egg.

2. She must have sex (or In Vitro Fertilization) with different men within a couple of days to one week around her ovulation.
Heteropaternal superfecundation can occur in:

• One complex act of sex (if a woman has sex with different men at the same time)

• Separate acts of sex with different men within 5 days, or

• When sperms from 2 separate men are introduced into her via artificial insemination.
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An uncircumcised penis needs more attention to maintain good hygiene compared to a circumcised one. The foreskin attract more germs and dirt.

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If you're uncircumcised and don’t regularly clean under your foreskin, bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil can cause smegma to build up.

This can make your penis smell, cause foreskin inflammation (balanitis), and make pulling back your foreskin difficult (phimosis).
Both phimosis and balanitis can require medical attention if left untreated.

On the other hand, a circumcised penis doesn’t need additional hygiene. Just make sure you wash it regularly when you bathe.
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1. Find the stinger
2. Remove it with tweezers, fingernails or cards
3. Wash area with clean warm water
4. Apply ice/cold compress
5. Then hydrocortisone cream/calamine lotion &
6. Take a pain reliever if painful

{Share to who needs this!}
If you don't remove the stinger, bee stings can cause massive swelling (edema) with severe itching (erythema) & sometimes bumps (plaques & bullae), due to allergic reaction.

But once the stinger is removed, the itching & swelling should disappear within days.
In most cases, unless you’re allergic to bee stings or experiencing signs of a severe allergic reaction, you can treat bee stings at home if you follow the above simple steps.

If the symptoms don't disappear after 2 days, see your specialist.
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Make sure you pee immediately after sex.

Urinating can help flush out the bacteria that may have entered your urine pipe (urethra) during vaginal sex.

This can prevent you from getting urinary tract infections.

{RT for sexually active ladies on your TL}
Peeing immediately after having sex is particularly helpful for people prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) such as women - due to their shorter urethra than that of men which is longer.
However, peeing after sex will not prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because it is not a form contraception.
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