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Meet Mykola Senkovsky, one of the first Ukrainians to study & develop photography business. Born in Pyriatyn, Poltava Obl on Nov 23, 1893. His whereabouts after 1939 is unknown
Spent most of his life researching life and customs of Western #Ukraine. ImageImageImageImage
Mykola Senkovsky, #Ukrainian photographer (!893-1939?).
Ran a photo workshop in Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk Obl, printed postcards with his own photos & took many photographs of local people & villages. He shot landscapes, country and city life, portraits. ImageImageImageImage
Mykola Senkovsky, #Ukrainian photographer (!893-1939?)
In 1931, Senkovsky's photo titled “Old Hutsulka” was awarded Grand Prix at International European Photo Exhibition in Paris
Many of his photographs destroyed by Soviet authorities. His wife Yevheniya arrested by NKVD in 1945 ImageImageImageImage
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An overview (w/some preliminary observations) of the new #ICJ case by #Armenia against #Azerbaijan based on alleged violations of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (#CERD). This is the fourth CERD-based case at the ICJ since 2008. 1/20
#Armenia alleges that #Azerbaijan has subjected individuals of Armenian ethnic/national origin to racial discrimination for decades and fosters hatred towards Armenians as a matter of state policy. (Both parties acceded to the CERD in the 1990s.) 2/20
Armenia further alleges systemic discrimination, mass killings, and torture directed at ethnic Armenians by Azerbaijan, and specifically alleges grave CERD violations during the 2020 armed conflict re #NagarnoKarabakh 3/20
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Zelensky finally got his WH meeting. And @CNN its interview—2 yrs late. @ZelenskyyUa tells @FareedZakaria his goal was & is for #Ukraine to win, diplomatically saying he didn’t feel pressure—even if Trump intended it. But jokes a dig at Trump? “This wasn’t Robert DeNiro—my idol.”
@CNN @ZelenskyyUa @FareedZakaria ZAKARIA: Are you worried America will abandon Ukraine [aft Afghanistan w/drawal]?
ZELENSKY: You can’t compare Ukraine to Afghanistan. Since Russia's invasion & occupation in 2014, Ukrainian volunteer citizen battalions have been defending their own country. There was no one else.
@CNN @ZelenskyyUa @FareedZakaria Ukrainian President Zelensky: #Ukraine is not Afghanistan. And #Russia is not the Taliban. Despite having one of most powerful armies in the world, Russia has failed to conquer Ukraine.
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Der #SPIEGEL hat wieder eine unfassbar gute Recherche zum Thema #CDU und dubiose Hilfen für Unternehmen abgeliefert.

Da der Artikel sich hinter der #Paywall versteckt, findet ihr im #Thread eine Übersicht. /TN #Varex #Bareiß #Altmaier #Pfeiffer #Ukraine…
Worum geht's?

Die Firma #Varex hat in den 90er Jahren Computertomografen in die #Ukraine geliefert (Streitwert 40 Mio. €).

Die Ukraine hat diese mit einer Bürgschaft der Nationalbank abgesichert.

Heute beträgt der Streitwert über 1 Mrd. € (wegen Zinsen seit 1993).
Wer ist #Varex?

Das weiß man nicht so genau.
Laut #Bundesanzeiger hat das Unternehmen 3 Mitarbeitende.
Am Konzernsitz München prangt ein Papieraufkleber.

Allein 2020 wechselte die Firma 3mal(!) die Anschrift.
Zu den ehemaligen GF's gehören illustre Gestalten wie ein
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10 minutes to #Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s address at @Stanford. His first visit to California.

Nice to see people wearing masks!
thx @FSIStanford Image
“Everything is possible”—President Zelensky @ZelenskyyUa @FSIStanford says, “This is Ukraine’s credo and mine. Here I am at Stanford, just a common guy from a common family from a common industrial town in Eastern Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih (Krivoy Rog) Image
First question from a woman from #Belarus, isn’t a question but a statement of gratitude. She thanks President Zelensky for supporting the opposition struggle for freedom. She says he & Ukraine have been an inspiration. Image
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Thursday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here with the best #Covid19 global analysis and round up available on Twitter.

First a little quiz, answer in the next Tweet:
Do you know which country has had the most recorded cases of Covid19 as a percentage of population?
So I hope there was no cheating... I'll leave some blank lines here too in case some later viewers don't want the answer just yet...
So the nation with more #Covid19 cases than any other based on population is highly vaccinated #Seychelles at more than 20% infected.
Today I spent quite a long time being filmed/interviewed by @bbcturkce about #Covid19 and #Turkey. Not sure how much they will use, let's see.

Coincidentally the cameraman Efe, just happened to be in Kyiv as one of those using Ukraine for a 10 day stop off to avoid hotel prison!
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Wednesday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here, with all the data, news and analysis as #Covid19 continues to cause problems.

Slightly less mega today on the thread as I am working abroad and struggling for time and internet. Doing my best!
Starting with the case numbers from the islands of #Greece which I couldn't publish yesterday.

Broadly heading in the right direction, with exceptionally good numbers from #Crete again and #Zante

#Mykonos surges again and is still the most infected island.
2/3 #Covid19 cases Tuesday on the islands of #Greece

#Crete 196 (-148)
#Corfu 53 (-15)
#Andros 1 (-9)
#Chios 24 (+8)
#Ikaria 11 (-10)
#Ithaca 2 (-1)
#Kalymnos (-1)
#Karpathos (-1)
#KeaKythnos 1 (+1)
#Kefalonia 9 (-1)
#Kos 10 (-2)
#Lefkada 24 (-9)
#Lemnos 2 (-3)
#Lesbos 33 (+1)
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The daily #Coronavirus megathread for Tuesday starts early, from Manchester airport.

Because of the early start I missed a few countries from yesterday's thread, first I'll update these #Covid19 totals. Tweets during the day may be delayed due to travel & connectivity issues
1/3 #GreekIslands - yesterday cases nudged lower again in #Greece and there were some very promising data from the islands too.

#Crete cut new cases of #Covid19 by 43% while for #Corfu it was a 48% fall and #Rhodes saw a reduction of 38%.

#Samos and #Chios need watching...
#Greece - #Covid19 on the islands yesterday vs previous week

#Crete 129 (-98)
#Corfu 26 (-24)
#Andros 2 (-1)
#Chios 22 (+11)
#Ikaria 3 (+1)
#Kalymnos 4 (-6)
#Kefalonia 4 (-4)
#Kos 9 (-4)
#Lefkada 5 (-7)
#Lemnos 4 (+3)
#Lesbos 19 (-4)
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1. Peter Dickinson​ asked for the @AtlanticCouncil about #Ukraine's main achievement since 1991. My following uncut answer was a bit broader and also about #Georgia and #Moldova.…
2. Post-Soviet #Ukraine’s, #Georgia’s and #Moldova’s biggest achievements have been their conclusions of Association Agreements with the #EuropeanUnion. The 2004 #OrangeRevolution was a precondition for Kyiv’s start of negotiations with Brussels in 2008.
3. The 2013-14 #RevolutionofDignity, in turn, was crucial to sign the #EU deal initialed in 2012. Ukraine’s two uprisings were necessary but not sufficient conditions for the pact’s adoption in September 2014 and ratification by July 2017.
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THREAD: New #Ukraine NatSec Council sanctions against blogger Anatoliy Shariy + editor Igor Guzhva lop off most of remaining #Russia-leaning, Maidan-skeptical end of media spectrum. Brings up same troubling questions as earlier sanctions against Viktor MedvedchukTV stations.1/
Primary question: is this countering disinformation and Russian info-warfare, silencing of dissident voices or some of both? 2/
I’ll focus on Guzhva, a figure I’ve researched, written on before. He was editor of Vesti media group, journal linked to Oleksandr Klymenko, oligarch and minister-on-the-lam who fled Ukraine after ouster of yanukovich.3/
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#BREAKING: 🇺🇦 #Ukraine 's deputy FM Yevgeny Yenin says a Ukrainian plan that arrived in #Afghanistan 🇦🇫 to evacuate Ukrainian citizens last week was hijacked by unidentified individuals and taken to #Iran 🇮🇷
Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yenin said on Tuesday, "Last Sunday, our plane was hijacked by other people. On Tuesday, the plane was practically stolen from us, with an unidentified group of passengers onboard instead of airlifting Ukrainians."
"Our next three evacuation attempts were also not successful because our people could not get into the airport," he said.
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IIt seems that the Ukranian plane hijacked yesterday in #Kabul is the Kam Air KMF501 that landed in Mashhad yesterday.
Confirmed! Afghanistan's Kam Air leases Ukrainian Wings' B767:…
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⭕️ Taliban's @alemara_ar official account of the so-called "Islamic Emirate of #Afghanisthan" claims #Iran has given back to the #Talibans , all the weapons of the Afghan soldiers who escaped crossing the border when their government collapsed ahead of the #TalibanTakeover
نائب وزير الخارجية الأوكراني: اختطاف طائرة إجلاء أوكرانية من #أفغانستان الأسبوع الماضي والتوجه بها إلى #إيران
A #Ukrainian plane that arrived in #Afghanistan to evacuate Ukrainians has been hijacked by unidentified people who flew it into #Iran, Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yenin has said.
(Incident happened last week).
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The security situation remains poor in Kabul this morning, and to the extent any order is being brought it is by the Haqqani Network, a component of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
There really is no excuse: Biden was warned for months and months, right out in public. It needed no intelligence assessment.
The administration's adoption of existentialist vocabulary when asked why they're so awful at their jobs doesn't seem to be just a coping strategy; it's an indication they're lying again, in this instance about staying as long as needed to get everyone out
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#August21201, the day Western leaders, mostly @BarackObama, decided to abandon their eminent responsibilities and historical consciousness.
Everything that followed logically stems from this assumed will not to act—yes, a deliberate will.
Intervening would not only have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but would have also stopped the victories of the revisionist powers.
We decided, yes decided, to lose, which means that we decided to let the #crimesagainsthumanity continue until today—they are—, ...
but also to allow the revisionist powers to set the agenda.
There's a continuity in #Syria between the #Ghouta, #Aleppo, #Homs, #Idlib..., but also with the failure of our intelligence and will in #Georgia, #Ukraine, #Belarus, #HongKong & #Afghanistan.
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You know this is indeed a clusterfuck when even the Czechs start to give you a piece of their mind.

Make no doubt about it ... this is nothing less than proverbially seeing DC's face being dragged thru the mud in many capitols across the world!

#Biden #Afghanistan #NATO
I mean this isn't a one off.

This message is on repeat.

The Yanks literally did not honor their own cheques and they were meager cheques to begin with.

When this lot tells you to man up that means you really have lost your marbles and balls!!

#BidenDisaster #BidenFailure
Also when you start to see images like this from hardcore establishment media emanating from the Brits it means not only have you lost the fringes but now the entire damn center has collapsed too.

Was anyone awake? Was anyone at the wheel?
#BidenIsALaughingstock #Afganisthan
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Kabuki Theater Revealed With #Kabul’s Saigon Weekend Part 2 - To put it bluntly Mr. President, your comments during today’s presser on a “consensus” you relied upon to make withdrawal decisions are absurd- by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #KabulHasFallen…
Link to thread from Part 1... - a new thread for #Part2 begins here.
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Today is a rehearsal for the military parade for #IndependenceDayOfUkraine on August 24, where you can see a lot of interesting things

For example at once 3 #BMOplot in a new camouflage:

Photos: PanzerSofa

#Ukraine #Military #Oplot
BMP-1 with battle module Spys (Спис):

Photos: PanzerSofa
#BTR60M from Praktika
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This is how the machines of the #Neptune anti-ship missike complex on the #Tatra chassis look like:
*Command machine
*Transport and charging machine
*Mineral-U radar (not part of the Neptune complex, but will give targets for it)
#Ukraine #Military
There are no photos of the transport machine yet

This is how old transport car on a KrAz chassis looks like:
Cabins for old cars on the KrAz chassis were made by a private Ukrainian company "Ukrainian Armored Vehicles". This company is a manufacturer of armored vehicles such as Varta and Novator
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Europe is the third-largest region for crypto, although it has a high degree of fragmentation.

We created this guide to map the current state of the European industry and help founders explore top players and regulations that may shape the future of crypto in the Union.

Europeans believe cryptos are here to stay. And, there is a growing female user base.

A @Coinmarketcap report shows most of the new female entrants in 2020 came from European countries (58.55%), with Greece leading the trend, followed by Romania, Portugal, and Ukraine.

3.34% of French residents are estimated to own cryptos, of whom 67% are significantly wealthy, highly educated, and young.

The country has an innovative regulatory framework and its capital hosts large events such as the @ethcc and @PWBSummit.

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Natural #gas in #Europe. THREAD.

On Tuesday, #Russia's state-owned Gazprom did not book any additional gas transit capacity via #Ukraine for August 2021, for the fourth month in a row.

Gazprom opted to not book additional capacity via Ukraine even during the stoppage of gas deliveries to the EU during planned maintenance of Yamal-Europe and Nord Stream pipelines earlier this summer.
With supply of Russia's natural gas to the EU lower than usual, spot gas prices have increased to $484 per 1,000 cubic metres:…

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#NordStream2: What the German government will sell as a diplomatic success is a compromise at the expense of Ukraine & the climate. It starts with the fact that negotiations were conducted over the heads of Ukraine, against whom the project is aimed. /1…
Ukraine, Poland and other European critics of #NordStream2 are left to accept a fait accompli. The #Ukraine will be resigned to non-binding declarations of intent and financial consolations. /2
#NordStream2 was a geopolitical project from the start. It gives the Kremlin a free hand to increase political and military pressure on #Ukraine without jeopardizing the gas deal with the EU. The deal with Washington leaves this flank completely open. /3
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#NordStream2: Was die Bundesregierung als Erfolg feiert, ist ein "Kompromiss" zu Lasten der Ukraine und des Klimas. Es fängt damit an, dass über die Köpfe der Ukraine hinweg verhandelt wurde, gegen die das Projekt zielt. Das ist mieser Stil. /1…
Der Ukraine, Polen und den anderen europäischen Kritikern von #NordStream2 bleibt nur noch, ein fait accompli zu akzeptieren. Die #Ukraine wird mit unverbindlichen Absichtserklärungen und finanziellen Trostpflastern abgefunden. /2
Die Gasversorgung der #Ukraine soll gesichert, darüber hinaus in Energieeffizienz + erneuerbare Energien investiert werden. Die Summen sind überschaubar. Für die angestrebte Fortsetzung des russischen Gastransits durch Ukraine + Polen gibt es weder Garantien noch Bedarf. /3
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In opening comment, @POTUS offers condolences to #Germany for the deadly flooding.
Covered a wide range of issues in today's discussions with Chancellor Merkel, says @POTUS.
We'll speak up when we see #China or any other country working to undermine democratic societies, says @POTUS, also mentioning the sovereignty of #Ukraine and "Russian aggression."
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