I perfectly understand GOP figures saying “It’s time to move on” and urging a “spirit of forgiveness.” They’re in that most uncomfortable spot: having aided and abetted a coup d’etat that failed. Throughout history, a nasty place to be. They bet big and lost.
To shore up our democracy, we can’t look away. The most scrupulous investigation is needed to uncover the full story of Jan. 6th, and bring of the insurrection’s plotters and leaders to justice. The ‘soldiers’ are being rounded up, but we need the generals (@sandibachom).
I trust this is being pursued with all deliberate speed, but also know we have to remain riveted on the progress of the investigation and to continue to insist, loudly, that *all* who planned and led the insurrection face justice. Don’t look away. Don’t back off.

• • •

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17 Jan
Thread. Watching many videos of the insurrectionist strike at the Capitol, I’m struck by the frequency of bellowed cries of “This is *our* country !” and “This is *our* house !” A distinctly proprietorial refrain.
Also, a real sense of panic, of being at the last ditch: “This is our *last chance* to save our country !” What unites a full spectrum of white people in feeling that way ? What is the source of that panic ? It can only be one thing: race and multi-culturalism.
Trump welded himself to these people by overt appeals to racism and xenophobia. He appeared as a messiah to them because, for the first time, a President preached the racist gospel from our highest pulpit. Trump will live in their hearts as long as they remain racists.
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16 Jan
Re. “Extreme lengths.” Trump is in checkmate. He doesn’t have a move. If he incites more insurrection (at state level, most likely, given strength of force now in D.C.), and uses that to invoke the Insurrection Act, as My Pillow guy urges, what’s the upshot ?
The Act would enable him to deploy the state’s National Guard to quell the disturbance. A disturbance caused by his own people, incited by him, but let that pass for the moment. What would the situation then be ?
We’d have NG facing off w/ pro-Trump rioters. That’s it. The Act gives no further powers to install military government, oust elected officials or ‘pause’ the Constitution in any other way. It’s simply a riot control measure (last used in LA riots after Rodney King beating).
Read 4 tweets
5 Jan
The CEO of Foley & Lardner LLP is Jay O. Rothman, based in Milwaukee. Email: jrothman@foley.com. Tel. 414-297.5644. Mailing address: 777 East Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202-5306.
The Managing Partner of Foley & Lardner LLP is Stanley S. Jaspan, also in the Milwaukee office. Email: sjaspan@foley.com. Tel. 414-297-5814.
Members of the Foley and Lardner Management Committee:
1. Jeanne M. Gills, Chicago. jmgills@foley.com. 312-832-4583.
2. Steven R. Barth, Milwaukee. sbarth@foley.com. 414-297-5662.
3. Michael A. Okaty, Orlando. mokaty@foley.com. 407-244-3229.
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2 Jan
A lot of talk about 'expelling' GOP members, or 'not seating' them, pointing to supposed Civil War precedents. Here are the facts:
As war neared, and Southern states passed their respective Acts of Secession, most of their Representatives and Senators 'withdrew' from the U.S. Congress (voluntarily). What to do with their vacant seats was then hotly debated.
After hostilities commenced, and some Southern politicians who had *not* 'withdrawn' from the Congress actually took up arms against the U.S., they were expelled for sedition and rebellion.
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19 Dec 20
Re. "Our IC knows the score" (tweet below). There are going to be a lot of questions asked, when the Trump tragedy finally ends, about who knew what, when. LOTS of people, not just in the formal IC, know a LOT about the Trump-Russia pact, about Trump's TNOC connections, etc.
We all know about the importance of protecting sources & methods. We all know that flesh and blood people can be (and have been) endangered by disclosure of intelligence. But there's a balance to be struck.
I'm not out for scalps, but do believe we've got to have a full accounting of what's gone on. We cannot allow this passage of our history to be shrouded in mystery, to give rise to generations' worth of 'Who Killed JFK ?' conspiracy theorizing. We've got to lance it now.
Read 4 tweets
30 Nov 20
@TepiZep @PollyCHaag On TT payments, anything beyond the single digit millions that NYT reported he’s received over 5-10 yr period would be outside his contract with Dogan Group and I don’t see that as a feasible mechanism.+
@TepiZep @PollyCHaag On other possible mechanisms, you start with the fact that the Turkish presidency has a very large “dark” (not publicly disclosed or audited) slush fund, ostensibly to be used for secret nat’l sec purposes.+
@TepiZep @PollyCHaag You would also have to take notice of the complex network of offshore companies, revealed in the so called Black Sea papers, operated by members of Erdogan’s family and close associates.+
Read 9 tweets

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