1) When influential people go silent on calls for violence & genocide, hateful rhetoric not by what they call trolls but equally influential members of their own community while silencing those on whom violence is being called upon, that silence is CONSENT & VALIDATION.
2) Sadly, a lot of our friends continue to give their consent & validation to the hate & violence against us. They ask us to ignore them or at best will call them names despite knowing that they have audience that listens and acts upon it - often leading to attacks on our people.
3) As a Muslim, not representing anyone but myself, I accuse all the members of that community for such attacks unless they do enough to stop people of their community from attacking our people. That is the bottom line, not blocking trolls, or ignoring their influencers. Period.

• • •

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2 May
#Thread: I've said this before & I'll say this again that India's political community is slightly better than social community. TMC fielding less Muslim candidates, Congress getting less Hindu votes in Assam than expected are examples that political community cannot 1/n
afford to be seen with Muslims or as Muslim sympathizers. Even if a politician wants to speak on a Muslim issue, society will not allow that. This is also one reason of rampant both sideism of so-called champions of social justice. They cannot afford to call out their own 2/n
without condemning Muslims along with it. One fine example is CPI(M)'s condemnation of both RSS & Jamat e Islami in its fact-finding report on Delhi pogrom 2020. Jamat had nothing whatsoever to do with any violence but CPI(M) had to create a Muslim parallel to stay 3/n
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30 Apr
#Thread: Liberals and centrists continue to amaze me. Rohit Sardana was a horrible man who justified killings, dehumanised entire community and profited from it. Please stop preaching us how to react to his death, and stop sermonizing decency and humanity. 1/n
It is amusing how they react when people from oppressed communities reject to speak within their defined limits. Yours may just be difference of opinion with him, but him advocating for our killing is not difference of opinion for us. It is a straight death threat 2/n
which his colleagues continue to give. His reporting was enabling genocide and empowering Brahminical fascism. I am not going to mourn the death of any person like that. His crimes cannot be whitewashed and we will not let anyone do it. 3/n
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27 Apr
#Thread: When the state has failed its people and left them to die at the mercy of their immunity, there are people of all age and gender who've dedicated themselves in more ways than they can afford to provide help to those who need it urgently, it is truly, 1/n
to quote Charles Dickens, the best and the worst of times. Community led organisations, particularly those run by Muslims and Sikhs, coming forward with plans like Oxygen langar (case in point, the Hemkunt foundation) and creating a 100 bed COVID hospital in a week's time 2/n
(case in point, Jamat e Islami Hind in Nagpur) to control the situation is the graceful gesture this country should start appreciating more. Not long ago, these organisations and the community they represent were at the center of dirtiest of accusations like terrorism & more. 3/n
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23 Mar
Thread on elections:

1) Only CPIM can compete with BJP in hypocrisy and shamelessness. I mean they are calling the opposition coalition (Muslim League + Congress) communal in Kerala, equating Muslim League with RSS and subtly consolidating Hindus using Islamophobic
2) campaigns while in West Bengal they're themselves in alliance with Congress and a Muslim party ISF, founded by an Islamic cleric. In West Bengal they are appealing on the lines of social justice, Dalit emancipation and Muslim empowerment.
3) Their candidates in Bengal, most of whom would distance themselves from anybody visibly Muslim and would leave no chance to demonize them, are now flaunting pictures with Muslim men and women covered in skullcaps and Hijab. In Kerala, they once disowned their own party leader
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14 Mar
Thread on #SorryAsif:
Have been seeing a lot, quite a lot of Hindu people writing and saying #SorryAsif for what one "gumrah" OBC youth did. I do not subscribe to watching this whole incident as an isolated incident or the attacker singularly as one misled youth.

Those apologizing to Asif (on Twitter & Facebook) are just covering up the mass radicalization of Hindu youths in India. There are too many misled youths out there in the Hindu community. Such incidents are too frequent to be seen in isolation and

too arbitrary to be categorized as planned violence. These incidents are the result of the mass radicalization. It is injustice to countless Muslims who suffer and survive such brutalities daily if this incident is reduced to one Yadav. Furthermore, even this facade of

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13 Mar
Thread on being stupid:

The issue is not that Muslims do not resist. The issue are the people who decide which 'actions' qualify as resistance and which don't. These people, mostly occupying central space in the anti BJP discourse in India,

have been there doing nothing but patronizing, schooling, appropriating and even disqualifying the anxieties, anger, struggle and resistance of Muslims since long. They appear to be woke and concerned at the outset but when you examine them closely,

you'd find all the elements of ignorant Indian elites who say 'don't spread negativity, speak positive things also'. A Muslim woman languishing in jail on fictitious charges is a symbol of bravery but a Muslim youth fighting back to

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