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The reporting of Argentinia’s recent election is only the most current example of @BBCNews bias. In its articles they bemoan the loss of the right & spread fear over victory by the left.

But the @BBC will claim to be impartial.…

To further illustrate the bias & partiality of @BBCNews here is another article demonstrating the hand-wringing over defeat of the right & a totally obvious bias against the left... & Cristina Kirchner in particular. @CFKArgentina…

Andrew Gilligan reported to @BBCRadio on the @BBCToday program that the then UK government had “sexed up” a claim about Iraq’s since proven non-existent WMD & the specific claim that one could be readied to use within 45 minutes.…
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Wow Putin is scared. #Russia TV did one of their propaganda “exposes” to discredit @CNN reporter @clarissaward as a spy b/c she’s investigating Kremlin secret Wagner army. She even interviewed a mercenary. Recall 3 well-known Russian journalists were killed investigating Wagner.
.@CNN reporter interviewed a Wagner mercenary—#Russia’s secret private army he says "does anything Putin says" to boost Russian influence & suppress American. Same group that seized #Crimea, operates in #Ukraine, #Syria, #Africa. Kept secret to give Kremlin plausible deniability.
.@CNN reporter found out first hand about KGB #Putin’s #Russia. Doing a story on Kremlin-tied Wagner mercenary private army, @clarissaward was followed, filmed, had a guy go thru her hotel room, and became the subject of a Russian #disinformation attack video calling her a “spy.”
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#NellieOhr, wife of @TheJusticeDept's Associate Deputy AG #BruceOhr, handed her husband the “Manafort Chronology,” a dossier of research on former Trump-campaign chairman #PaulManafort in Dec 2016, according to @FBI docs released Aug. 8.

(Thread 👇)…
@TheJusticeDept @FBI Nellie Ohr compiled the Manafort report as part of her work for #FusionGPS. The @HillaryClinton campaign and the @DNC paid Fusion GPS $1 million to conduct opposition research on then-candidate @realDonaldTrump.
@TheJusticeDept @FBI @HillaryClinton @DNC @realDonaldTrump The revelation about the Manafort report is part of a batch of @FBI docs memorializing the bureau’s interviews with #BruceOhr.

@JudicialWatch obtained the docs as part of a #FOIA lawsuit against the bureau.…
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The #MuellerReport reveals #Russia's sweeping subversion of US politics. It's only a piece of Putin's larger war. Here's a new guide to Russian #ActiveMeasures in #Ukraine—testing ground for Kremlin #disinformation warfare in US & Europe. #SurkovLeaks…
"Russia’s activity in Ukraine is a reinvention of 'active measures,' a form of political warfare pioneered by the SovietUnion. The strategy [uses] ‘reflexive control’, a…Soviet technique to manipulate an opponent into making decisions leading to their own defeat"
Remember how ppl wondered how Russians knew about swing states?
"the Kremlin conducted painstaking research into the intricacies of Ukrainian daily life to understand the Ukrainian world view and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Then, using media, front groups…
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This is Ghislaine’s BOSS ...
repeat that until it gets through to you that EPSTEIN works for HER
2) Take a trip back in Time
“In July 1993, after Elson was grievously wounded by rival mobsters in a bloody shoot-out outside his Brooklyn apartment building, Mogilevich spirited him out of the country. Mogilevich then set up his Russian Jewish refugee friend”
3)”The FBI and Israeli intelligence assert that he traffics in nuclear materials, drugs, prostitutes, precious gems, and stolen art. “
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Guten Morgen! Heute wird in der Ukraine gewählt. Schon wieder? Ja, schon wieder - dieses Mal aber das Parlament. Ein kleiner Thread für Neueinsteiger, warum diese Wahl immens wichtig ist.
Ukraine hat ein parlamentarisch-präsidentielles System. Das Parlament, oberster Rat (Werchowna Rada) genannt, hat viel Macht. Die Vorrechte des Präsidenten betreffen v.a. die Außenpolitik und als Oberbefehlshaber die Armee. Innenpolitisch geht ohne das Parlament nichts.
Der neue Präsident Wolodymyr Selenskyj, Komiker a.D., durfte das bereits erfahren. Seit Anfang Juni im Amt hat das Parlament alle wichtigen Entscheidungen- Entlassungen von Ministern, Gesetzesvorhaben - blockiert. Deshalb hält er die vorgezogenen Wahlen für unumgänglich.
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#Italy police raid of neo-Nazi group linked to Donbass #Ukraine separatists uncovers huge stash of automatic weapons and a surface-to-air missile (!!).

Among the 3 arrested: Fabio Del Bergiolo, a former border security inspector and Senate candidate…
#pt Correction: air-to-air missile, not a SAM.

#Italy seizes 'combat-ready' missile and other advanced weapons during raids on neo-fascist extremist groups, as part of an investigation into Italian far-right help for Russian-backed separatists in #Ukraine…
Police in northern #Italy detained 3 suspects, including one linked to neo-fascist Italian political party #ForzaNuova, after uncovering a large stash of automatic weapons, an air-to-air missile and material featuring Nazi symbols
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#Italy's police operation on far-right militants in the north; an impressive amount of weapons has been seized, even an air-to-air (?) missile!
A #ForzaNuova member has been arrested.
Police is investigating on a network of people who fought in #Ukraine, #Donbass.
UPDATE: Police says Fabio Del Bergiolo (#ForzaNuova member) has been arrested after been tapped; he was trying to sell the missile for €470'000 to a "foreign government official".
UPDATE: #ForzaNuova says no party members have been arrested, the one linked to them (who once was a party candidate for the 2001 Senate election) is not anymore an associate for years according to Lombardia's coordinator Salvatore Ferrara.
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#Russie Alors qu'elle venait d'être libérée après avoir été interpellée sans raison connue cet après midi, #Lyubov, candidate au bureau local de #Moscou prononçait les mots "Je cours vers la liberté" au moment où elle a, de nouveau été arrêtée.
#Russia #Moscow #Putin
#Russie #LyubovSobol avait été placée en détention suite à 1 rassemblement pour les élections au bureau local de #Moscou
"J'ai le droit de tenir 1 réunion avec des électeurs" crie Lyuba alors que la police la traîne sur l'asphalte.
Elle sera arrêtée de nouveau à sa sortie
#Russie Lyubov #Sobol, politicienne de l’opposition, ne voulait pas quitter le siège de la commission électorale à #Moscou avant d’être autorisée à voter dans la ville en septembre.
Les autorités ont donc emporté le canapé avec elle pour la faire sortir de la commission.
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#Enron #BarrickGold #Bush41 #JoeBiden #HunterBiden #Ukraine
BUSH 41 stole GOLD. Adnan Khashoggi uncle to Jamal Khashoggi. ..
It's bigger than you can imagine.
original link to the article I just read you…
Adnan Khashoggi uncle of Jamal Khashoggi part of Gold Robbery
#Bush41 #BlackEagle 911. #WTC #Building7 #RUSSIA
Barack Obama 8 years was just a cover up while Real criminals Bushes, Rothschild and others mocked us. #BARRICKGOLD
Was James Comey part of Bush 41 fiasco of Barrick Gold too???
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In bombshell revelation, former Prosecutor General of #Ukraine suggests that member of #Ukrainian #Parliament ordered assassination by car bomb of Pavlo Sheremet. Sheremet was prominent #Belarusian émigré journalist & wrote for Ukrainska pravda in Ukraine.…
Court decisions suggested that prosecution investigated involvement of neo-Nazi led Azov regiment members in his assassination. Failure to solve murder of prominet #journalist in #Ukraine indicates cover-up, and ex-Prosecutor General of Ukraine openly admits that.
Based on its track record of #Ukraine coverage, Western mainstream #media is unlikely to report this bombshell revelation by ex-Prosecutor General that #Ukrainian #Parliament member, possibly linked to neo-Nazi Azov, is involved in ordering assassination of prominent #journalist
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@rlefraim wrote, "I REALLY HATE HYPOCRISY

#electionmeddling #internationally
#Hypocrisy #election
Yes, Russians tried to interfere in a US election in 2016, by using social media and by planting phony stories.
2) #Russia #socialmedia #phonystories #Hillary #HillaryClinton
If you look at what was planted, it is clear they wanted #HillaryClinton to be elected POTUS, because what was planted followed the left’s agenda of convincing the voters that Trump & the “right” was going to divide Americans & that #Trump was all sorts of #Negative things. 3)
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1. Dear Foreign Minister Lavrov, thanks so much for noting of my recent visit to #Georgia. I certainly don't oppose amicable relations between neighbors, but when your country occupies 20% of Georgian territory, is that really amicable? <cont'd>
2. I've noticed your country has been moving the occupation line deeper & deeper into Georgian territory, depriving #Georgians of access to their farms and livelihood. Is that how you normalize relations? (NB: I see you're trying this in #Ukraine too).…
3. Also, I read that in February your deputy, Mr. Karasin, threatened Georgia with an ultimatum stipulating it either abandon Euro-Atlantic integration or "unpleasant surprises" await. Is that standard diplomatic language for normalizing relations?…
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Jun 21/19 FBI searched the home of the chair of the Washington, D.C., transit authority, days after he announced his resignation over an ethics violation #ButNothingIsHappening @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @CarrollQuigley1 @SeekerOTL @DawsonSField…
@BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @CarrollQuigley1 @SeekerOTL @DawsonSField Graham McHugh Resigns as Carpenters Union President Citing Mistakes…
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#BREAKING #MH17 crash investigators (JIT) announce murder charges on notorious Russian FSB colonel Igor Girkin + 3 others for ordering Russian BUK missile to fire on civilian plane that killed 298 people in July 2014, early in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…
Instrumental in making critical breakthroughs in #MH17 crash investigation, @Bellingcat details what Girkin, Dubinsky, Pulatov & Kharchenko did to earn the title of first murder suspects JIT will prosecute for 298 murders… #Russia #Ukraine #JusticeForMH17
@bellingcat For 5 years #Russia's propagandists have denied responsibility for downing #MH17 w/ the now familiar #disinformation ad absurdum blitz. Today's @JITMH17 murder charges prove objective facts DO exist, truth CAN be known. May this be another nail in the Kremlin #propaganda coffin.
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Parkhomenko was in trouble for his role at Ready for Hillary following multiple FEC complaints, including illegally coordinating with Clinton’s official campaign and paying more than $135,000 to Friends of Hillary for the one-time use of an email list.…
The complaint was dismissed in 2015 in a 3-3 split decision, with the FEC’s three Democrat-appointed commissioners voting to OPEN A PROBE and three Republican-appointed voting to…
Ready for Hillary became the subject of yet another complaint in 2015 alleging additional illegal coordination with the campaign that was also dismissed in a split vote in 2019.…
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1/ @Leshchenkos,

You spoke to @censor_net about some topics, including @RudyGiuliani, Manafort, Pinchuk, etc.

You mention that you are interested in dialogue.

We chatted before: Are you interested in understanding why some of your answers are not very good/incorrect?
2/ You mention that received secret accounting documents ('Black Bookkeeping') that implicate Paul Manafort. You state you got them anonymously by mail. The U.S. has "Rules of Evidence' (see…).
3/ You will not understand the Rules of Evidence. They show what a court can consider & cannot consider: Good versus Bad evidence. In your situation, a U.S. court would never allow you to testify about the contents of the 'Black Bookkeeping' or accept it as proof of any crime.
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Like what she and her friends did about Benghazi (2
#Pelosi #Benghazi
Like What they have done to hide Hillary Clinton's illegal server and obstruction of justice by destroying evidence. 2) #HillaryClinton
#ObstructionOfJustice #illegalserver #bleachbit #destructionofevidence
Like how Obama colluded with Russia by promising he would be more flexible after reelected - in exchange for what, we can only guess. #Obama #Russia #flexibility
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#Ukraine and Republic of #Georgia changed #rulesoforigin in their trade agreement. They replaced the existing ones with rules identical to those used in Europe’s origin cumulation zone known as the Pan–Euro–Med (PEM) /1…
PEM allows for cumulation of originating materials between countries within the zone. Meaning firms can treat materials from PEM members as their own when exporting to other PEM members (conditions apply). This change will allow the Ukraine/Georgia #FTA to work under PEM /2
Once ratified, "Ukrainian producers will be able to import raw materials and components from Georgia, recycle them in Ukraine and export them, for example, to Germany with Ukrainian certificates of origin with zero or preferential duty rates" /3
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What we see in #Ukraine today is that people don't want to believe what they see with their own eyes, and what they hear directly from #Zelensky. The mix of people's hopefulness and Zelensky's #populism is blinding them to reality.
There is clear evidence that #Russia-connected #Yanukovych era power brokers have influence in #Zelensky's power vertical. Yet people pretend either that this isn't happening, or that it is not relevant, and will not impact Zelensky's presidency.
#Zelensky's inaugural speech echoed several RU propaganda narratives:
-#Kyiv is "responsible for continuation of war
-Kyiv "neglected RU speakers"
-Kyiv "abandoned people in occupied UA"
-"#Ukrainian is divisive factor in UA"
-"post-Maidan govt was the biggest problem in UA"
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Brilliant EG points out:

BEFORE THE INAUGURATION: FBI, NSA, FinCen, DNI, & DOJ opened probes into possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump

In 2016 & 2017 Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump & Kushner accts & prepped SARS & reported same to DB execs.

Deutsche Bank ignored staff concerns & failed to file the SARS with FINCEN, which reflects the bank’s lax approach to 💰💦 laws

Some of the transactions involved 💰 flowing back & forth w/ overseas entities or individuals, which bank employees considered suspicious

And said it was part of a pattern of the bank’s execs rejecting valid reports to protect relationships with lucrative clients.

Trump Org currently has “no operating accounts with DB.” She did not respond when asked if other Trump entities had accounts.
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#AttorneyGeneral Barr is working to review the techniques used to investigate Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Here are 10 key questions that remain to be answered in the scandal that has become known as #Spygate (Thread 👇):

Commentary by @JasperFakkert…
1. What was the role that @CIA and John Brennan’s ‘Interagency Task Force’ played?

Former CIA Director Brennan admitted that he passed intelligence received from the #UK on the Trump campaign to the @FBI with the intention of having them investigate it:
“It served as the basis…
… for the FBI investigation to determine whether such collusion [or] cooperation occurred.”

Notably, Brennan met with then-head of the #UK #Spy agency @GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, in #Washington in 2016. The meeting was unusual, since Hannigan’s US equivalent…
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"Endgame" -- May 11, 2019
Operation Disclosure…

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)
The Earth Alliance's plan to collapse the fiat debt-based financial system is nearly complete.

These plans were in the making after the events of 9/11 and were set in motion after the collapse of 2008.
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