in 1833, james madison wrote an unaddressed letter on the question of “majority government” in the context of the tariff fight of 1832 and the subsequent nullification crisis. it’s a discussion on the nature of majorities that ends on this (i think) provocative note
“....the vital principle of republican government is the lex majoris partis, the will of the majority; that if the will of a majority cannot be trusted where there are diversified and conflicting interests, it can be trusted nowhere”
Madison opens strong too
anyway this is what i’m doing on my parental leave when not with the newborn

• • •

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1 May
i will watch literally anything tom clancy so we have WITHOUT REMORSE on right now and i will say that if this movie had been made in 1994 it would have starred steven seagal and been over-the-top in the best way
this movie, as it stands, takes itself way too seriously
ugh i hate that i am kind of excited for this rainbow 6 movie they teased
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30 Apr
watching FALLING DOWN and for now i’ll just say that if joel schumacher had a distinctive anything it was making very sweaty movies
thinking of doing a triple feature of this, DEATH WISH and the new bob odenkirk movie
it’s why i’m watching it! as maybe the definitive “white male rage” movie of the 1990s. i’m kind of interested in finding this equivalent movie for every decade since the 60s.
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28 Apr
There is no way to avoid the fact that the politics of redistributive policy in the United States is racialized. Studiously avoiding anti-racist language or mentions of race period does not actually stop or defuse this dynamic, and may actually make the policies more vulnerable.
Or to pose in the form of a question, how does one adjust race-neutral messaging for universal policies when opponents correctly point out that those policies will disproportionately help low-income black and brown Americans and argue (falsely) that this makes them “welfare?”
As an aside, many of these arguments feel as if we are low-key relitigating the 1990s with no acknowledgement of the fact that the Clintonite strategy of running against (black) liberalism did not actually work to insulate the Democratic Party from racialized attacks.
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25 Apr
got my COLLATERAL 4K blu ray on. this movie rules and i’m not sure if it or MIAMI VICE is Mann’s best of his post-2000 films. (yes i have the subtitles on what of it)
i love that this movie is basically an existentialist workplace drama in the clothes of a neo-noir crime film
it’s like, the driving action of this movie is Max learning to become a more assertive person who takes charge of his life, it just happens that the person driving this change is a psychopathic hitman who, like a shark, has to keep moving or else he’ll die
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23 Apr
El Salvador has an intentional homicide rate of 52 per 100,000. The United States has an intentional homicide rate of 4.96 per 100,000, or less than 1/10th. The US is far closer to Iceland’s .89/100K than it is to El Salvador’s rate.
Strictly going by the numbers, it is not “realistic” to compare the US to El Salvador on crime.
The case I am making is that in terms of violent crime the US is not a peer country with El Salvador. It is not a peer country with Iceland either, but if we are making silly comparisons, we are closer to the latter than the former.
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23 Apr
want to tattoo this on the back of everyone who has made founder worship and “constitutional conservatism” their personality
and this is just a good point.
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