The Q: Into The Storm series provided enough information to uncover what happened in December 2017 to early January 2018 with regards to Q's moves on 8chan.

What happened revolves primarily around one guy, Paul Furber (BaruchTheScribe) & his board (CBTS).

Before we can discuss this episode, we need to discuss Q's move from 4chan to 8chan, starting on November 25.

Q's first post (230) on 8chan appears on /pol/, following an increase in claims of Q being a LARPer on 4chan.

Q then returns to 4chan and


posts 2 more times consecutively (231, 232) & then returns to 8chan /pol/ to confirm that the key is secured.

Q then migrates to the CBTS board on 8chan & returns to 4chan to post one final time (#240) to confirm the move.

In all instances, Q posts with the proper tripcode.

Q establishes a pattern of activity to confirm this move, relying on 8chan /pol/ as a temporary transition point and making sure to post on the old board (4chan here) and new board (8chan pol/8chan cbts) to confirm the move on each end.

From post #241 and onward into December 2017, Q would post exclusively on the CBTS board on 8chan (Furber's board).

On Dec 12, 2017, Q post #334 contains the pen that will be used to verify Q's identity later. This also appeared on the CBTS board.

A few days later is when the trouble begins. As covered in the HBO series, Paul Furber disables the tripcode, thus making it impossible for Q to verify themselves on his board. Q doesn't seem to know that, but does assume that the board is compromised somehow.

In the third screenshot above, we find that in the attached image, the field where the tripcode would be entered is completely missing. Q literally cannot verify themselves.

So, Q switches to 8chan /pol/ and notifies the board of the problem, as seen in screenshot #4 above.

Q then issues the following promise/threat on the CBTS board, while linking back to the post on /pol/:

As seen above, there is no problem with entering the tripcode on /pol/. The problem only exists on Furber's board.

While Q can surely only guess why that is, Q may be thinking that someone is trying to shut them down. Whether that be a hack or a bribed board owner or

any other number of possible explanations that may be running through Q's mind. Q had previously indicated that they thought they'd be targeted, and this sudden and unexpected change to the board certainly would appear to confirm that belief.

Q decided to change their tripcode in response to this development on CBTS, which will come into play later.

And Q used an interesting pattern to confirm the change, which was similar to how Q confirmed the board change. Q announced the change, then alternated between

the new tripcode, then switched back to the old code to confirm, then switched back to the new tripcode to confirm again. This is much like how Q switched back and forth between 4chan and 8chan to confirm the move.

The CBTS tripcode field eventually does get restored, but Q is now on high alert.

This is the context which applies to both the choice of updated password and the following message to the Board Owner (Furber) & mods. And they know the proper context, as seen in the reply.

Q seems to have guessed that the board owner or the mods tried to shut them down and it wasn't a hack of any sort. There surely would have been an announcement of a hack by that point.

This is why Q is saying, "My apologies" there. Q figures that they must be feeling a bit

unappreciated & perhaps overburdened due to Q's presence on the board. And Q's essentially saying "I will make it worth your while," which seemingly did not convince Furber that it would be worth his while.

Because a few days later, there were more tripcode issues on CBTS.

Early the next day, the problem was resolved. Now if the first incident didn't have Q on high alert, this second one surely did. Especially since Q gave assurances that it would be worth their while but it happened again, anyways.

In the documentary, we find that Furber was trying to convince various folks that Q had been replaced by a fraud. He convinced Corsi briefly & he apparently convinced Coleman Rogers (Pamphlet Anon) of that for a little while. He is the primary point of origin for that claim.

I do not have the exact timing of when he started pushing that, but it had to have been during the period where he was trying to prevent Q from being able to post, whether before or after this post that he put out.

Read it over carefully. He is clearly trying to hijack Q.

Furber disabled all CBTS users ability to post with a tripcode on Jan 1st, 2018 and then claimed that if Q had more information to pass along, it would be relayed by Furber. He even tried to write like Q.

But Q already had a plan, using their "Future proves past" trick.

On the 4th of January, Q posted anonymously on the CBTS board with their unhashed tripcode. "Matlock."

Q then issued a vague post on /pol/, using their trip.

Q returned to the CBTS board, linked to the post on /pol/ & announced that their routed IP would now be fixed to CA

This is why Q's IP address stopped changing, because it would now act as an additional way for Q to be verified.

And this is why Q updated their unhashed tripcode from Matlock to M@tlock! after the first tripcode lockout in mid-December. See: "Previous pw was let go" above.

Furber had tried to set it up so that he could seize Q's identity, by blocking Q from using a tripcode. The only one who could resolve this was CodeMonkey, because he was the only one further up the chain who could dispute Furber's claims.

"I suggest the /cbts/ board owner

re-enable trip codes . . ." as seen in the series.

There were only two real options. Either CodeMonkey lets Furber hijack the Q persona or he confirms that the poster is Q, by referring to the IP address and verifying that it is now fixed as described by Q.

Once this took place, Q migrated to /TheStorm/ board & then revealed that the unhashed tripcode had already been posted. It was "anticipated."

"Matlock meant to become PUBLIC." And this is why Q went from Matlock to M@tlock! because the leak surreptitiously confirmed both.

Q would also reconfirm with the pen.

And when things didn't go according to Furber's plan, he started trying to get thestorm nuked. Hard to write his planned book about the supposed original Q if original Q is still on 8chan, refusing to be nuked.

The tripcode is rather ornamental by this point. The fixed IP address is now Q's hidden tripcode, so even if someone tried to impersonate Q, it wouldn't matter, because they wouldn't know the exact IP address.

The tripcode is helpful for those who can't see the hashed IP, though
Addendum: If I'm being extremely generous, Q is reacting to what looks like a hostile takeover but only seems like one, due to multiple suspicious tripcode disabling instances plus a very poorly worded post by Furber on January 1st, combined with Furber's conspiracist mindset.

• • •

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