Ugo relocates from the US back to Nigeria, after his mum passes away in Lagos. He left the US as a former green beret with 2 tours on his belt. Most of his relatives only know he was working in America but not much about what he did because he was JSOC and kept it quiet.
He opens a gym in Lagos and starts to offer fitness training classes that attract the elite of society. His successes win him the admiration of many ladies, including the mistress of a notorious politician who in jealous anger, arranges some thugs to go deal with him one night.
It's a fairly easy fight for Ugo who overpowers them and drives them away, not before one of them pleads for mercy and unveils who sent them - but its only the middleman who was contacted by the politician. Meanwhile Aisha, a medical student just completed her studies....
in one of the universities and is planning a party with her friends. The plans involve a weekend trip to one of the beaches off the coast of Lagos. One of Ugo's friends invites him to a weekend getaway, where, as the friend boasts, 'Babes go plenty'. At the same time...
the politician has contacted a new set of thugs/kidnappers to go after him and bring back Ugo dead or alive that same weekend.

It all happens in the course of one night, at a beach house on Ilashe or one of those beaches.

anyway, that's the synopsis/plot for a movie.
Who should play Ugo, Aisha, Ugo's friend, the politician, leader of the kidnappers, the first set of thugs?
Plot twist options

1. Aisha is actually a higher value target because her father is a Minister

2. The politician mistress is actually the one behind it all because Ugo refused her advances.

• • •

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4 May
Dear young one, relationships are work. While a lot of focus is often placed on personality, compatibility and finance, not enough is said about how much these things change over time as we go through life's phases. Just as we have the 4 seasons for weather, life has its own too.
I read a saying once that a man marries a woman because he thinks she'll remain the same while a woman marries a man because she thinks she can change him. And we often find that when we do get married, nothing could be farther from the truth. The man won't change his ways...
neither does the woman stay the same as that young chic you married. This is where the mental, emotional and spiritual maturity to handle these realities, sustain the romance and evolve your compatibility despite these, comes in. That is the hard work of the relationship.
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Starting over in Canada for 35+ senior professionals

100 likes and I'll do a thread
Ok so let's start with a bit of background...
so let's get into it.

When you're relocating to a new country to start over, its a brave step and I salute your courage. It takes a lot to leave that comfort of the career you've had to make a new one. So if you're just setting out, let me be the first to wish you all the best
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When you've studied 'Chaos Theory' long enough, you'll know that nothing is truly and purely random or coincidental. Even in the midst of the most chaotic and unconnected events, there's often a deeper-lying observable pattern, trend or linkage. It's not immediately obvious.
To every end, there's a means. Men have overtime chosen the path of chaos to achieving their ends because chaos is unsettling, forces even the most noble of men to seek comfort in the bliss of wilful ignorance or faux intellectualism but contrary to opinion, history shows...
Chaos cannot be controlled. If you borrow power from chaos, you become a servant of its wishes eventually. Like energy that can not be destroyed but transformed from one form to another, chaos is relentless once given room to fester. It's like the broken window theory...
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The problem is not the printing of money. Its how you release that money into the economy. Let's break this down using the economy function

Y = C + I + G + (X-M)

C = Private Consumption
I = Investments
G = Government consumption
X-M = Net Exports (exports - imports)
The best way to understand this is to use numbers so let's imagine Y = 100 and broken down as follows:

Y(100) = C (80) + I (10) + G (13) + X-M (-3)

This basically shows how we arrive at Y. If you want to grow Y, you can find a way to increase C or I or G or make X-M +ve
NBS has the breakdown for Nigeria in its 2020 GDP and its more like this

GDP = C (62) + I (16) + G (9) + X-M (13)

Source: NBS
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Travel Thread - Best Hotels you've stayed in these African countries

Let's go.
Let's start with Ghana. Quote with your top hotel and why you think it is.
I like Cote d'ivoire but if you're not a french speaker you might struggle. Best hotel?
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