(🆚) BREAKING NEWS: This is big. A new exposé at PROOF reveals that the ongoing Arizona ballot audit is an extension of the January 6 insurrection, involving the same plotters and goal—toppling Biden's government. I hope you'll subscribe, read and RETWEET. sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
1/ We *know* the insurrectionists who were part of January 6's "plotter" class of prospective federal defendants. We know their movements; we know their agendas; we know where they put money and resources. The same characters have now appeared in Arizona, seeking a "domino" play.
2/ These insurrectionists believe that if *any* irregularity can be manufactured in the current Arizona audit—of any size, scope or plausibility—they have the ear of the former president, and he'll immediately declare that "proof" of a rigged presidential election has been found.
3/ And Trump has already declared that whatever happens with this effort in Arizona, it will be matched by identical efforts in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and possibly elsewhere. But Trump and his team's plan could produce more insurgent violence.
4/ The characters behind 1/6 and its aftermath—the still under-reported "martial law plan" phase of the insurrection, that lasted from 1/7 to 1/20—include the following (a non-exhaustive list):

▪️ Ali Alexander
▪️ Michal Flynn
▪️ Sidney Powell
▪️ Michael Lindell
▪️ Patrick Byrne
5/ What many don't realize, and this PROOF exposé adds to the narrative—among much else—is that for a key player in the DC and AZ insurrections, Ali Alexander, this is war. And with the discovery of a key post-1/6 interview, we now know it's both a "civil war" *and* a "holy war."
6/ We have insurrectionists like Alexander who are threatening violence if they don't get their way in AZ and elsewhere—a problem, as they're not going to get their way.

Others—like Mike Lindell—are promising Trumpists that Trump will be reinstalled in the White House by August.
7/ Too many Americans see the insurrection as sad—the same thing they said pre-1/6. Then the U.S. Capitol was attacked, plots to murder Congress were unfurled, five died, 130 were injured, martial law was discussed in the Oval Office. It's time we take what's happening seriously.
8/ Trump doesn't need to—and isn't going to—overturn the vote in Arizona. But as this exposé reveals, the Arizona audit *isn't intended to change the results*. It has developed methods—including the possible destruction of ballots—to deliver to Trump what he wants: a tally shift.
9/ Trump has also used—in his bizarre "patio rant" (see article for link)—events in New Hampshire as proof of a "rigged" election. What happened in New Hampshire? We don't know. But in Windham, a recount changed tallies and Trump quickly seized on it. That's his plan nationwide.
10/ This PROOF article establishes the connection between the Trump campaign and the Arizona audit in a way no other reporting has, situating the audit as a *direct* result of Trump and Stop the Steal's intervention, *not* merely something the Arizona GOP cooked up to please him.
11/ This matters. If these fake audits aren't just state legislators trying to please Trump but a coordinated effort by Trump and his donors, agents, allies and associates to continue the fight Trump started on 1/6—which focused on state legislators—it's part of the insurrection.
12/ We mustn't forget that that's what 1/6 was about: Trump insisting the Electoral College ballots that elected Biden be "sent back to the states" so they could audit their 2020 tallies. Trump failed in DC, so now he's taking his insurrection state-to-state, starting in Arizona.
13/ Right now there's no whole-of-government approach to the ongoing domestic insurgency. The FBI and DOJ appear to be exclusively focused on foot-soldiers, leaving the January 6 plotters—like Byrne, Lindell, Powell, Flynn, Alexander, and others—to move Trump's insurrection west.
14/ What's happening in Arizona is a result of the continued underestimation of the danger Trump poses to America. Until he and his insurrectionist donors, aides, allies, and associates—i.e. the subset of his team that's insurrectionist—is facing consequences, this will continue.
15/ If you—or anyone you know—still doesn't get it, play out this hypothetical:

1⃣ Biden won AZ by ~10,000 votes.
2⃣ The Maricopa (AZ) audit is a fraud.
3⃣ It'll be easy for Logan and his team to issue a report suggesting "fraud" changed the AZ result.
4⃣ What would happen next?
16/ Arizona has one of the most (para)militarized pro-Trump voter bases. The most committed pro-Trump paramilitaries—e.g. the Proud Boys—are in Arizona (along with a few other states, like FL, MI, OH, and NC). If Trump convinces them an "audit" shows he won Arizona, what happens?
17/ What sort of "protest" do you imagine might descend upon Phoenix, Arizona—involving pro-Trump paramilitaries from across America, led by the infamous Arizona Proud Boys—if Trump declares that an audit has "proven" that fraud stole Arizona's electors from him? We already know:
18/ Sure, there's a *chance* it wouldn't happen, but what *steps* are being taken by the FBI, DOJ, or other elements within the federal government to ensure that this fraudulent Arizona recount isn't—as Trump has already publicly implied—a prelude to another insurrectionist riot?
19/ I worry that there's a *chance* we'll all be on Twitter a month from now saying, "Boy, who would've imagined that that AZ 'audit' funded by insurrectionists would lead to an attack on the AZ statehouse in Phoenix—and that then the insurrection would spread to PA, MI, WI, GA?"
20/ PROOF will keep covering the insurrection—via thousands of major-media links, exclusive curations, and breaking news—until it's over. If you want to stay informed about this ongoing threat, the only media outlet near-singularly focused on it is here: sethabramson.substack.com
(UPDATE1) Folks may wonder about the "UV lights" component of this PROOF article—see my pinned tweet—by way of wanting more info than is already provided. I can offer up a piece of information that's important but still wasn't able to make it into the article (for space reasons).
(UPDATE2) When asked about the use of UV lights, the response from the Logan/Bennett duo was that the "Cyber Ninjas" were looking for "watermarks" on ballots to confirm that the ballots were authentic.

Just one problem with that: Arizona *doesn't use watermarks on its ballots*.
(UPDATE3) When told that their excuse for using a technology that could *destroy Arizona ballots and alter the vote tally* was nonsense, the Logan/Bennett duo came back with something about checking the "weight" of the "paper" used for the ballots. No one knows what that's about.
(UPDATE4) Why does it matter? Because I haven't found a major-media source yet which—on speaking to elections experts of any political persuasion/background—can justify the use of potentially ballot-destroying UV lights to analyze ballots. Unless the *goal* is to destroy ballots.
(UPDATE5) Moreover, as the article notes, Trump—who we now have reason to believe may be directly behind the audit—is *especially* interested in the UV lights. Again, the *one part of the audit* with no evident purpose but to destroy ballots and fraudulently alter the vote tally.

• • •

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(PROOF) Coming to PROOF in the next 24 hours: an exposé on the *insurrection* in Arizona. And yes, that's exactly what it is: a continuation of January 6, with the same players and aims. If you want to see the article when it drops, you can subscribe here: sethabramson.substack.com
PS/ I can't even tell you how angry this coming PROOF article is going to make people. If you don't have a sense of what's happening in Arizona—and candidly, even if you do—this deep dive reveals things that make this more than a mere "fraudit," but an actual act of insurrection.
UPDATE/ I've finished and am editing the article. It's...crazy.

I'm not just saying so.

The article now involves the man behind the Arizona audit calling Biden the antichrist and declaring a holy war that will usher in the Biblical end-times. And he suggests violence is coming.
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(PS) Part of my own reading of "curatorial journalism" is that the network of data has to be vast enough that if one node fails, the network survives. That's why the Proof books are 600 pages. That's why this feed uses long threads. That's why my Substack articles are so lengthy.
(PS2) That's also why I say that the natural venue for curatorial journalism isn't an hour-long TV show but linked digital articles, as you might find on Substack. Those who read PROOF understand it's not actually a series of articles...it's a *network* of interlaced data points.
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What results is a network of information whose individual nodes are transparently offered and can be *traced and assessed*.
But even as Oliver is issuing a coherent report on Carlson, you'll notice that it's all "metajournalism"—he is exclusively using information produced, published, and originally disseminated by others. He is not claiming to have any sources and he is not conducting any interviews.
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I understand some folks want me to stop pointing out that I published a bestselling 600-page book on all of this eight months ago but I'm afraid that's not going to happen because I worked my ass off on the book and it has 5,000 fact-checked sources

Link: amazon.com/gp/aw/d/125027…
I want everyone to imagine what would have happened if Donald Trump had won the election with major media having ignored a 600-page September 2020 book on Giuliani's crimes—even as DOJ, under Barr, was also covering up those crimes—and then we just found out about all of it today
I don't have a PR team or allies in media, so when I have a 600-page book on the crimes of Trump/Giuliani two months before a presidential election there's nothing for me to do except talk about it so obsessively on Twitter I get briefly shadowbanned by Twitter (yep, it happened)
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30 Apr
PROOF began in January with me accusing 3 state GOPs of being insurrectionist entities: AL, AZ, FL. Now the AZ GOP has hired a FL conspiracy theorist to count ballots as an AL man who told insurrectionists to "kick ass" on 1/6 is at Mar-a-Lago fundraising for his Senate campaign.
PS/ Americans need to understand that it is *not coincidence* that the FL GOP is pushing for the corrupt Ron DeSantis to run for POTUS and that Mo Brooks the insurrectionist is now favored to become Mo Brooks to the AL senator. Certain state GOPs are now insurrectionist entities.
PS2/ My point is that news stories that right now media *isn't* networking must be networked.

It's not, "Oh! An odd thing happened in AZ!" and then "Oh! An unrelated odd thing happened in FL!" and then "Oh—in Alabama now!"

These 3 state parties are insurrectionist institutions.
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