From the study:

Societies must not “shift blame for obesity to the individual.”

If that’s your starting point — if we mustn’t examine how individual choice has a bearing on individual health — then there’s no dialogue to be had.

The study becomes but a propaganda tool.
Curiously, the study ignores other communities that don’t struggle with obesity.

Asian American obesity rates are around 17%, for example.

Certainly they are a people of color that experience racism & are largely urban.

Odd that the authors mostly ignored that community.
Also ignored: Rural America has horrendous obesity rates across racial lines.

The reasons are complex, but data match my own rural experience: we eat too much, and unhealthy things.

We also stopped working our land. It’s a largely mechanized process now.…
Bottom line: We utterly disagree on the role of racism in explaining rates of obesity.

But I’d hope we would agree on this:

Obesity is dangerous. It affects virtually every family, regardless of color.

And it’s past time we encourage each other to eat better & start moving.

• • •

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24 Apr
There’s a path back to conservative victory in 2022 and beyond.

Democrats see it. And they’re very nervous.

Here’s what they see, how they plan to cheat — add more states! — and how the GOP can fight back.

First, the Left quietly acknowledges that there’s zero truth to support the Dem talking point that Trump / the GOP are racist or nativist.

In the 2020 election, nonwhite voters trended towards Trump / GOP bigly.

(+2% Black, +9% Hispanic, +5% Asian).
Why then did Democrats win the 2020 Presidential race?

Beyond electoral irregularities, the GOP lost some White voters, largely college-educated Whites, but also a critically small number of non-college educated Whites.
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18 Apr
Dear Joe:

One of the greatest risk factors for dying of COVID in America is obesity.

Yet here you are, failing to mention its importance.

And yet again, you fail to lead the nation.
It’s not a secret, Joe:

Big is Not Beautiful.

Being Big Kills.…
BTW, you care about black lives, Joe?

Kick your worthless VP in the ass and have her lead an effort to reduce obesity in communities of color.

They need it. We all need it.
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19 Dec 20
I’m at Day 10 following COVID diagnosis.

So far, so good (though miserable).

Here’s what I learned, and what I’m glad I did to make my sickness a little less awful & lower the odds I’d end up in the hospital.
There’s growing data that people who take daily Vitamin D, Zinc, and — oddly — Pepcid may do better once infected.

My doc suggested I increase my Pepcid dosage from once to twice a day after my diagnosis.

And so I did.…
I made sure I had a pulse oximeter next to my bed and, per my doc, checked my blood oxygen levels three times a day.

Any sustained measurement below 90% was an alarm to call my doc.

Pulse ox’s cost is about $40.…
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7 Dec 20
America’s greatest threats are 1) China & 2) the denigration of American Exceptionalism.

The China threat is clear.

The latter less so.

Let me explain.
We used to understand that American Exceptionalism was a recognition of our heroic past and an acknowledgement of the dark days that sometimes seeded it.

It was a commitment to thus learn & grow, using facts & reason to create a more perfect Union. Together.

Out of many, one.
The modern Left is waging war on that idea.

As best summarized by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, they believe that “America was never that great.”

This wasn’t a flippant statement. Theirs is a calculated stand, an unyielding attempt to reshape the national zeitgeist into hating itself.
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9 Aug 20
The NYTimes is out with another Trump Russia smear, with writer @DraperRobert making a wild claim:

The Intel Community has a source that is “100 percent reliable” who says Russia wants Trump to win.

Folks, that source doesn’t exist.

Here’s why. (Thread) Image
In the world of human intelligence, no source is ever “100% reliable.”

Sources go bad. For lots of reasons.

They lose their job, but don’t want to admit it.

They become double agents.

They unknowingly share information created by a hostile service. (Aka disinformation)
The most that an intel officer will say in describing their source is an assessment of their a track record **up to a given point in time.**

That includes a history of what vetting has been done on the source AND their info.

Even then, there’s never 100% certainty. Ever.
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10 Jun 20
Cancel country music & the military?

“The music,” @JM_Thompson writes, “retains a reputation as a genre made by & for white Southerners.”

The military should thus drop it from recruitment events.

I asked a USMIL recruiter — a gay Latino — for his response.

Here’s what he said Image
“That’s dumb.”

The USMIL uses different genres of music when trying to reach different recruits, he explained.

“All depends on place and market we target. At car races, we use pop and country, for example.”

“You mold to your market.”
So what does he play for prospective black or Latino recruits?

“I can play anything for that market. We do a mix of country / pop / Latin / hip hop.”

The gay Latino soldier added: “My people dance and get hyped to anything. Lol.”
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