Some great thoughts from Robert Anton Wilson

"The fewer resentments you harbor, the happier your life will be. Why are we all such fools as to ignore this obvious lesson, which a truly rational person would have figured out by the age of 8 or 9, if not sooner?"
“I think cheerfulness is one of the most important and least appreciated virtues in the world. Anybody can bring the room down by sitting around bitching and griping, but it takes real creativity to bring the whole room up.”
“We can only be sane and responsible if we stop looking outside ourselves for strength (Big Daddy or God) or for somebody to blame (The Devil). God and Devil are real, but inside us.”
“As Josiah Warren remarked, "It is dangerous to understand new things too quickly." Almost always, we have not understood them. We have murdered them and mummified their corpses.”
More scientists can be found alive today than in all past history. 65 percent of all humans who ever survived past the age of 65 live in our world right now [i.e., 1989]. Read that sentence again.”
“To deny dogmatically is to say that something is impossible. But to assert this is to claim, tacitly, that you already know the full spectrum of the possible. In a century in which every decade has brought new and astonishing
scientific shocks, that is a huge, brave and audacious faith indeed. It requires an almost heroic self-confidence and an equally gigantic ignorance of recent intellectual history.”
“Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently. Stupidity is blockage of this process at any point. Bigotry, ideologies etc. block the ability to receive...[and]decode or integrate new signals; censorship blocks transmission.”
"INFORMATION: as used in mathematical information theory , this denotes the amount of unpredictability in a message; information is, roughly, what you do not expect to hear."
“Very powerful forces have worked upon us, from birth through school to jobs, attempting to suppress our individuality, our creativity and, above all, our curiosity — in short, to destroy everything that encourages us to think for ourselves.”
“Humor is the only mental health technique I know that allows us to go on living in such a mad, mendacious, clandestine world.”
“Whenever you stop and reflect, “Maybe I just think or act that way because I’m a Cosmic Schmuck,” you become — for a moment — a bit less of a Cosmic Schmuck.”
"Opinions result from perceptions, and perceptions reinforce Opinions, which then further control perceptions, in a repeating loop that logic can never penetrate.”
“I don't believe anything, but I have many suspicions.”

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27 Apr
1/ New Infinite Loops with @OSAMResearch Partner @Jesse_Livermore drops this Thursday, April 29th!

Jesse: "I think the intrinsic value of an asset is what it's worth is in itself, from owning it for, for its own sake. I think a good way to test this is to just ask yourself for
2/ any asset or anything in general, anything, whatever it is, what would be the most that you would pay for it? If you were stuck with it forever?"

Next, we have Transactional Value which Jesse describes thus:
3/ "The transactional value would be the value that comes from the fact that there's this network of confidence in the market, that people have been doing this for hundreds of years and we know that when you wake up tomorrow, the S&P is not going to be at 500.
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25 Apr
1/🚨New Colleague at Infinite Loops🚨

I'm delighted to introduce you to my newest colleague at Infinite Loops: Vatsal Kaushik (@antilibrary_vk) who, in addition to being an incredibly talented man, demonstrates the emerging power of the Digital World
2/ Time, Space and Geography are collapsing--Vatsal lives in Bangalore, India, but that no longer matters in the digital world.

We've already established an easy working relationship via text, emails and Zooms. Yesterday, I marveled this would have been impossible just a
3/ few years ago, but one of the positives of the global lockdown is it accelerated trends that might have taken years absent our need to adapte.

It's now clear to me that geography no longer matters--if you have access to high speed Internet,
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14 Apr
1/ Book recommendation with a discussion of Optimism versus Pessimism, a thread, Part One

Nullius in Verba (take nobody’s word for it.)
2/ For much of human history, when someone wanted to figure out *why* something was the way it was, they often heard the same answer “The Gods did it.”

@DavidDeutschOxf, in his seminal book “The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Change the World” argues that’s
3/ why humans made so little progress over much of unrecorded and recorded history. Generation after generation were born, lived and died under the same “rules” and bad explanations such that one could conceivably be born 200 years after a great, great-grandfather and yet
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10 Apr
1/ My thesis that by externalizing our thoughts by writing them out, we:

~Understand if we understand or not (writing is a forcing mechanism);
~Quickly see holes or problems in our ideas that we wouldn't grasp if they just remained in our thoughts;

~Externalize our thinking in time such that our minds can't helpfully "update" our memories to make them consistent with what we know and think now (hindsight bias);
~Help us understand WHY we were thinking things at the time and remind us that our "memories" are unreliable
3/ narrators. There's nothing quite as shocking as truly thinking you thought something during some event and then being called a liar in your own handwriting.

This is vital for correcting our errors and updating our mental models. I simply can't think of any other easy activity
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2 Apr
1/An anecdote from this book, that shows us that while our memes are better, it's still the same script, just with different actors…
2/ Edward Harriman, a railroad baron and stock speculator, had a keen understanding of the power of human emotions in pricing a stock.

Asked if he could sell Southern Pacific, then trading at $70 a share for $80 per share, he answered: No, but he *could* move the price
3/ of the stock UP to $150 per share and then sell it DOWN to $100 per share.

When asked why, he said that a $10 move in the share price wasn't big enough to ignite the imaginations of stock investors, but that an $80 spurt in the price would capture everyone's attention
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28 Mar
1/ Book recommendation

This extraordinary book, like much of what it explores, is difficult to categorize, but if you read/view it, you will come away thinking that is a very good thing indeed.…
2/ Author/illustrator @Nsousanis liberates us from "Flatland" by fusing symbols, images, and language together in an almost magical way. He quotes S.I. Hayakawa: "We are the prisoners of ancient orientations imbedded in the languages we have inherited." There's a way out:
3/ "Text immersed in images" and "pictures anchored by words" allow us to escape from the linear world of Flatland into the three dimensional (and more) world of many nonlinear dimensions. The world we live in requires this reframing of thought, as it and we become
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