State of the Nation:

The Irony of Nigeria's Defence and #POLSECINT landscapes today is that the same FG which has unfailing striped for balance in the headship of the military services has faithfully refused to balance same in the police,paramilitary,security+intelligence facets
We are told to believe that security is the responsibility of agencies and the citizenry alike. Given the ethnoregional reckoning pattern of Nigerians, insofar as people in many parts of the country feel alienated from the same security agencies, it is not going to happen.
That is why insecurity is the overriding decimal in our national equation as I tweet. As far as I can see, there is wilful non-cooperation with security agencies based on certain perceptions and rightly or wrongly, perceptions are everything.
The attitude which has fueled non-cooperation with security operatives stems from the street-level perceptions in most parts of Southern and Central Nigeria is pivoted on the conscious reflection that those who get all the benefits should similarly step up and do the all the work
IF the FG have never failed to ensure a commendable north-south balance in appointments to the headship of the military services, it is ironic that it has unwavering bungled national solidarity with a critically unipolar scheme of security sector appointments
Whether the FG know it or not, those security sector appointments are by a country mile the most widely cited example of what critics perceive to be its acutely nepotistic posture such as even yours truly, in over three decades of watching these things, have never before seen.
Write down the following agencies for they constitute the heart of the matter - Customs, Immigration, Civil Defence, Corrections, Fire Service, Wildlife Service, SSS, NIA, Police, NDLEA, EFCC, NFIU
Those are twelve agencies.

In the same manner as the FG ensured a 2 : 2 north-south split in the headship of the military services, it must MOVE deliberately to ensure a 6: 6 north-south split in the headship of the listed agencies which is currently seems to be 10-12: 0
Such outrageous unipolarity only serves to violate the requirement in the Directive Principles of State Policy which requires that appointments should in a manner of speaking, promote national solidarity and fellow feeling among Nigerians.
It is either we have an executive president or a ceremonial one. The clear entailment is that given power must be wielded quickly for the nation is practically falling apart. The security architecture must be tinkered with or we all need to lay back and stew in our own juice
The imperative is that certain heads of paramilitary, police, intelligence and security agencies must be dropped in a conscious effort to rebuild national solidarity which has been badly undermined by an insensitive and unconscionable scheme of lopsided appointments as suffice
Those who need to make way so that an overriding national objective can be met should be reassigned as ministers of state/special advisers.

Let Mr President present a request to the Senate to that effect,stating reasons which necessitated the said nominations.Sure to be approved
Let me make it clear..ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that nothing other then the feeling of alienation underpins the escalation which we see in many parts of the country outside of the Far North today. Only the remediation of underlying causes will cause that apathetic disposition to abate
In a situation whereby the security agencies are not perceived across many parts of the federation as working in the interest of all Nigerians, is it any surprise that calls for state police forces are deafening and vigilantism is on the rise?
Why do security agents appear to locals across many parts of the federation like forces of occupation, so much so that cooperation is wilfully withheld whereas the same persons trust vigilante groups and are clamouring for state police forces?
It is NEVER too late to do right. A government which never panders to the wishes of the people is fated to always grapple with avoidable headaches. The mistakes have been made and only from goodwill gestures can new beginnings emerge. Time is of the essence.

Good day. I am DONE

• • •

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