When I mentioned traditional worshipers in my previous tweet, someone said he's shaking his head, what about ritualists...

Hello people of the world, Igbo Traditional worshippers are not ritualists; they don't kill. They're not ritualists. Blood is sacred. They share none.
They believe in "live let me live". Egbe bere ugo bere is their mantra. They wake up every morning, use kola nut to pray. Their prayers go this way:

"A gụpee ụzọ a gụpee ọnụ, Ọbasi bi n'igwe anyị na-ekele gị. Nye anyị nke anyị ga-eri ọ bụghị nke ga-eri anyị....
Ka Eke ketara anyị ihe ọma. Ihe ọbụla anyị tinyere aka ka ọ gaa nke ọma. Nye anyị ihe anyị ga-eji azụ ụmụ. Nna zụọ nwa, nwa azụọ nna. Elu rie ka ala rie. Ndụ mmiri ndụ azụ. Mmiri atala ma azụ anwụla..."

How does this form of worship equate ritualism?
Nollywood has blinded the eyes of many to think or believe that everything about our traditional way is evil until a pastor will come to pray and destroy the shrines.

The shrines and ritualists we see today are not associated with Igbo traditional religion. Get the difference.
The Igbo traditionalists always pray with kola. Ha na-agọ ọfọ. The concept of elu rie ka ala rie shows that as I eat, let my brother eat. Nobody is killing anybody for ritual purposes in the name of worship.

Blood is sacred in Igbo belief. You don't kill your brother.
Many toxic arụsị brought to Igbo land were strange too. Many took it back. Ibini Ụkpaabi wasn't of Igbo origin. It came from the Ibibio/Efik and it's used for a different purpose by the Arọ.

Let me not digress. What they told you about Igbo traditional worshipers isn't true
Our grandfathers worship God in their own way. They believe in Onye bi n'igwe. Humans naturally have this belief in supernatural being.

A core traditional Igbo man is straightforward. It's part of religion. Being truthful & fearless. They can't be compromised.

Learn! Learn!!

• • •

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2 May
The Yorubas are the most religious tolerant in this country. You'll see a Yoruba muslim, marrying a Yoruba Christian; their children divided: some muslims, some Christians, and you know what? They live in peace. Coexist in peace. They respect their traditions, culture & customs.
Salah time, they all enjoy salah. Kill ram and eat and drink. Christmas time, they all kill chicken, cook rice, eat and enjoy themselves. Some parts of the family are traditionalists. They are respected. Everyone is minding his business. Some are ụka white. Cele church.
They don't care about their variant religious beliefs.

But an Igbo man, maybe he was an Assemblies of God member before going to Lagos, finally joins Chosen Mopol or other Pentecostal Churches, his family at home automatically become unbelievers even if they go other Churches.
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1 May
He should be in his 90s. A staunch traditionalist. As a boy, I would sneak to his house for him to teach me and tell me stories& histories about the past.

One churcheous woman called me & began to warn me to desist from going close to the man, that he doesn't worship God.
This was a man who would wake up every morning, take his kola nut and offer prayers. His words are evergreen in my heart.

"Ọbasi bi n'igwe nye anyị nke anyị ga-eri, enyekwana anyị nke ga-eri anya". [God in heaven please provide what we'll eat not the one that will eat us]
This was a straightforward man who never told lies. Any evil man in the community he would point him& tell him straight to stop the evil doing. He was never afraid of anyone. He watched what he ate. Any story he'll tell you centers on justice, truthfulness & living a good life.
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19 Apr
For those of you watching Nollywood especially Asaba branch thinking that igwe, prince and princess are Igbo cultural construct. "Igbo enwe eze" means that Igbo don't have king. Igbo had decentralized system of government. No monarchy. No palace. No King. No Prince or Princess.
There was nothing like commoner in Igbo culture. Igbo practised democratic-republican system of government. Ụmụnna system. Everyone was to give opinion. Dissent opinion. Diọkpara of every family preside over each meeting. They could be disagreement but one mind in the end.
No one bow or prostrate before his fellow man. It's not our culture and it doesn't mean disrespect. Typical Igbo man doesn't lick a*s. He's brave and truthful.

The British government imposed Warrant Chief on the Igbo since they couldn't meet centralised system like north&west
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17 Apr
I am sure you have heard of Panya from many old Igbo men, especially those born below 40s, 50s and 60s. It was Español they pronounced as Panya. It's in Equitorial Guinea— a Spanish colony.

It is known that there is greater number of Igbo remnants in the country now.
Before the war, the Igbo had traveled to different parts of the world. Some went to Equitorial Guinea for business, farming& other things. Some got there, saw life, saw women, & forgot themselves. They turned drunkards. They got married there, had kids, returned empty-handed.
It's researched that there was also serious migration during the genocidal war of 1967-1970. Many Igbo left for survival and found themselves in Central African Republic and other countries. The migration should be the very reason many Igbo are found in Equitorial Guinea.
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16 Apr
I see no reason why you should feel ashamed doing what put food on your table, legitimately.

I walked into Peace Park Owere and bumped into an old classmate, some years back. I was so excited seeing him. But he denied me. Why? He was selling phone accessories on wheelbarrow.
He saw me, left his wheelbarrow, hanged around a vehicle going to Bayelsa as if he was a passenger. Someone approached his wheelbarrow to buy charger and earphone but guy man denied even his shop.

I approached him:

"Nwanne, go and sell your market".

He shocked.
You see, I calculated everything in the wheelbarrow, the money I had home and abroad then couldn't reach half of it. Dude was far richer than me. But he was ashamed of his hustle.

"Maazị, ndaa?" he finally asked.

I schooled the young man. "Guy all of us dey hustle".
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16 Apr
I love northerners especially in holding some aspect of their culture. Coming to Abuja, I saw people wearing kaftan to corporate offices as corporate dress.

My first interview in Abuja, I was amazed seeing them wearing their native dress. Guys and ladies. It was strange to me.
I got talking with Musa from Sokoto. I was so inquisitive on how no one was disturbing them over their attire. He told me it's normal. He asked why I put on tie and tuck in shirt inside my trousers instead of wearing my Igbo attire. He narrated how he admired Igbo dress.
"Mark, you too should be proud of your identity", he said.

This got me.

I came to Abuja from the east where it's even expected as Igbo language teacher to wear English wear for interview.

In the whole of southern Nigeria, it is indecent to wear native attire to offices.
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