I make $700/week by affiliate marketing on Twitter.

Want to do the same?

Follow these 5 Simple Hacks and start paying your bills with Twitter:
#1 - Quit trying so hard

One of the most important things I teach my students is to stop trying so hard to SELL..

People HATE being sold to, and they can smell it from a mile away.

(Here's the correct way to sell..)
If you want to make a ton of affiliate sales, you need to be as LEAST-salesy as possible..

- Be casual.
- Make promotions subtle.
- Maintain the flow of conversation.

No one is going to buy from you if you spend the whole time hard-selling them.

(Nobody likes a pushy-salesman)
#2 - Provide value upfront

Person A: Talks back & forth with you for an hour and answers your questions for free.

Person B: Acknowledges your questions & tells you to just buy their product to get the answer.

- Who are you more likely to pay for coaching from?

* Person A.
The lesson here is that you must establish trust/credibility..

No one will buy from you if all you do is sell.

No one will buy from you if they don't know you.

No one will buy from you if you have no credibility.
#3 - Sell what people are already buying

@creation247's "Create 24/7"
@PaikCapital's "The Agency Course"
@blackhatwizardd's "Cold Email Mastery"
@OneJKMolina's "The Molina Letter"

These products are on FIRE 🔥

People love them.
They're highly rated.
They're easy to sell.
#4 - Give people a reason to buy from YOU


You already KNOW @creation247's course is amazing because evvvvverybody is talking about it.

But what if I offered you my Affiliate Marketing guide for free when you buy through MY affiliate link? 👀

Now it's a NO-BRAINER.
If you can make an offer that people literally CAN'T resist..

You'll never have to worry about money again.

- Offer 2 months of coaching for free
- Offer to help them make their first sale
- Offer a complimentary product that makes the offer IRRESISTIBLE!

#5 - Have an audience to sell to

Don't have any followers on Twitter?

Bad News:
- You won't make a dollar without an audience.

Good News:
- It only took me 32 days to get my first 1000 followers.

Get Create 24/7 if you're ready to do the same: gumroad.com/a/198440051/oH…
Just to clarify..

I wasn't making $700/week from the VERY beginning.

I made $1500 my first 60 days
and about $1500/mth a few months after..

But as you can see:

- My earnings have slowly increased.

(this is last week's check)👇
You need to be consistent if you want to be successful here.

- Tweeting a few times daily
- Interacting with other accounts
- Making sure you don't give up after 2 weeks.

I don't lie when I say "Tweeting pays my bills" and it only took me a year to get to this point..
I highly recommend "Create 24/7" if you're ready to get started on Twitter.

👉 I'll even give everyone who purchases a FREE month of our coaching group when you purchase here:

*Just DM your receipt afterwards*
That's all I have for now.

This info provided in this thread has the potential to make you $100s per day and $1000s per month.

Follow me if you're looking for daily advice on:
- Wealth Creation
- Affiliate Marketing
- General Life Advice

Thanks again for reading,

- TG 🔑

• • •

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