Raise your hands if you think a "non-fascist" regime officially integrates Neonazi brownshirts like Azov & Right Sector into its police, military & security services and reifies Nazi collaborators & Holocaust perpetrators like Bandera, OUN & UPA as heroes & founding fathers?
^The Maiden regime that Zelenskiy inherited in #Ukraine IS a Banderite fascist regime in that the Banderite vanguard fought them into power, maintains them in power, and is hostage to them, because if Zelenskiy moved against them or broke with them ideologically, he would @27khv
^ have a second civil conflict in the country and the Maidan regime would collapse like a house of cards @27khv
^ Zelenskiy didn't assume power as a Banderite fascist or West Ukrainian ultranationalist any more than the oligarch Poroshenko was when he first took power. But the Maidan regime is at heart Banderite and Zelenskiy is ending up one to keep power, just like Poroshenko did @27khv
^ This is necessitated as what is going on is a nation-building project - the manufacture of an
anti-Russian Ukraine. All nations require a historical & ideological basis. And the only such anti-Russian episode in Ukrainian history is the West Ukrainian Banderite fascists in WW2
^ Thus any leader of the Maidan regime must adopt that politics as the foundation of the new Ukrainian nation & monist national identity.

• • •

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22 Jan
This "ridiculous man" is more than willing to debate you on air on your whitewashing of and apologism for @Navalny's odious far right, racist, and ultranationalist political views. Care to discuss facts instead of slurs? Any time, any platform @ichbinilya @OCCRP
I take it that @ichbinilya @OCCRP would rather stick to potshot slurs and run away rather than debate actual facts about @Navalny's odious far right, racist, and ultranationalist political views, hunh?
Any other takers in the Navalny-apologist Western MSM, commentariat, or academia want to debate facts about the (odious far right, racist, and ultranationalist) actual political views of the guy you are promoting as the political "opposition leader" in Russia?
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9 Sep 20
"More deadly than all known offshoots of Novichok", of which the normal version is supposedly a nerve agent 8x more deadly than VX. And still NO ONE dies from it.
Such incredible propaganda bullsh💩t and all goes completely unquestioned through Western media stenographers...
As a navy nuke, I had CBRN training in the military. Someone exposed to a lethal dose (a drop) of VX via skin contact or ingestion has a severe (convulsions, vomiting paralysis) response within seconds to minutes. Fatal from minute to an hour. Now multiply that deadliness 8x+
Dont trust me though - lets read what the CDC says. Now multiply that lethality 8X for "normal novichok" and many times more for what Germany is now saying. Not to mention the contamination hazard to all he came in contact with since the "poisoning"! cdc.gov/niosh/ershdb/e…
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14 Aug 20
Strikes around the country including state companies are a sign that the Belarussian security services stupidly brutal & excessively heavy-handed tactics against election protesters have caused the general public to become sympathetic to what were 1/2 wsws.org/en/articles/20…
^ 2/3 a vocal and active minority. Strikes are potentially a much greater threat to Lukashenko's regime than street revolution by youth ever could be. Lukashenko is teetering on loosing the "legitimacy" of the tacit consent of general population which was all he had at this point
^3/4 His security services are out of control, using force unprofessionally, and are going too far. If fractures start to appear in political elite, military, and/or security services, then its all over. Lukashenko will get the tap on the shoulder. If he fights to the end, it
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