I think Congress should slowly evolve into a secular alternative to RSS, conducting outreach and education on democracy, running actual assistance in crisis, encouraging a more secular culture and inclusive ways of celebration and so on instead of focusing on politics alone.
The party is going to need time to heal and rebuild and no one is stopping it from contesting elections, but there is a lot more to democracy and the Congress going back to the roots of its ethics and building itself from ground up right along with the country could help all.
Also, while @RahulGandhi is not a cutthroat politician and he may never want to be one, the manner in which he thinks makes him uniquely suited to lead such an evolution.

And after the destruction wreaked by the BJP, the country needs line of sight on what democracy ought to be.
@RahulGandhi I would happily support such an evolution of the Congress, and I suspect you would find an absolute avalanche of people who would want to be involved and rebuild from the fascist nightmare we have become.

• • •

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3 May
Union Govt and state govts need to appoing oxygen authorities who can be alerted about shortages and who should be responsible for such deaths if oxygen is not made available on time. And if there is no oxygen, Union govt should be prosecuted for lying in court and saying it is.
One year into the pandemic, WHY are we tagging half a dozen MLAs or private individuals or volunteer hashtags?

WHY IS THERE NOT A HELPLINE TO BOOK OXYGEN REFILLS if as the govt says, it is available?

Why are people dying because hospital oxygen supply is interrupted?
The inescapable conclusion is that there are sadists in power getting a high from desperate pleas on a daily basis that they can grant or not.

That is why hospitals have to remind daily that they need oxygen like it is news. And report shortages. And have people die.
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1 May
Today was a rough day for me. For some reason shit just hit me bad. Been over 10y of helping people over the internet, complicated things like figuring out where a victim of DV can go after allies first help her exit in a city I know no one from. But always, it had been POSSIBLE.
Even if I had no resources, I could contact someone who knew someone.... you had a team of samaritans willing to go find a woman, figure out how to extricate her, someone offering a home, till a shelter could be figured out, volunteer lawyers... not easy, but it could be done.
In this pandemic, it is an exercise in frustration. Someone had asked me for some assistance. I couldn't figure it out in time. By the time I had a lead, the person replied not necessary, patient had died.

In the meanwhile, on Twitter, hospitals were running out of oxygen.
Read 7 tweets
1 May
Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Official death toll: 2,259 Other estimates: 3,787; some claim over 16,000 long term.

Covid pandemic: official toll 2,14,535 and counting. Unofficially mant times that.

Government response? Not Modi's fault. Don't make Modi look bad. Don't be a cry baby.
While casual estimates of deaths in the Partition of india ranged around 1-2 million, researchers suggested that the actual number was closer to 200,000

Official covid pandemic deaths 2,14,535. Actual numbers many times higher.

Govt says? Don't be a cry baby
Total number of people killed in terrorist attacks in India since 1970: 19,866

Covid pandemic official death toll as of today 2,14,535 - This is people dying after testing positive for covid. Actual toll much higher.

Govt wants you to remain positiive.
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1 May
Twitter space: Covid anxiety and grief. Ad hoc compassion and support group twitter.com/i/spaces/1MnGn…
So we had this Twitter space as a kind of ad hoc support group for people going through anxiety and grief in the pandemic.

Some things I sensed from the overall conversation:

The government features prominently in personal feelings about the pandemic.
There is a sense of betrayal, of anger, disappointment, contempt at the behaviour of the government and of Modi in particular in the face of what is an insane calamity.

It was impossible for any of us to talk about our feelings without mention of govt.
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1 May
I am going to make a very controversial suggestion - FUCK VACCINATION STAY HOME.

We have limited doses of vaccines. Govt is busy with peacockery wants to showcase mass vaccinations - which are just headlines - no vaccines available.

Pandemic increasing fast. STAY HOME.
Right now, people are leaving the safety of homes to stand in queues and use up limited doses of vaccines.

STAY HOME. Let the doses of vaccines be used for those who MUST interact with people. Essential services, volunteer aid

As vaccines are available, we can vaccinate all.
I don't know how more people aren't seeing this. Cases RAMPANT these days. Vaccine centers have queues. Then to wait a while after vaccine. Chances of infection high.

Protection takes 2+ weeks at a minimum. Infection takes a few days. If you get both at same time...?
Read 4 tweets
1 May
Not a doctor, but here is how we are deciding this.

Current situation, no cases in neighbours:

I am 44, no comorbidities. I don't wear mask at home.

Mom is 70, wears mask (she is also a paranoid schizophrenic)

Maid is 72, wears mask when watching TV with mom. Not when alone.
Kid is 11. NEVER lets a mask stay on face. Therefore he hasn't been out of home at all during pandemic, but fine at home.

None of us have any comorbidities, there are no covid positive people around, SpO2 monitored. Always 99%. So no masks mandatory inside home. Up to choice.
If a covid+ case is found among neighbours, the old women wear masks indoors too unless alone in a room.

No one is allowed into home. Door is never opened without wearing mask.

When cases spike, maid uses double masks + face shield to go out. Mom never goes out.
Read 5 tweets

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