Again, this is a logically consistent position for them to take. If differences in racial outcomes are widespread, persistent for generations, and resistant to all interventions, those differences have to be caused by *something*

If not racism... then what *is* the cause?
This is the Gordion knot multicultural liberalism has made for itself, and why it's doomed. It has no escape hatch, it either has to admit that yes, society *is* oppressing marginalized groups... or yes, turns out there are significant genetic differences between groups. Whoops
It can attempt to buy itself a little time by saying the differences are "cultural," but progressivism will just reroute this into a form of oppression

What, are you saying your culture is *better* than ours? How can yours be "better" when it's marginalizing everyone else?
And just to ironclad the point, if genes *aren't* the cause, then it must be society that's racist, one way or another: so if you deny this, guess what, that does make you a racist. They're right to accuse you of that, it would be illogical not to
Which brings you right back to square one: systemic racism is real, *or* genetic differences are real

Either one marks game over for the society you're trying to defend. Its contradictions have become too nakedly exposed to be brushed back under the rug
This is the huge hole in Lindsay-type arguments. Of course racial quotas are racist, yes eliminating standardized tests is hilariously insane. You've got 'em there
But what is *your explanation*? What science, logic, or narrative do you have to counter the oppressed/oppressor narrative, to explain why major racial gaps exist, but they're actually fine, it's no big deal?

Cause if you do think we're all the same, that sounds kind of crazy
In the cage you've put yourself in, you can't provide either a narratively satisfying counter or a logically consistent one.

This is a fundamentally losing position. Until you can square your own circle, you will always lose—until you decide to finally acquiesce, or win.

• • •

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30 Apr
This falls in line with nearly all the anecdotes I've heard about intra-family pressure campaigns to force everyone in the clan to get vaxed

I'm not hyper-skeptical of the vaxes, but the movement is driven hard by longhouse instincts and should be distrusted on that level alone
These campaigns aren't designed to convince reasoned opposition. They're designed to maximize the amount of people who will accept the propaganda

Once the elite Zoom call has embedded the message, the discussion is over. It can simply rely on its converts to enforce the message
Since this process hasn't actually won the debate—it deliberately eliminated the *possibility* of debate—people will continue to resist its fiats

Since resistance to regime rule is unacceptable, the next step is simple: declaring resistance illegal

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24 Apr
@chudsommeleir No I'm not a literal Nazi, I've just spent the last seven-odd years giving myself a Master's in Racist Studies

Lemme think for a minute about what I'd actually like to see tried. It would probably be something like "Singapore, but with a large rural hinterland"
@chudsommeleir Here's the thing (prepare for potential sperg-out, but you asked)

Dysgenics runs deeper than racial differences. It hits *all* races. So while denial of differences might reinforce the machine of dysgenics, it isn't the machine itself
@chudsommeleir The machine itself seems to be "liberation;" a skewed ratio of urbanites to ruralites; the cargo-cult of education; and probably mass migration too (more important than that they tend to be lower-IQ is that it almost certainly depresses native fertility too)
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21 Apr
Mayb this is well-known but the main thing people seem to be grappling with is that capitalism is the process of increasing centralization while Darwinism requires decentralization
For instance the Marxist end-goal of capitalism is full centralization (i.e. homogenization), which is why Nietzsche describes it as anti-life, because at that point there is no more Darwin involved. You have reached an "end state" (and, directly related, end of states)
Look let's not kid ourselves, there's a flaw in the Matrix here, where capitalism inevitability pushes itself toward the gray-goo state of full centralized homogeneity

All post-banking/Industrial Revolution ideological systems are an attempt to grapple with this problem
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15 Apr
Reminder that "irony" is, historically traced, pretty much the case of "being out of favor of the gods."

There is almost no irony in the Sumerian myths, or the Vedas, and only starting to emerge in the Homeric epics, or in the Germanic Beowulf etc
The Greeks certainly did, they had a grasp of it in Homeric times, and as they reassembled themselves, the Classical Greeks perfected it: to the point where the Romans created the first ironic novel, the Satyricon

In the "Dark Ages," irony was then dead for centuries
Even the irony of Beowulf was Greek in nature, an ironic falling out with the gods, until a fully unironic hero emerged to kill the demons of chaos. The banishment of dragons and monsters.
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14 Apr
Well it turns out the extreme risks of globalist liberal democracy is that it results in the gradual extermination of the very people capable of maintaining it.

Note how fertility rates crater every time civil rights are widely expanded. Global-liberalism destroys human ability.
The first three graphs show dysgenic fertility. They're all modern, global-liberalism in action.

The last one shows eugenic fertility during the Middle Ages: along with a transition period in the Industrial Revolution where the reproduction of human ability became flat
"Eugenics" is of course a hate-word, so let's replace it with a kind-word: "sustainable"

So what we see here is that cosmopolitan global liberal whatever is a non-sustainable devourer of human capital

Which means that the longer it persists, the worse the collapse will become
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13 Apr
With another round of BLM riots kicking off, just keep it in perspective that the odds of an unarmed black person being unjustly killed by police is now down to roughly 1 in 100,000

Over the course of a *lifetime*
To put it in perspective, the number of unarmed black people killed in bad police shootings each year is the same as the number of Americans killed by snakes (5)

More perspective: if you're a white South African farmer, you have a 10% chance of being murdered in your lifetime
You know how people use the phrase "struck by lightning" as paraphrase for "something that basically never happens"

According to, an unarmed black person is exactly as likely to be killed by a lightning strike as they are by police.
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