Ted Cruz loves this.
I really liked this video. It made me smile the entire time.
Making butter by hand instead of replacing people with butter cannons and other machines is very trad.
Return to tradition.

• • •

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2 May
This is why we’re all gonna get microchipped one day with pacification inserts/dopamine feeders for “health reasons”, and it will be popular. The people will demand it because they don’t wanna be around potential mass shooters or racists.
This is what happens when you raise an entire generation of snowflakes whose social currency is victimhood, who do not value personal responsibility and free will.
I’m just using the term “microchip” loosely here. It’s not that sophisticated (comparably) to make an implant that releases certain chemicals in response to stress. They already sort of do that with the slow-release HRT stuff.
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1 May
Bill Maher thinks fiat currency has intrinsic value. What a retard.
I’m actually getting irate listen to him be IGNORANT about cryptocurrency. He sounds like all the clueless morons who said the Internet, Amazon, video games, and Netflix wouldn’t succeed.
Ha ha who would ever want to waste their time on this silly little thing called the internet, people want to go outside and not be in front of a screen all day am I right? iPhones? Please! All a phone is good for is ringing people up. No one needs a screen for anything.
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26 Apr
It must be really irritating for Greta that everyone accuses her of being a puppet with no agency or will of her own.
I can't think of anything more dehumanizing than denying someone's capacity for free will.
Being on the spectrum doesn't mean she lacks intelligence or takes any less ownership over her words and actions. I don't think even she appreciates it when her "allies" defend her by claiming she's disabled in some way, because she isn't.
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25 Apr
Anime is about as meaningful in terms of art as the stuff CalArts puts out for Nickelodeon and Adult Swim. It’s commercial. That’s all it is. They’ve just tricked you into thinking it’s cultured because it’s from Japan.
They got focus groups to tell the scriptwriter that adding the Tsundere personality girl to the character roster will increase viewership by up to 120 percent.
Midwits eat it up. Have your debates over the characters, it moves units. When I worked in the creative industry it was like, we don’t care, we’re making products to sell. The process is as soulless as it comes. Your favorite developers and anime directors are laughing at you.
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25 Apr
This is one ridiculous thread. Hey guess what buddy anime isn’t art. It’s a commercial product and you’re just as much of a consumer bugman as the “gamers” you turn your nose up at.
I’ve pissed off the people who masturbate to Japanese cartoons. That’s alright.
Why do people pretend to care so much about art? It’s okay to enjoy commercial nonsense. Just don’t delude yourself into thinking it’s anything more than that.
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25 Apr
Alex Berenson told me otherwise and I trust his journalism over your grief because he is daring to speak truth to power!
Sarcasm, by the way.
I think the worst part about Berenson speculating that Kaminsky died as a result of the vaccine is how he’s gotten thousands of people to legitimately believe this—some of whom are even attacking his surviving family as liars who took money from Bill Gates to lie about his death.
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