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2 May, 3 tweets, 1 min read
"But after 5 decades of experiments & decline, there is some growth to be observed within the Catholic Church. Ironically, it is with Traditionalists joining the priesthood, entering convents, & attending parishes that offer the very Latin Mass that was replaced 50 years ago."👇
"The past 50 years have not been good ones for the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict saw this when he wrote, of the Novus Ordo, 'we abandoned the organic, living process of growth & development over centuries, & replaced it with a fabrication, a banal on-the-spot product.'"

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29 Apr
“St. Peter Martyr was a Dominican who preached against the Cathars. He was so effective that the Cathars hired an assassin who in 1252 killed Peter with an axe or large blade to the head. When he was struck in the head, Peter dipped his fingers in his own blood and wrote ...👇
“...’Credo in Deum’ on the ground as he recited the Apostles Creed before [his assassin stabbed him in the heart]. His assassin converted and is now venerated as a Blessed. Peter himself was canonized with blinding speed the very next year by Innocent IV ...👇
“...He is depicted in a Dominican habit with a big blade sticking out of his head [and a knife in his heart]. He is, therefore, invoked against headaches.”
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24 Mar
Pope Benedict XV: “Therefore, she redeemed with Christ the human race.”

Pope Leo XIII: "For in the Rosary all the part that Mary took as our co-Redemptress comes to us.”

Pope Pius X: “Mary has been associated by Jesus Christ in the work of redemption...”…
Pope Pius XI: “O Mother of piety & mercy, who as Co-Redemptrix stood by your most sweet Son suffering with Him when He consummated the redemption of the human race on the altar of the cross, preserve in us, we beg, the precious fruits of the Redemption & of your compassion.”
And in the Address to the pilgrims of Vicenza, November 30, 1933, Pope Pius XI said, “From the nature of His work the Redeemer ought to have associated His Mother with His work. For this reason We invoke her under the title of Co-Redemptrix.”
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23 Mar
“Has the discipline in the Church sunk so low that such a dubium [on blessing gay unions] could even be entertained by the CDF? How about a dubium on whether the Church has the power to bless ‘unions’ of couples living in adultery, or ‘unions’ of couples living out of wedlock?”👇
“The implicit premise is that ‘homosexual unions’ are entitled to a certain respect not accorded to adulterous/extramarital unions between male & female. But why? Why is there no talk of a ‘sincere desire’ to ‘welcome & accompany’ those involved in illicit heterosexual unions?”👇
“Yet again, in affirming what is true, Rome has gratuitously yielded ground it didn’t have to. So it’s gone for the past 60 years, with this slippage of position—lax rhetoric followed by lax practice that becomes endemic—contributing to the worst crisis in the Church’s history.”
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23 Mar
“When I finished my confession, there was silence. Nothing. I said, ‘Father, that is my confession.’ Nothing. ‘FATHER? Are you going to give me absolution?’ The priest then turned & put his face close to the grate & HISSED, ‘Why don’t you go home and KILL YOURSELF.’”👇
“I got out of there PRONTO. A custodian of the Basilica, called a ‘Sanpietrini’, saw this happen & came over to me & asked if I was okay. I told him no, & then told him immediately that the priest in THAT confessional (as I pointed) had told me to go home & kill myself.”👇
“The Sanpietrini didn’t even flinch, & said, ‘Yes, we get complaints.’ He CLEARLY had heard of this happening before. I told him we needed to notify someone immediately & asked who should we tell, & he replied, completely resigned, ‘No. There’s nothing you can do. Nobody cares.’”
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21 Dec 20
Abortion-connected vaccines do not suddenly become moral simply because some bishops oversimplify the Moral Theology down to “remote material cooperation“. And anyone describing those who see the immorality as “irresponsible”, in “dissent”, schismatic, or disobedient has no case.
Bp. Athanasius Schneider sees the immorality. Bp. Strickland sees it. No one is in any position to call them irresponsible, schismatic, or disobedient. And Fr. Ripperger has made clear why this cannot be passed off as mere “remote material cooperation“:

True Moral Theology states it violates the Principle of the Integral Good (in reference to Quid & the quality of the object of the exterior act, as well as Quibus Auxiliis). So, claiming it’s merely an issue of “remote material cooperation“ is insufficient. It’s too superficial.
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3 Dec 20
Fr. Ripperger on the vaccines:

“It’s an aborted fetal cell line, a part of the body belonging to a child which was robbed from him by murder. It is still part of his‘s his DNA, it’s his cell line, hence it must be buried. That’s the only way to fulfill justice …👇
“ ... the temporal distance [the number of years since the abortion] has no’re using it NOW. It’s an ongoing theft in relationship to this kid ...👇
“It still belongs to him [the aborted fetus]. It's his DNA. You stole it from him. This is how you got it & the fact that you've replicated it doesn't change the quality of the thing. That new cell which came from him, which ultimately belongs to him, still carries that quality."
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