i feel like liberals, who mostly avoid rw media, have no idea of the craziness they soak in daily that millions of our fellow americans truly believe. roving bands of antifa, cancelling disney cartoons on the behalf of powerful blm militias. *they believe all this shit*
liberals tell ourselves "they can't really believe that." and i am telling you they do. the politicians and right wing newsmakers are playacting, but the viewers/listeners 100% believe it. all of it.
when they vote republican they really and truly believe they are voting to stop antifa/blm thugs from ripping their cities apart and giving all of their jobs (and daughters) to "illegals." they. really. believe. this.
because these people represent millions of americans who vote and it affects all of our lives. theyre not hermetically sealed away from us.
the solution to this is to overwhelm the right. you're not going to convince them to stop thinking the way they do. be aware of what they believe, understand the threat has not receded a single inch, and realize that each person can promote stories, ideas, memes for liberals
its not just constantly telling people to "go vote" (imo too often offered up by liberals as *the* solution to everything). its being aware and making others aware, iow, building a culture. its not waiting on a liberal billionaire to fix it, but to act individually.
from my pov the liberal mindset is always that an election "fixed it" and then people slide away while the right is constantly engaged and then we're "surprised" when they never truly went away.
a lot of rw content is "look at these fuckers, check out our heroes" and i think liberals could stand to do that a lot more versus the constant drumbeat of "oooo wait until the election, we'll show them"

• • •

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this pro-trump idaho state rep used a newsletter to push a link that exposed the identity and photo of an alleged rape victim who spoke out against one of her fellow republicans (who resigned after the legislature found the allegation had credibility) americanindependent.com/gop-lawmaker-p…
after the alleged rape victim testified in an ethics hearing, right-wingers swarmed her and tried to take pictures and videos of her. one woman said she heard the alleged victim screaming in terror in the hallway of the legislature. americanindependent.com/gop-lawmaker-p…
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ive been closely following us politics for over 20 yrs now and i cant tell you how many times ive seen stories about the imminent collapse of the gop and liberals are always falling for it.
im cynical/weary/annoying cause i see cycles repeating again and again and there's never any group memory. im like dr manhattan for crap politics (without the blue genitalia)
it is 1999 and the gop is going to be wiped out forever
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this is the first time brian, who leads cnn's media reporting team, has ever mentioned on twitter what he notes is a "widely condemned" instance from a very high profile member of cnn's on-air staff. but oh well.
if someone on fox news or msnbc or one of the broadcast networks had said what santorum said, i doubt @brianstelter would have had that kind of radio silence.
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single and they both got billions to mingle
yo melinda. or bill. wazzup?
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In the criminal justice system, the men and women of the NYPD IT department fix the computers of the police who investigate the most heinous cases.

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"I have critical evidence on this hard drive but it's all mixed up with my vacation photos and the videos of my mistress."

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"There's your bloody glove and DNA sample."

"New virus out on the streets, the kids are calling it Onlyfandom. It attaches itself to your Onlyfans account and posts pictures of the target wearing boxer briefs."

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3 May
here to tell you liberals can get just as outraged about things as conservatives, points to a torrent of news stories about bushies circa 2000-2009 and trump 2005-present. but keep telling yourselves we're all a bunch of analytical vulcans.
liberals on my timeline: liberals just dont get as angry about things as the right, we're much more calm cool and collected.

"Trump insults X"

liberals: argh! argh! argh! i want to click it, i want to click it!
*re trump i meant 2015-present but you get it
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