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1. My story ( how a socially awkward nerd became the Superman of social dynamics)


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That's what I was told when I tried cold approaching women for the first time

Forget flirting

I used to get completely numb in front of women

I was the shyest introvert nerd you'll ever know
Initially, it was not a problem for me

But once I got into college this problem really started
to seep in other parts of my life too

I wasn't able to express myself fully anywhere

The anxiety used to kick in & I used to go numb

Girls were like aliens to me
So like any other guy I started searching for dating tips
on youtube

I read every book on this domain

I took courses & mentorship

But nothing worked

The ground reality was completely different from
what those guys were teaching me
And then a time came

Where I just got frustrated with myself

With all the shit I was doing

Its been a year since I was doing all this & I was not seeing any tangible results
I started questioning myself worth

I got needier & my energy got darker

I just stopped going out completely

And on one day I brought another course & everything fucking changed
The course was absolute trash

But there was one exercise in that course

Which just completely shifted my beliefs

It was like someone took away all my insecurites & limiting beliefs

and I am fucking free to express myself
And that's what happened

Next time I went out

the reactions were completely different

My self-awareness was on another level

I was literally attracting people with my energy

and that was fucking awesome
My anxiety was gone

I started having amazing experiences with quality women

I start getting all the validation that a nerd always thinks of

People started inviting me to parties

Girls were checking me out

FUCk that was awesome
But I still didn't know the reason

So I went deeper & deeper in this dating domain

Till I found the truth

And the truth is

It's all about "THE INNER GAME"

Dating advice sucks not because they are not true

They suck because you were never given the complete truth
Those courses never address the real problem

The root cause

And the bigger truth is

No one ever attracted a high-quality girl or get laid

Just by reciting cheezy pickup lines & Routines

They are complete bullshit
So I started sharing this truth in the form of my threads

and I got a hell of a lot of dms of boys who were going through the same terrible shit

I talked with many of them

But I know my advice can't make them more congruent
They need something more


-Crush their limiting beliefs
-Get over their traumas
-Undo the bullshit which society has fed to them
So for the past 3 months, I was working on something

A complete step by step program

That will help you to

Unleash your truest Masculine self

A process that will make you congruent as fuck

And after going through it

You ll be able to attract quality women


A process of tapping into that masculine part of your personality

That you never knew existed before

You don't have to learn the game for attracting women

Because you are the game

For celebrating 6k followers mark
I am launching the waiting list today

You can pre-order it right now

Just for 30$

It is criminally underpriced for the first 20 users

You 'll get

1. The Authentic Pimp PlayBook

2. The Text Game Guide

3. The Inner Game guided meditation session

All for just 30$
Get your hands on this or keep getting deluded

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4 May
In next 7 tweets, I'll show you

Why everything you know about attracting women is

-THREAD- Image
Ask anyone

How to attract women

You'll get the same answer everywhere

1. You have to look in a certain way ( the standards set by the society )

2. You must have shit loads of money
I know many dudes who satisfy the above two conditions

They are able to attract girls

But only low-quality ones

The truth is no one fucking knows what really attracts
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3 May
Why acting cool in front of her is a bad idea?

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Straight to the fundamentals

The coolest person in the room never tries to be anything

He doesn't give a shit about anything

If you are trying to be cool

You are giving a fuck about something & that's uncool
Be independent of the outcome

Just let that need go

Start focussing on being real

Be it

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30 Apr
Embarrassingly simple secrets of passing Shit tests like a pro

Imagine you are vibing with a girl by being a confident motherfucker and

She challenges you

What ll you do my boy?

Will you qualify yourself or

Get into her frame & drop the quality of interaction


I got you covered 👇
1. Why she is testing you?

When she gives you a shit test she just wants to know
are you being congruent with your words & actions

Because faking is easy

and she can't trust someone who can flip the fuck out

When shit hits the roof
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29 Apr
How to connect with her on a deeper emotional level?

Note: Do this only when she is attracted to you & you

are vibing with her to take the interaction forward

Here is how you can do it
1. Investment

She'll not open up emotionally to you until she had

invested her time & stories with you
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28 Apr
How to cold approach women?

3 Mindsets of a pro player

1. Open is just a statement

Most of the guys stress on their opening statement

The truth is

Your open doesn't matter

Its only purpose is to start the interaction

Remember 2 things

1. Don't use indirect openers

2. Use a go-to opener if you can't invent your own
2. Don't wait

The moment you see the girl

You have to go to her & start talking

The more you wait

The more reasons you'll give yourself that its a bad idea

So fuck that & just approach
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27 Apr
How to build sexual tension when you are interacting
with a girl?

4 methods that never fails

1. Set the right frame

Right from the moment, you start the interaction

It should be Man to Woman

It should be fucking clear to her non verbally

That you are not here to be her friend

You are sexually interested in her
2. It's all in the eyes

You can do it all just with your eyes

Girls are pretty good at sensing your intent just by eyes

So, maintain laser-like eye contact during the interaction

Let her feel that you are a sexual threat to her
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