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1/ O governo de Cuba comunicou ao Brasil nesta quarta-feira (14) a saída do programa Mais Médicos. O país alega "referências diretas, depreciativas e ameaçadoras" feitas pelo presidente eleito @JairBolsonaro à presença dos profissionais cubanos. Entenda os reflexos nessa #thread:
2/ @jairbolsonaro – que antes falou em expulsar os médicos cubanos do país – usou sua conta no Twitter para se manifestar sobre a saída dos profissionais, que chamou de “comunistas e irresponsáveis por não pensarem nos brasileiros”:
3/ A decisão representa a saída de mais de 8.500 médicos cubanos dos postos de trabalho. Eles estão em 2.885 municípios, sendo a maioria em áreas vulneráveis: norte do país, semiárido nordestino, cidades com baixo IDH, aldeias indígenas e periferias de grandes centros.
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Highlights of the HOR report indicting @ProfOsinbajo for stealing Rice, illegal award of contracts, illegal withdrawal of funds/spending without due process, and cover up (Abuse of power).
Note: Osinbajo is the Chairman NEMA gov. Council. #OsibanjoNEMAgate #Thread
In the first tweet, NEMA under Osinbajo’s leadership , claimed they paid 800M for demurrage, but APM did not receive the money. #Diversion #WhereIsOur800M
Here you can see how NEMA collected the Rice, but did not deliver to Min of Agric for storage. #MissingRice #OsinbajoNEMAGate
If the son of Onuchukwu wants small 20m Naira contract so he can manage life, they will ask me to bring ITF, NSITF,PENCOM, granny Birth certificate;
but here NEMA awarded contracts of over 800 Million to companies that are not even registered contractors. Ori! #OsibanjoNEMAgate
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@MobilePunch No Violations In Approval Of N5.8Billion Emergency Food Intervention Fund For Northeast.
@MobilePunch it is important to understand the context of the transaction. This was at a time when internally displaced persons and their host communities faced very severe food shortages throughout the North East, as a result of successive poor harvests and abandoned farmlands,
@MobilePunch minimal cross-border cash crop trade and lost economic opportunities.
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பொருளாதார ரீதியில் ஏன் இட ஒதுக்கீடு கூடாது // #Thread
ஏன் அம்பேத்கரியமும் திராவிடமும் சாதிவாரி இட ஒதுக்கீடு கேட்கிறது.
ஏன் நாம் இன்னமும் இட ஒதுக்கீடு நீட்டிப்பு செய்கிறோம் 1/15
இட ஒதுக்கீடு என்பது வறுமை ஒழிப்பு திட்டமல்ல / அது சமூக நீதி சமத்துவ திட்டம்

ஏழையாய் இருந்ததால் யாருக்கும் கல்வி மறுக்கப்படவில்லை யாரும் தீண்டாமை அனுபவிக்கவில்லை

சாதியால்தான் கல்வி மறுக்கப்பட்டது 2/15
நாம் ஒன்றாகி ஒருங்கிணைத்து முன்னேற வேண்டும் சாதியின் பெயரால் மறுக்கப்பட்ட உரிமைகளை சாதியின் பெயரால் தான் பெறுவோம் 3/15
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Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana - the scheme is the scam. It's not about one private corporation, but over a dozen of them benefit in crores of rupees of public money. #Thread
The scheme's design ensures the siphoning off of over giant sums of public money to private corporations and to a couple of public insurers (in line for privatisation).
In the past three years over Rs. 66,000 crores of state govt. money and central govt money (i.e. public money) have been poured into the PMFBY's operations. (Apart from the premiums paid up by farmers)
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Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) is an critical tool for financially empowering micro businesses, (artisans, market women) and petty traders at the base of the pyramid.
GEEP (comprising @MarketMoni, #FarmerMoni, @Trader_Moni) has disbursed N27.4 billion in interest-free loans from N10,000 to N350,000 to more than 1.1 million market women/men, artisans, farmers, petty traders across 36 States & FCT. Under GEEP, 56% of the loans have gone to women
Loans disbursed (MarketMoni) – more than 300,000
-Loans disbursed (FarmerMoni) – more than 5,000
-Loans disbursed (TraderMoni) – more than 800,000 so far (target is 2 million by end of 2018)
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I can't imagine how difficult the last month's been for the brave women who've spoken their #MeToo stories & the brave women for whom it's still hard to speak. This is a revolution and it's been a long time coming. But I've been perplexed by the reaction of us men. #Thread
It's been difficult navigating conversations with fellow men over the last month, particularly as someone who's been speaking up on #MeToo& who's known both survivors & (unfortunately) perpetrators, and has been deeply affected by that.
(This won't be preachy, please read ahead)
Yes, there are men who are empathetic and kind; then there are conversations that've revolved around 'Such is life', or 'What can one do'. But many (heated) conversations have alarmingly been about: 'But any man is a target today (#Notallmen)' & for others still, this is gossip.
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Nuansa “adu domba” yg diciptakan oleh kelompok tertentu sangat terasa, dgn menyentil hal yg sgt sensitif, yaitu “simbol2 Agama”, kasus pembakaran bendera seakan2 membenturkan NU dgn Kelompok tertentu dgn harapan ada effect bola salju dr kasus ini dibawa ke ranah Politik #Thread
Devide at impera / politik adu domba ini diharapkan dapat Mendorong ketidakpercayaan terhadap pemerintah dan menciptakan permusuhan antar masyarakat, dgn harapan, akan ada image tertentu tentang buruknya pemerintah saat ini, dan menarik kita pada perdebatan yg bkn substansial
Ada pihak2 tertentu dgn “gagah” menantang pemerintah agar “ditangkap” kemudian berharap ada simpati masyarakat, bahwa Pemerintah tdk menyukai “simbol2 agama tertentu” yg bs diartikan scr politis, pemerintah Arogan dan “tdk pro”, sehingga hrs diganti, PKI,dan framingpun berlanjut
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From Poverty Central to Prosperity: How the Obiageli 'Oby' Ezekwesili Presidency will lift 80+ million Nigerians out of poverty. #Thread
Today is an exciting day for this campaign as we will be sharing the most important issue in our ambitious plan for Nigeria that shows our readiness to govern from Day One. I will be telling you how we intend to lift 80 million Nigerians out of poverty. #Fight4Naija
We expect citizens to hold us to account for every word we say and every promise we make, not just on our innovative solutions for tackling poverty which I would be sharing today, but on our entire manifesto to be released to the public on Friday. #Fight4Naija
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Pictures from an exhibition arranged at VJT Hall in Trivandrum to mark the 82nd anniversary celebrations of the Temple Entry Proclamation of 1936, which abolished the ban on 'lower castes' or avarnas from entering Hindu temples in Travancore.

Dear Malayalis, Plz do Read. #Thread
Misrabhojanam (Panthibhojanam), held on May 30, 1917 by social reformer Sahodaran Ayyappan.

Misrabhojanam was the first inter caste feast of Kerala. Prior to this, each caste had their stricter caste codes in food consumption and hence food was seen as a symbol of caste.
Dalava Kulam Massacre

In 1806, a group of 200 Avarna youth organized themselves to enter Vaikom Temple. The Travancore cavalry led by Kunju Kutti Pilla ruthlessly killed the 200 men & their bodies were thrown into the Kulam (pond) on the north eastern side of the temple compound
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The BBC is running a 'fake news week'. To mark the occasion, I thought I'd do a thread. 'Fake news' is a very unhelpful term, which describes at least three different problems, which have three different solutions. #Thread
There is monetised fabrication. People knowingly pumping out rubbish ('The Pope supports Trump') because it's a way of making money through Facebook / Google's ad-revenue model. My colleague @carljackmiller covered it brilliantly here for @BBCClick…
This is driven in part by programmatic advertising: ad-tech follow USERS around, and advertise on sites they visit, irrespective of how truthful it is. This is where tech solutions CAN work - ie de-rank / de-monetise etc. Some evidence that's working too.…
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#Thread 👇
AS we are all focused and arguing over the choice between @atiku and @MBuhari and following needless cat and mouse game over budget for #NigeriaDecides2019 NASS finally had the brainwave to divert N242.24bn (via virement) from existing budgets to fund 2019 elections.
Guess what budgets our dear overpaid #NASS led by @bukolasaraki choose to cut? Agriculture N11bn. HEALTH N8.05bn. EDUCATION N10.2bn. Works (roads included), Power and Housing N25.5bn. Science & Tech - N7.46bn. Water Resources - N12.95bn and more. Budget trackers went DEAF n BLIND
.@bukolasaraki and his cabal in #NASS claims these cuts were agreed on with the Presidency. This is a clever by half claim for those who forget how the @inecnigeria budget became a convenient weapon and was endlessly delayed by NASS. Weponised delay.…
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The 13th National Municipal Managers Forum is underway in @City_Ekurhuleni, Minister #ZweliMkhize rises to deliver a keynote address. It's a #Thread
Thank you for inviting me to this 13th National Municipal Managers Forum. #SALGA13NMMF
This meeting follows the successful hosting of the 12th National Municipal Managers Forum at the Mbombela City Local Municipality in February 2018. #SALGA13NMMF
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Durissimo editoriale del WSJ contro l’euro (in verità ne ha anche per noi). Ne hanno davvero abbastanza di questa disputa sul deficit italiano e non mancano di farlo sapere.
Fuori dalla Germania (cioè dalle parti loro, ma non solo) la responsabilità di questa situazione è dei Mandarini di Bruxelles.
Concedere all’Italia una moderata espansione di bilancio significa autorizzare anche agli altri a farlo e, soprattutto, mettere a nudo l’incapacità della BCE di garantire quel debito.
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The claim by @atiku is a mischievous attempt to grab the headlines. Nigerians need to know that one of the resolutions of the Atiku team at their recently-concluded Dubai retreat was to embark on scaremongering. This is one of such.
For the records, all incoming passengers on international flights go through customs, Immigration, health and security screening.
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1. Jan 2017, a contract for 14bn was awarded for ADDITIONAL EARLY WORKS PHASE 4:

2. Work started shortly afterwards:

3. The Addit Early Works was Budget-funded

4. The Main contract (signed Q3 2018) is PIDF-funded

Dear @Chxta, I‘ve included all the links dating back to Jan 2017 cos of:

1. Your predilection for ignoring publicly available info re the bridge

2. Your insinuation that work being done is because of elections. Work been ongoing fulltime for about 1 year…
This Early Works (which has been ongoing) was always going to be followed immediately by the Main Construction Contract.

But it was also important to find a way to move the project from the uncertainty of annual Budgetary cycles, hence the establishment of PIDF in 2018
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La pagina storica del primo conflitto mondiale è per tutti un severo monito a respingere la cultura della guerra e a ricercare ogni mezzo legittimo per porre fine ai conflitti che ancora insanguinano parecchie regioni del mondo. 1/2
@pontifex_it, Angelus Domini, #11novembre1918
Sembra che non impariamo nulla. Mentre preghiamo per tutte le vittime di quella immane tragedia, diciamo con forza: investiamo sulla pace, non sulla guerra. 2/2
@pontifex_it, Angelus Domini, #11novembre1918
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#Thread sur le cycle du combustible #nucléaire : attaquons la conversion et l'enrichissement !

On en était resté avec 7000 tML/an d'uranium concentré qui convergent de tous les continents, vers la France, pour satisfaire notre appétit énergétique :

Oh, et puisque je parle d'appétit énergétique, quelques éléments de comparaison : 7000 tML d'uranium, ça fait 8300 tonnes d'U3O8. À comparer avec notre consommation de ressources fossiles en 2017 :
- 76 900 000 t de pétrole
- 29 400 000 t de gaz
- 13 600 000 t de charbon
(Ça, c'était si des fois le transport maritime ou terrestre de matières dangereuses vous faisait peur, ou si la dépendance aux imports d'uranium vous apparaît rédhibitoire ^^)
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Perumbatta’s Theyyam : When a Hindu God makes a journey to a Mosque in Kerala.

Once in three years, Vishnumoorthy Theyyam of Padarkulangara Bhagavathy Temple makes a customary trip to the nearby mosque (Munirul Islam Juma Masjid) in the town of Kanhangad, Kasargode.

Once in three years, Sri Padarkulangara Bhagavathy Temple plays host to a triennial festival known as the Perunkaliyatta Maholsavam.

The festival, spread over three days, starts on the first day of the month of Kumbham (Aquarius), according to the Malayalam calendar.
The Vishnumoorthy Theyyam — a Theyyam enactment based on the Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu — is the primary ritual of the temple festival.

Theyyam is a prevalent ritual form of worship in North Malabar.
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A guy i know(friend of a friend) met a random chick at an outing, they talked and vibes were going too well. My guy say "It was like magic😂😂", so things push real well, they ended up at the guy's apartment and got to fuck and from here I'll quote the guy
"I was jamming this babe, the sex been make sense nh. So like i wan cum nh, i wan pull out, the girl yan say make i do am inside...sae e dey ok. No wahala nh, as i wan cum na so the girl ask me "what's your ATM pin?"😂😂 "i no just know wetin take place i tell the girl the pin.
Immediately i just cum finish na i roll over sleep catch me... Guy...i wake up 10hrs later" "I no see the girl, i just fash am maybe she been get place to go, as i open my phone i see SERIOUS HEAVY DEBIT ALERTS.
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This is a #thread regarding Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv, the person who is currently claiming to be a trans woman and suing beauticians who have been refusing to wax their male genitals. I have decided to make this thread with neutral pronouns regarding Jonathan/Jessica because from
what I could gather they have chosen to be referred to as both Jonathan and Jessica and no amount of disgust and hatred I feel for someone could get me to misgender them on purpose. It took me ages to decide to actually make this thread happen because my story with this person is
very much still an open wound and traumatised me in ways I'm not sure I even fully comprehend. I appreciate RTs to get the word out, and I also am open to answering questions but please do not expect me to answer everything, this is very overwhelming. The only reason I am willing
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En ce weekend de #Centenaire1418 nous vous disons tout sur les monuments aux morts avec ce #thread spécial. 20 tweets à partager sans modération ! #DPDN #1J1P #Armistice100
L'érection massive des monuments aux morts a commencé dans l'immédiate après-guerre, sous l'impulsion des communes et des associations d'anciens combattants, soucieuses d'honorer leurs morts et d'offrir aux familles un endroit symbolique pour se recueillir #DPDN
La "fièvre du granit" qui s'est emparée de la France dans les années 20 a vu toute une industrie mémorielle -fonderies, marbreries- prospérer. Ces établissements produisaient en série et proposaient aux communes des monuments sur catalogue #DPDN
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Com’era quella barzelletta delle ‘parole che facevano male’ ed i tassi bancari che salivano? Come? Mi state dicendo che neanche a settembre è accaduto nulla, né per i piccoli né per i grandi prestiti? #thread
Ma allora saranno diminuiti i volumi? Forse le #banche avranno prestato solo a clienti particolarmente affidabili? Nemmeno.
Allora saranno state penalizzate le famiglie per l’acquisto di abitazioni? Acqua anche in questo caso.
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Making a thread of makers & entrepreneurs who inspired me, and what they taught me.
Strong marketing game, super hard work, can stream for 24 hours and currently leading a new streamer movement with the #24hrstartup challenge.
Make it bigger than yourself.
👉 @thepatwalls
Made the awesome which works perfectly and saved me hours and hours.
Make a simple, helpful product.
👉 @gvrizzo
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