The gag gets objectively funnier with every second where you can watch/hear them be a mild annoyance with the ball. I'd watch a whole episode of asshole sea creatures volleyball. I might watch a whole show of asshole sea creatures volleyball
Big fan of NatsuNatsu consistently looking dumb with those in the background as they're getting beaten up
And finally, the English language is no more, this is a victory for all of humanity
Tropical Rouge's hilarious details aside, this was an important episode in Laura's arc, forcing her to make sacrifices for others

Though again, funny as hell that the Precure are getting pummeled to death and her sacrifice given equal gravitas is "swim a bit in stinky water"
Ueno episode and that means predictably great character art. This man is a machine that dispenses funny drawings
And it's not just funny faces, his variable lineweight can also highlight determination, pain, relief, you name it
Ueno redrew essentially every shot with drained NatsuNatsu, which are a great example of his range because they start all goofy but end up being a lot more nuanced expressions of someone whose soul's been removed still trying to stand up for her friends

• • •

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More from @Yuyucow

1 May
Keisuke Kojima was co-animation director on Slime 300 #04, even got Shun Enokido to help as a key animator. Action involving a bunch of 2D dragons on a modest TV production is impressive in the first place, even more so being able to imbue stylized designs with this much volume
Same thing applies to the character art here and there, the three-dimensionality in that hand shot is crazy good
Classic witch fighting techniques, such as dropping an axe kick so nasty your brain leaks out your ears
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23 Apr
Every week I point out that the number of parallels, recurring layouts, and reused assets (mostly BGs but some animation sheets too) between Dynazenon and Gridman goes way beyond any plain corner-cutting, and by the next episode they just increase them. This show's toying with us ImageImageImageImage
If there's a reason to believe that it'll have a significance beyond the cheeky nods, it's that Gridman already used repetition meaningfully to represent (un)changing relationships. Dynazenon's following that same path (same bus?), whatever purpose it has ImageImageImage
And they sure are driving the point home that this is the same world but much more mundane-looking, without the unnatural weather and visible looming threat of the kaiju - even though those are very much a thing over here too. Very interesting given the series' overall context ImageImageImageImage
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17 Apr
My weary brittle bones shatter just by watching a virtual person perform acts of physical prowess in between a lot of dancing
Cool to theme a 3D reveal around a dream and fill it with dancing & physical exercise, just to end with a deliberately cryptic sequence about how that likely the impossible dream of a child stuck in a hospital after an accident (which killed her mom too?)
But it sure looks like the doll that she protected even during the accident sacrificed itself for herself, potentially turning back time in the process... maybe!
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17 Apr
Umetsu's opening sequence for Bishounen Tanteidan feels like a spiritual successor to his iconic Soremachi one, just as fun and with the technical excellence to match the crazy list of animators he gathered
A production team specifically credited to The Umetsu Crew at SHAFT so remember to act extremely surprised when they reveal that he's directing an anime over there. There was no way to know. Not a single hint
It was hard to pick but I think these are the dancing bits I like the most. Fun performances with character specificity and the draftsmanship to support them
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16 Apr
Every episode of SSSS.Dynazenon goes so much out of its way to mirror Gridman's setting (same BGs & animation sheets even, adjusted to fit this world) that recycling alone wouldn't explain it. Either it's Akane's world or a deliberate ruse by the staff, both of which they'd do ImageImage
Whatever the link with SSSS.Gridman ends up meaning, Dynazenon is leaning hard on the original toku. The show has always drawn from Gridman the Hyper Agent #18: a lot of shared imagery and even Gauma's design, meant to evoke mummy wrapping - the villain/victim in that episode ImageImage
This week's episode reveals that it goes beyond those visual nods: their origins 5000 years ago, a tragic story involving betrayal, the fact that they came back looking for a woman... Makes you wonder how far the parallels will run ImageImageImageImage
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9 Apr
Dynazenon is still a very good standalone show on a moment to moment basis, and even more intriguing within the larger context of the franchise & all the toku and mecha properties it pays loving homages to. So easy to get drawn into it from either (or both!) angles ImageImageImageImage
The first episode of Dynazenon was full of mirrored layouts from Gridman. The 2nd one takes it a step further, with half the locations being slightly more down to earth (no one playing god) versions of Gridman settings. Are we in Akane's original world? Are they playing us again? ImageImageImageImage
Trigger is no stranger to the idea of recycling assets through different titles, but given details like Dynazenon's nods to Gridman the Hyper Agent, the "Gridman Universe" subtitle in the logo itself might be a very literal one
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