This is awesome, the CIA is almost taking credit for the narcissistic radlibs that infest the US left and summoning them home to base
The inspirational quote on the CIA diversity wall from the US/UK project Aung Sang Suu Kyi was just 👌 Image
*Aung San
The CIA and its cutouts have worked for decades to cultivate an anti-communist, pro-imperialist US left.

Ramparts exposed how the CIA infiltrated student groups in the 1960s.

In 2019, @BenjaminNorton and I reported on the trend’s latest iteration:…

• • •

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10 Apr
There would not have been so much suspicion about AOC's role if she had not previously branded harsh criticism by @jimmy_dore as "violence," or enlisted her campaign's supporters to report social media critics to Twitter & FB censors as "disinformation."…
All it took was one fabricated allegation to US Secret Service Police by a powerful exile lobby weaponized by the US gov't to trigger my arrest and jailing.

I suspect something similar was done to @queeralamode – and it will happen to others soon.…
What the US Capitol (Thought) Police did to @queeralamode was absolutely monstrous, and its explanation for targeting him is absurd.

I'm sure the Capitol Police effort "to build files," as referenced here by AOC, was only limited to right-wing racists, and not leftist critics.
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27 Mar
As the US military occupation of Syria deepens & Western sanctions spawn starvation & medical shortages, a group of Western-based regime changers publish another tired open letter attacking critics of the dirty war & implicitly endorsing intervention.

Thread on some signatories
The letter was first circulated by Gilbert Achcar, a UK Trotskyist who also clamored for a NATO no fly zone over Libya.

As @BenjaminNorton reported, Achcar covertly trained a British military unit alongside fellow signatory Helen Lackner.

True leftism…
Besides having been a paid contractor of the UK Ministry of Defense, Gilbert Achcar has flagrantly violated the Palestinian BDS call and Lebanese boycott by publishing his book, "The Arabs and the Holocaust," with Van Leer – an Israeli publishing house.…
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27 Mar
Look at this ethically deprived Nation staffer openly justify @aidachavez flagrantly ripping off my reporting without credit.

I was the lone US reporter to bring Nephew's writings to light.

The Nation not only leeched my story, Chavez used the exact same Nephew quotes as me.
Not only did @aidachavez quote the same passages from Nephew's 232 page book as I did weeks ago, she copied the screenshot I used.

And the Nation's @anastasiakeeley is proud of this ripoff.

A perfect exhibit of the decayed state of "progressive" media.
Hardly anyone in US progressive circles knew of Richard Nephew or his criminal confessions before I published this last September, which was rt'ed 920+ times. Nephew was even forced to respond to it.

This formed the whole basis for @aidachavez's article.
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15 Mar
By now it’s obvious that the byline of anarcho-neocon fabulist @areidross is a grave threat to the integrity of any journalistic institution.

But for a network of spooks, cops, and Kochs, Ross’ zealous smearing of leftists makes him a valuable asset.…
This smarmy, cop adjacent snitch has entertained a Travis Bickle-like obsession with me for years. He’s falsely accused me of causing a neo-Nazi shooting spree, and cites the ADL to brand me as an anti-Semite. He’s not the victim and no amount of contempt is enough for this punk.
The facts in our article speak for themselves. @areidross collaborates openly with DHS officials, a GOP politician, ex-NYPD intel & former CIA spooks while conjuring “red-brown” conspiracies. He also works with the ADL, which has spied on leftists & Palestinians for decades.
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12 Mar
Trump & Biden admins base their accusation of genocide against China on the bunk research of Christian extremist @adrianzenz

Here's Zenz on the show of anti-gay, Islamophobic @FRCdc Pres. Tony Perkins: "I was actually being prepared by God for this work."…
.@adrianzenz and Perkins are part of the same movement.

Zenz sees gender equality as satanic, calls homosexuality "one of the four empires of the beast" & equates socialism w/the Antichrist.

These views drive their campaign for regime change in China.…
“While activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. … It is a homosexual problem.” -@FRCdc's Tony Perkins…
Read 4 tweets
6 Mar
Eliot Higgins attacks me for giving an interview to CGTN.

So here's a document from the British intelligence contractor Zinc Network claiming his Bellingcat was dispatched by the UK Foreign Office to meddle in North Macedonia's 2019 election on behalf of the pro-NATO candidate.
Bellingcat was listed by the Zinc Network as part of a UK FCO "network of NGO's" that happened to have included the NATO-sponsored DFR Lab and the Institute for Statecraft, which was the front for the covert FCO-backed Integrity Initiative troll farm.…
While Higgins attacks me for merely giving an interview to CGTN, he seems to forget how the UK FCO-backed BBC helped launch Bellingcat.

At the time, Higgins was working with Allen Vanguard, a Canadian private intel firm that relied on gov't contracts.…
Read 4 tweets

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