Misogynist is to Feminist as Racist is to ???
If we ONLY have a way of describing what the offenders of racial injustice look like, how can we possible hope to align ourselves with the forces of liberation?
Positive identities are necessary for positive change. They serve as transitional self-structures that we can co-inhabit.
Ex: One who is aspiring toward realization is often called a “seeker.” Finders know that seekers are missing the big picture, but the very fact that they’ve started to realize there is a bigger picture is a tremendous grace that needs to be named & nurtured.

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3 May
🧵 I try not to talk too much about crypto here, because it's a contentious topic inside the intersecting venn diagram of communities I take part in, but it's a pretty dang important topic.
To my crypto-maxi mutuals: Look I get that this is literally as big a deal as web 1.0 & web 2.0 were, in terms of the future impact on technology, society, consciousness, etc...
But what many of you don't seem to appreciate is that the foundation of our ecology is rotting out from under us in real-time and DLTs aren't going to save us. Neither will Elon, Technolojesus, conscious capitalists, or anyone else. We have to be our own saviors.
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3 May
Finders who can’t help seekers become finders, are missing the bigger bigger picture.
This is the top of the mountain curse. From way up there it seems like everyone should get this. This is a conflation of universal and the personal, and all it’s serving is the “enlightened ego.” Enjoy the fall, my friends...
And sadly, most people suffering from this curse aren’t even at the top of the mountain, they just think they are...
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2 May
Neil deGrasse Tyson shows his ass here big time. Like dude, do you even read the New York Times? God I miss Carl Sagan.
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19 Oct 18
The success of Meta-Organizations will be determined almost exclusively by their choice of governance practices. 1️⃣
Shared governance is what connects disparate organizations, that may have different purposes themselves, but want to connect in a meta-purpose together. 2️⃣
I expect simple consensus-based meta-orgs to fail horribly at growing and connecting nodal organizations in shared purpose. The "blob", as Michel Bauwens puts it, doesn't move quickly or integrate relevant data easily at scale. 3️⃣
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8 May 18
The #1 most common question I receive as a meditation teacher is: “How do I know I’m on the right track?” 1️⃣
When I first was starting out as a meditation teacher I answered this question by helping people recognize and move through the traditional state-stages of the early Buddhist meditative path (ex. The 16 stages of the progress of insight, the 4 paths, the 8 jhanas, etc.) 2️⃣
I quickly realized this was a sub-optimal way of teaching because: 1) Not everyone can easily move through the traditional state-stages and have success with this approach. 3️⃣
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18 Mar 18
1: I am utterly convinced that one of the most challenging complex emotions that we have got to come to grips with as contemporary practitioners (inside & out) is cynicism.
2/ For those of us who are self-identified skeptics (🖐🏼) it’s the thinnest and finest line toward being cynical. I confused & conflated the two for years.
3/ Skepticism is a state of mind in which we tend to question assumptions, pre-established authorities, and conventions.
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