Do you want me to do thread on how I discovered Ryan Knight's sick dog GoFundMe was a scam?😇
I guess that is a yes!😂

I promise this is one wild ride, so get a drink and some popcorn...
First, I noticed Ryan Knight tweeted the same photo of his dogs every few months for approximately seven months. It's not damning information, but I thought it was odd a dog lover with multiple dogs was recycling the same photo... ImageImageImage
Then I found a tweet from Ryan Knight talking about his children (dogs), but he doesn't include Rugby. Someone mentions four dogs, and Ryan tells the person Rugby isn't pictured. So after recycling the same photo multiple times, now the new photo excludes Rugby... Image
March 2018, Ryan Knight tweeted about Touie & Trillie, and he tweeted about proper pet protocols for United Airlines. Approximately six months later, he tweeted the exact photo again about packing your pets during a hurricane. Still no Rugby... ImageImage
After months of not tweeting about Rugby, Ryan Knight suddenly tells his followers Rugby has "severe pancreatitis." In another tweet, he asks his followers to donate to his GoFundMe to help Rugby... the dog Ryan Knight barely tweeted about... ImageImageImage
Two days later, Rugby is back home with his dads recovering! GoFundMe helped another family in need, and Rugby is on the road to recovery. Nope... Take another sip of your drink, and another handful of popcorn, because here is where it gets good... ImageImage
Now Ryan Knight is keeping everyone updated. He took two pictures of Rugby in the back seat of their vehicle on different days. Ryan even enabled the location feature to let everyone know he was at the Best Friends Animal Hospital. Wait for it... lol... ImageImageImage
Of course, people wanted to know how Rugby was doing, and Ryan Knight was happy to reply... to specific accounts. Strangely, nearly every account he responded to was eventually suspended... 👀 ImageImageImageImage
And what about the other accounts? The tweets were deleted by the tweet author. So either the accounts were suspended or their tweets were deleted. Why? It was a harmless GoFundMe. I was only able to find just one surviving account and tweet that included a reply from Ryan... ImageImageImage
After 2/28/2019, Ryan never tweeted about Rugby again. No photos, no updates, nothing. It was like Rugby never existed until I tweeted about Rugby and the scam. Ryan replied to me and claimed Rugby was hospitalized for seven days. The GoFundMe stated five days. Whoopsie doodle... ImageImageImage
Conclusion: Pet owners who tweet about their pets don't recycle photos; they have hundreds of photos to choose from. Furthermore, a pet owner would remember how many days his pet was in the hospital, especially since he raised money to pay for the vet fees...
And what the hell happened to Rugby? Why did he stop tweeting about Rugby just weeks after asking his followers for money? Even after I brought it to everyone's attention, he didn't tweet a recent photo. Several of his followers asked him to tweet the receipts; he ignored them...
Lastly, what is up with all of the suspended accounts and deleted tweets? Why did Twitter delete multiple accounts asking about Rugby? Maybe it was just a coincidence, but every account except one was suspended or their tweet was deleted.🤷🏾‍♂️
PS: I wouldn't be me if I didn't point out Ryan Knight changes the spelling of his dog's name multiple times. Tooey and Touie.👀 ImageImage
Someone asked me why I didn't mention the 2 different hospitals. Best Friends Animal Hospital vs True Care Animal Hospital. If you followed me long enough, you would know I leave little clues to keep it interesting. That is why I tweeted about the name of the hospital.
I know the wording of the GoFundMe and the date of his tweets can support his claim of 7 days, although, in one tweet, he tweeted six days. Here is the thing, until 12/20/18, he never tweeted about his dog being sick or in the hospital. He never even mentions his dog(s)...
So he goes 5 days with his dog being in the hospital, and he never tweets about his dog being sick until the day he asks for money? The same day the GoFundMe was created?

Look for yourself:…
Yikes! I just realized he also changed the name of his other dog Trilly to Trillie. A dog owner that can't remember the spelling of his dogs names?! Um... WTF?!👀 ImageImage
🚨UPDATE: Ryan Knight finally tweeted the receipts for Rugby. What do you notice? Look carefully. LOL... ImageImageImageImage
I have some of the smarted followers on Twitter. You guys never disappoint me!😍❤️
Let's start with the obvious. The age of the dog changes in just a few days. ImageImage
Three of the medicines the vet prescribed for Rugby expired in 2001. Um... what? Image
The invoice shows Rugby was in the hospital for 5 days, and not the 6 or 7 days Ryan claimed.
The amount doesn't come close to $10,000 Ryan claimed he paid.
I honestly thought the credits would be what most people would notice first. Do you know where these credits came from?🤓 ImageImage
It appears the credits came from some sort of pet insurance. Ryan's own invoice shows he paid under $500 out of pocket. However, he raised $5,183 and he told everyone he paid $10,000.
So what did Ryan Knight do with all that money he raised? 👀 Image

• • •

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