1/ The China National Space Administration (CNSA) and Russian Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) recently agreed on the joint construction of an autonomous lunar research base on the moon.

2/ Shortly after this agreement was signed, Russia announced that it would be pulling out of the International Space Station, a move that would sever one of the most prominent and long-lasting areas of cooperation between Moscow and Washington.

3/ Why is this dramatic shift in international space relations between the world's most powerful militaries not receiving greater coverage?

We explore the implications of this move for peace & global stability in this week's @HiddenForcesPod w/@nfergus.


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19 Apr
1/ As someone who cares deeply about our environment, I've become increasingly turned off from engaging in conversations about climate change, in part because of how dogmatic and unscientific they have become.
2/ I did this episode of @HiddenForcesPod in order to become better informed about what the science says and what it doesn't.

What I learned surprised me.
3/ This isn't to say that anthropogenic warming isn't real or that we shouldn't take measures to curb emissions, but the hysteria around climate change is extreme & not supported by the data that we point to when making definitive statements about an impending climate apocalypse.
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28 Feb
1/ While I don't agree with everything @nntaleb tweets, I do think he's onto something when he says that there is a "destructive urge to reinvent Utopianism under unrecognized forms."

This is the natural evolution of an unqualified culture of "disruption."
2/ Unfortunately, not every aspect of society is an ideal laboratory for the "move fast & break things; fake it till you make it" ethos of Silicon Valley.

And yet, the principles associated w/this mindset are spreading far beyond the commercial realms in which they were birthed.
3/ Indeed, Silicon Valley culture and the disruptive dynamics associated with social networks, mobile devices, automation, A.I., and now crypto, are increasingly encroaching upon the traditional assignments and obligations of government and the state.
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18 Feb
1/ Crypto is the only industry or intellectual realm I've ever waded into in my life where a non-consensus view about something as important as money and the public good is regularly dismissed as some form of piggish envy, resentment, and greed.
2/ What's most dispiriting about this reading and line of attack is that it elevates money & profits above integrity & epistemology.

It embraces cynicism in its highest form by presuming that everyone is playing the same game. That no one cares about truth or is acting honestly.
3/ Of course, this is not true. It's a transitory function of the modern world.

Much of today's pop culture is about giving individuals permission to live selfishly & celebrate their riches at the expense of the broader society in which they live & upon which their lives depend.
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31 Jan
1/ The evolving r/WSBs story is tailor-made for @HiddenForcesPod.

It combines memes, options, corruption, generational conflict, systemic imbalances of money & power, financial warfare, and social disillusionment.

We've done episodes on ALL OF THESE.

2/ To the best of my knowledge, we were first in describing this phenomenon as a form of "market nihilism" and we've devoted many episodes to understanding the millennial revolt & mechanics of "the pump."

Of course, our subscribers know this already...

3/ My next episode on this story will focus on (1) the structural dynamics of the options market that made this latest pump possible and (2) the role played by memes and viral story-telling in helping to incite and coordinate a retail insurgency against Wall Street in real-time.
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25 Jan
1/ If you’ve been listening to @HiddenForcesPod over the last few months, you will know that I’ve been wrestling with many emotions as we’ve moved through the 2020 election, past the inauguration and towards the start of a new presidential administration. bit.ly/HF_176
2/ I’ve felt some combination of anxiety, nervousness, distress and sometimes even, anger.

I think these result from the threat I feel emanating from our broken society, as evidenced by not only the assault on the Capitol but by the larger forces that have led us to this moment.
3/ Rather than make an effort to bring our country together, our partisan media and talking heads on cable news outlets find every opportunity to tear it apart.

Likewise, our regulators continue to turn a blind eye to the systemic build-up of risk happening in financial markets.
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21 Jan
1/ In other words, there we were confronted not with a whole series of crises and problems, but with one crisis, amounting to a death wish – an urge to self-destruction – seeping into every aspect of our way of life.
2/ A touch of irony is added by virtue of the fact that this Gadarene course is associated with ostensibly optimistic views whereupon the State may be expected to whither away and mankind to live happily ever after.
3/ [...] Searching about in their minds for some explanation of this pursuit of happiness that became a death wish, the archaeologists ... would be bound to hit upon the doctrine of “Progress”: probably the most deleterious fancy to ever take possession of the human heart."
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