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#Ukraine #Chuhujiw #plane #crash #Planecrash

At least 22 people were killed in the crash of an Antonov AN-26 military aircraft in eastern Ukraine. This was announced by the civil defense in Kiev. Image
Accordingly, there were also survivors in the disaster in Chuhujiw in the Kharkov region. Students from the Air Force University are also said to have been on board. It should have been a training flight. The aircraft crashed on the approach to the runway.
A wreck burning in the dark could be seen in pictures on social networks. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined.
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After almost seven years of knowing the truth, y'all have no idea how much it infuriates me to see western pundits – often Jewish – very occasionally have a little bleat about "Nazis in Ukraine". 🤬
Yea. There are Nazis in Ukraine. Where they are not literally Jewish, they are poverty-stricken militant knuckle-draggers, formed into "Punisher" battalions founded, financed, trained (ex-IDF) and armed by Jews, supported by the Chief Rabbi, and the Chabad Lubavitch global cabal. ImageImageImageImage
I often wonder if I should just tweet pictures, since it seems most people can't be bothered to read, much less think. ImageImageImageImage
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NEW: #HunterBiden’s dealings with foreign individuals raise conflict of interest concerns as well as concerns about crimes, counterintelligence, and extortion, according to a new congressional report.…
According to the report, #HunterBiden engaged in millions of dollars in “questionable financial transactions” with foreign individuals, including the wife of the former mayor of #Moscow and people with ties to the #CCPChina.…
James Biden is #JoeBiden’s brother; Sara Biden is James’s wife; and Archer is one of #HunterBiden’s business partners.

Hunter Biden and Archer received $4 million for being on #Burisma’s board.
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The #Senate just released their 87 page findings regarding #HunterBiden and wow, he’s basically the bagman for #DeepState pimps which we all knew but it’s nice to have it in writing. Let’s see how the criminal #MSM covers this.… ImageImageImageImage
They’re all crooks looting American taxpayer money. #Soros owns BOTH Ukrainian anti-corruption NGOs in Ukraine to ensure operations dont run into political issues. They can bully any Ukrainian politicians trying to stop the widespread corruption. Image
It’s important to note, this network appears to be assisted by the 🤡’s which is no surprise at this point. Allegedly the #UkrainianEmbassy in #NewYork is a child trafficking hub. If anybody has any additional info on this, please share. Image
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1. News: OUT TODAY: Report w/ @chuckgrassley found MILLIONS of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden & associates & foreign individuals, including wife of former mayor of Moscow -Thread 9.23.2020… #Biden #TickTock
2. News: President Trump at UN: More ‘Great’ Peace Deals With Israel ‘Shortly’…
3. News: Report: William Barr Receiving Catholic Award Angers Some Who Oppose DOJ Renewing Death Penalty for Child Murderers…
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September 22, 2020
Moon Township, PA

"So let's see what happens to these
treasonous crooks...
a bunch of treasonous horrible
people and they use the intelligence
agencies of our country
to try and steal an election and
to try and do a coup."
Worth noting these "treasonous crooks" are the same bad actors working with NATO critters against #Libya #Syria and #Ukraine
A majority are also stakeholders in Brookings, Atlantic Council and/or CSIS
THEY are also running 44's policies out of more US embassies than not
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With #DeutscheBank’s help, an oligarch’s buying spree trails ruin across the US heartland

Secret transactions, lost jobs, worker injuries, gutted buildings, unpaid bills: Ihor Kolomoisky’s untold American legacy.

#IhorKolomoisky siphoned billions of dollars from #PrivatBank, #Ukraine’s largest financial institution, which he co-owned, in an audacious LAUNDERING SCHEME, cleaning the money through a web of companies around the world, U.S. federal prosecutors allege.

Criminals and others seeking to hide illicit money in the U.S. often plow it into glittering high-rises in New York, or use it to buy billionaire playthings, like yachts and expensive jewelry. #Kolomoisky, who played a peripheral role in the #Trump impeachment drama...

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[DS] Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop #scythian #illyrian EUSSR EU UE Foreign Affairs pathetic incompetence continues... meanwhile #belarus has other plans... despite [DS] cabal-funded opposition leader puppet agentur pleas
More manipulation, deceit and lies from [DS] #euobserver utter-shit-rag

Borrell gives EU four weeks to save foreign policy
Belarus opposition leader urges EU to be 'braver'
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Heißer Tipp: Wenn es eng wird, rücke man die #NordStream2-Kritiker in die Ecke der Trump-Vasallen. Das zieht immer. Das Argument, "wir" müssten zwischen russischem Erdgas & US-Frackinggas wählen, ist ein löchriger Strohmann. Thread/1
Primäres Ziel von NS2 ist es, die Ukraine aus dem Gastransit zwischen Russland und Westeuropa zu drängen. Die Röhre hat ein Transportvolumen von 55 Mrd cbm/a. Um diese Menge soll laut Vertrag zwischen Gazprom & Naftogaz der Transit durch die Ukraine reduziert werden. /2
Nimmt man #Turkstream hinzu, kommt man exakt auf die 90 Mio cbm, die heute durch die #Ukraine nach Europa transportiert werden. Das führt nicht nur massiven finanziellen Einbußen, sondern gibt Putin freie Hand, den politisch-militärischen Druck auf die Ukraine zu erhöhen. /3
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#Shaking detected

5.3ML / 5.7 MW #Magnitude #earthquake reported

#Greece, #Medeteraniansea, East Basin, 19 Km SW from #Arvi #Crete
depth: 56km or 25.5Km

18.09.2020 / 16:28:17 (UTC)
GPS: 34.8866, 25.2882 

reported by #emsc_Seismicportal and Institute of Geodynamics Athen ImageImage
HL-ANKY is at 35.8670, 23.3012 north west of #Crete
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US Involvement in Foreign Country’s Governments “Color Revolution” Spill Over Into USA

Color Revolution: term used to describe a series of remarkably effective CIA-led regime change operations using techniques developed by RAND Corporation, “democracy” NGOs & other groups...
“since the 1980’s. For anyone who has studied those models closely, it is clear that the protests against police violence led by amorphous organizations with names like Black Lives Matter or Antifa are more than purely spontaneous moral outrage...…
“Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are being used as a battering ram to not only topple a US President, but in the process, the very structures of the US Constitutional order.”

“The US paid for 5,000 cans of spray paint & $41 million in Serbian revolution of 2000.”
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RED ALERT - The White House KNEW

#Giuliani source was Kremlin agent — but that might have made him more attractive

This has caused problems for Giuliani and Sen. @ronjohnson (R-WI), who is leading a probe of #Biden’s activity in #Ukraine

@ronjohnson is just a contrarian in nature,” said one Republican close to the administration.

“If you come to him and say that the Ukraine stuff seems fishy, he will very likely just tell you it’s his investigation and to get lost.”


#Schumer (D-NY) introduced a resolution “calling for an end to the use of congressional resources to launder Russian disinformation through Congress,” saying #RonJohnson’s allegations against Biden suspiciously resemble claims promoted by #Derkach (SPY)...

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Re: Michael Caputo, this entire episode may seem bizarre to normal people. And indeed he may have simply succumbed to the stressors of his job.

But there’s another, much darker possible explanation for what we’re seeing here… (1/x)
… Mr. Caputo describes himself as being “under siege” says “they’ll have to kill him.”

Caputo worked w/ @OliverLNorth during the #Reagan admin, & later worked in #Russia & #Ukraine, inc. for #Manafort on stuff for #OlegDeripaska — an exceptionally sensitive subject for… (2/x)
… some Democrats, it‘d seem, as then #JonathanWiner might be scrutinized, & that might reveal other things, etc.

This would place Caputo clearly in the crosshairs of various counterintelligence authorities. Certainly the #FBI —both @FBI HQ NSB/CD & @FBIWFO NS/CI — might… (3/x)
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🚨@vonderleyen's 1st #SOTEU
Stay tuned:
"For me it is crystal clear–we need to build a stronger European Health Union
& to start making this a reality we must now draw the 1st lessons from the health crisis
We need to make our new #EU4Health programme future proof"@SKyriakidesEU
"...this was a global crisis we need to learn the global lessons. This is why, along with Prime Minister @GiuseppeConteIT and the Italian #G20 Presidency, I will convene a Global Health Summit next year in #Italy.
This will show Europeans that our Union is there to protect all."
"...the Commission created the #SURE programme(...)This is real European solidarity in action. And it reflects the fact that in our Union the dignity of work must be sacred."💪🇪🇺🤲"will put forward a legal proposal to support Member States to set up a framework for #MinimumWages"
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Last night, news broke after a whistleblower exposed that #ICE is forcibly sterilizing women in its camps, many of whom are Indigenous Central & South Americans. This is horrific, but it’s hardly surprising. Let’s examine why. THREAD 1/x
The US has a long history of forcibly sterilizing #BIWOC & indigent & mentally ill women, in addition to its long history of committing acts of #genocide against #BIPOC through the theft, forced displacement, & sale of children. See Laura Briggs, Taking Children. 2/x
But eugenics & #colonialism are not only part of #UShistory, the US was the template for a number of Nazi projects. Timothy Snyder argues successfully in Black Earth that Hitler’s concept of lebensraum, or living space, was a colonial model based upon US Western Expansion. 3/x
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This is #Ukraine in 2020 after #USA & #EU / #Canada backed coup 6 years ago. Nazi monuments with a steady flower supply by citizens are popping up all over the country.

Looks like Putin needs to take another slice of Ukraine 🌚

More examples below
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#Slovakia #Czechia #Bratislava #Coronavirus

Slovakia has declared its former sister republic the Czech Republic to be a corona risk country. As Foreign Office State Secretary Martin Klus announced after a meeting of the national Corona crisis team on Monday evening on Facebook,
travelers from the neighboring country will in future have to present a negative Corona test that is not older than 72 hours, or quarantine at least five days at home. The regulation comes into force on Friday.
The Czech Republic and Slovakia were one state until January 1, 1993. To this day there are close economic and family ties between the two countries. For the neighboring countries #Austria and #Hungary, the Commission issued a recommendation to avoid unnecessary travel there.
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Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret
An interview with Russ Bellant, author of “Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party.”

#Ukraine #USA #Nazi's #Jews #WorldWarII #CIA #Europe #RepublicanParty… Image
Task Force 157 - The Secret Team
The British agent Ayatollah #Khomeini was installed by #MuslimBrotherhood, #Tavistock, the #AspenInstitute and the #ClubOfRome.

#KGB #CIA #Iran #USA #KnightsOfMalta #uk… ImageImage
Operation Bloodstone - America's recruitment of Nazis
"They were the cream of the Nazis and collaborators, the leaders, the intelligence specialists, and the scholars who had put their skills to work for the Nazi cause."
#Fascism #USA #Nazi #CIA…
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