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#Thread : पी.एफ.आय वर बंदी का ? (भाग १)
सध्या पॉप्युलर फ्रंट ऑफ इंडिया हे नाव प्रचंड चर्चेत आलं आहे. काल, गृह मंत्रालयाने या संघटनेवर आणि या संघटनेशी संलग्न असलेल्या जवळपास सगळ्याच संघटनांवर बंदी आणली. यावरून नेहमी प्रमाणे 'Usual Suspects रडू लागले. 1/17 Image
पण, या गोष्टीकडे लक्ष न देता, पी.एफ.आय हि संघटना किती धोकायदायक आहे हे समजून घेणं खूप गरजेचं आहे.

केरळ हि काही वर्षांपासून 'जिहाद' चे संगोपनक्षेत्र झाल्यासारखे झाले आहे. याचे कारण तिथले सरकार आणि तिथले लोकसंख्याशास्त्र अर्थात 'डेमोग्राफी'. 2/17 Image
२००६ मध्ये पॉप्युलर फ्रंट ऑफ इंडिया या नावाने एक इस्लामिक संघटनेची स्थापना करण्यात आली. अनेक इस्लामिक संघटनांनी एकत्र येऊन या संघटनेची स्थापना केली. 3/17
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For all those interested in the politics of memory - Germany + beyond - I 'd like to highlight two important contributions by historians @bartov_omer + Wulf Kansteiner, both paving the way to an inclusive + just memory in a postmigration society. #Thread

First I express my gratitude to reknown Holocaust historian @bartov_omer for quoting at length from my book “Understanding the Pain of Others”. Obviously, we agree that changes in the current Holocaust remembrance policy are unavoidable. 2/23
“Having known Germany before the current commemorative culture existed, I am aware of its precarity, and wary of what might replace it. But I am just as aware of its problematic role in at least two obvious respects.” 3/23
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Here are three ways you can take action with the Women's March on October 8th:

✅ Host a march or rally in your hometown
✅ Join a march or rally in your hometown
✅ Join us in Washington, D.C. for the national Women's March

RT and share the links below #Thread Image
Host your own march or rally in your hometown:…
Join a march or rally in your hometown:
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New Met police commissioner, Mark Rowley, has refused to meet the president of the National Black Police Association, & suggested he will ban officers from “taking the knee” - but he HAS met lobbyists from the hard-right Henry Jackson Society...…
In 2018 we found out that Rowley, at the time the UK's top counter-terrorism police officer, had met officials from the right-wing extremist US think tank, the anti-abortion Henry Jackson Society, after agreeing to endorse a report on Islamist terrorism.

Mark Rowley is linked not just to the Henry Jackson Society, & the anti-abortion Heritage Foundation, he is also an "Academic Advisor" to the Tories' favourite opaquely funded free-market lobbying group, 'Policy Exchange', who have attacked our Police.
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#Thread & #Ρεπορτάζ: Γιατί καθυστερεί η δίκη της #GreekMafia για το κύκλωμα μαφιόζων, αστυνομικών & δικηγόρων που αποκόμιζαν 1 εκατ. € το μήνα.

❗Η προστασία σε οίκους ανοχής & λέσχες. Η δίκη για την οποία δεν μιλά σχεδόν κανείς.

✍️Μπάμπης Πολυχρονιάδης…
2️⃣ Στις 29 Σεπτεμβρίου συνεχίζεται η δίκη της #GreekMafia με 19 κατηγορούμενους.

🔎 Ανάμεσα σε αυτούς και δύο πρώην υψηλόβαθμα στελέχη της #ΕΛΑΣ που είχαν τον -άμεσο ή έμμεσο- έλεγχο νευραλγικών υπηρεσιών για την καταπολέμηση του οργανωμένου εγκλήματος.
3️⃣ Η δικογραφία της υπόθεσης βασίζεται σε πόρισμα της #ΕΥΠ.

Όμως, μέχρι τώρα δεν έχουν σταλεί στο δικαστήριο οι εκθέσεις απομαγνητοφώνησης των υποκλοπών, κάτι που μπορεί να οδηγήσει σε νέες καθυστερήσεις ή και απαλλαγή των κατηγορουμένων χωρίς ουσιαστική εξέταση των κατηγοριών.
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Viceroy Research is short Truecaller. Our report is now live:…

Truecaller is a Swedish adware & spyware app which feeds a public phonebook aimed at preventing spam (not a joke).

$TRUE $TRUEB #truecaller #thread 1/ ImageImageImageImage
The EU’s GDPR &similar legislation across the globe, threatens Truecaller’s business, which we believe is on the brink of redundancy.

It now resorts to skirting regulations and/or avoiding taxes through uncreative loopholes which we believe will be inevitably cut-off. $TRUE 2/

Fundamentally, Truecaller builds a “phonebook” and refines its spam database by:
1. Gathering identities of users and their address books.
2. Processing user-submitted “spam” numbers.
3. Identifying numbers which have exhibited spam-like behavior

$TRUE $TRUEB 3/ Image
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Good Morning. A follow-up #thread on the (admittedly) overwhelming response on my first one yesterday regarding the #NordstreamLeaks in the #BalticSea

#Nordstream1 #NordStream2 #Sabotage #seabed #Pipeline
It was suggested correctly, as by @AlexvB___, that there is also the possiblity to move *within* the pipelines. But how to do that? Let´s take a (bit technical) look 🔎:
The >1200km length (each!) of the pipelines have to be serviced and cleaned, too. For that, pipelines as #Nordstream use a special device, the Pipeline inspection Gauge - in German called #Molch
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« Et paf le tuyau » 💥
➡️Quelques mots pour débuter le manuel de guerre anti-tuyau à l'usage des twittos.
#Thread #NordstreamLeaks
⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
Précautions :
- Je ne sais que peu de choses sur ce qui s'est réellement passé, ce sont donc ici des hypothèses
- Une technique ne désigne pas forcément un acteur, au mieux une gamme d'acteurs.
- Une technique ne désigne pas le motif.
Donc, si je veux faire péter un tuyau, quel choix ai-je ?
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If you follow our account, you know that we get a lot of hate from TERFs & "Gender Criticals" for supporting LGBTQ+ folks.

Their harassment doesn't scare us & won't ever stop us from joining in solidarity with trans people — our fights are inseparably linked. #Thread.
The same Trump Republicans who are working so hard to ban abortion are doing all they can to make it impossible for trans people to live openly & safely. It all comes down to their disrespect for bodily autonomy.
Far-right extremists (who are natural allies of the TERF/GC movement) believe that THEY should have power over the lives of women, trans folks, nonbinary people — really anyone who isn't a cis white man.
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Thread 1/3. Probably the most famous French monarch, Louis XIV left a deep mark on France and Europe. Over his 72-years reign, from 1643 to 1715, he accomplished many things. This is the first of three threads over 3 days. #Thread 🧵
Episode available on:… Louis XIV of France
If you were to ask anyone on the street of Paris, or any other French city "who was the greatest French monarch?", I think the vast majority would answer Louis XIV. Let's find out why he let such a lasting impression.
Louis was born on September 5 1638. His father, Louis XIII and mother Anne d'Autriche had been married for over two decades when he came along. He was seen as a miracle and quickly was nicknamed "Dieudonné", given by God. Anne d’Autriche and Louis
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Multimillionaire hedge funder Crispin Odey, who has donated £1.7m+ to the Tories, UKIP & pro-Brexit campaigns, has made another killing betting on Britain's economic meltdown, saying his bets against Govt bonds are “the gifts that keep on giving”.…
Odey, who was a leading backer of Brexit, came to prominence during the 2008 financial crisis, when he made a fortune shorting banking shares.

And now Odey has made another killing by wagering against British government bonds, with his firm's main fund up 145% in 2022. Image
Odey is on the Sunday Times Rich List for his £825 million fortune, & he has personally managed some $4 billion in assets Odey Asset Management.

Back in 2007 Odey’s firm incubated Jacob Rees-Mogg’s just-launched Somerset Capital Management before it received regulatory approval. Image
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Ces 50 dernières années, les populations de nombreux mammifères ont à nouveau augmenté en Europe :
+16000% pour le bison,
+6000% pour le phoque gris,
+44% pour l'ours brun,
+37% pour la baleine à bosse...

Voici pourquoi :
mini #thread ⤵️ Image
Regardons en arrière, sur le long terme.
La première disparition des grands mammifères est l'oeuvre de nos ancêtres, qui les chassaient pour leur viande.

Au quaternaire, les chasseurs-cueilleurs auraient causé la chute de 25% de leur population. Image
Puis, l'avènement de l'agriculture causa la perte de leur habitat.
Plus les surfaces cultivées augmentaient, plus la faune diminuait. Image
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Here is the list of the top fully funded and paid opportunities young people can apply for.

1.         USADF Accelerate Africa Entrepreneurship Challenge
2.         22 Free United Nations Online Courses with Certificates | UN Courses on Several Topics
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All'armi, son #fascisti! #Thread
Ragazzi, davvero, io lo capisco il vostro orrore e il vostro terrore per l’avvento dei Fascisti al Governo.
Potrebbero fare cose orribili, I Fascisti al Governo. 1/
Innanzi tutto, potrebbero cercare di convincervi, per conquistare o mantenere il potere, che la Democrazia è un danno, che se al Governo non ci fossero loro il Paese scivolerebbe nel caos, nel disastro sociale ed economico, 2/
che la vostra vita e la vostra sicurezza sarebbero a rischio, che è meglio accettare un piccolo sacrificio in termini di democrazia, pur di vivere in un Paese governato da chi davvero conosce i vostri interessi, finanche meglio di voi.… 3/
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"A bonus cap interferes with the Single Market, both by reducing bank competition & competitiveness & by interfering directly with the free market in incomes" - Brextremist swivel-eyed free-market fundamentalist PATRICK MINFORD, who also favoured favoured the poll tax! ImageImage
Minford's dangerously irresponsible mantra of 'low taxes, free trade & deregulation' influenced Thatcherism.

His model of the economy is based on 'rational expectations' - similar to James McGill Buchanan's influential 'public choice' philosophy.

The 2008 financial crash proved beyond any doubt that the markets were NOT 'always right', & marked the end of the dominant consensus in favour of economic & financial liberalisation, but Minford STILL insists 'low taxes, free trade & deregulation' are best for the economy. 🤪 Image
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#Faschismus ist für Viele Teil der Vergangenheit, eine überwundene Ideologie des ausgehenden 19. und der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts. Gerade in Deutschland mangelt es an Differenzierung zum NS. Das ist Teil des Problems. Ein paar Gedanken als #Thread
Nazismus, so Strenhell, ist keine „bloße Variante des Faschismus […] seine Betonung des biologischen Determinismus“ gehe deutlich über ihn hinaus. Wenn dann, ist ersteres eine Verschärfung. Fokus liegt im Folgenden auf #Faschismus. ...
Mit Sternhell ist Faschismus als Ideologie zu verstehen, die nicht an historische Situation gebunden ist, sondern sich flexibel an Gegebenheiten und gesellschaftliche Rahmungen anpasst. Gemessen an ideologischen Vorgaben, waren auch hist. Faschismen nie vollkommen. ...
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I interviewed Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy for Outlook magazine in 2009, on the eve of the general elections. In the context of his recent statements about Manmohan Singh's stewardship of the economy ("stagnated") , it's interesting to revisit his comments. #Thread
In 2009, when I asked NRN about the significance of the approaching election, he said: "This election is very important because it is being held after a ten-year period of spectacular economic growth in the country."
Then Murthy went on to praise Manmohan Singh: "MMS has brought the need for inclusive growth to the front burner. In that sense, today, there is a much greater awareness of the fact that not everybody in the country has benefited from our extraordinary economic growth."
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On @Satyamev1310 request, starting this #thread about my Kuldevi #Shantadurga from Kavalem, #Goa. This is my humble attempt to retell her story. Chukbhuli saathi kshamasva 🙏. There are two stories, starting with the first one below 1/n Image
Vishnu & Mahadev had a massive fight one day at Mount Gomanchala (aka Gomantaka/present-day Goa). Shiva was about to use the most potent weapon - the Pashupatastra - on Narayana. Sensing the danger to the Universe, Brahma prayed to Devi Parvati to intervene. 2/n
Devi Parvati took the form of Shantadurga or Shanteri & calmed down the 2 warring parties. The two "snakes" she holds in her hands signify Vishnu (right) & Shiva (left). So she literally & physically separates the two. 3/n
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#Thread Tucker Carlson's Monologue On @GiorgiaMeloni's Victory In The Italian Election Running On A Message Of God, Family & Country

"She's not kidding. She's as serious as the moment we are currently living through."
Tucker On Why The Left Wants To Destroy The Family

"If you want absolute obedience, you have to sever family ties. That's why state schools brainwash your children with values that you despise & then instruct your children to turn you in as a thought criminal if you object."
Tucker Carlson: "God, Family, Country. That's not radical. It's hard to imagine a more wholesome message."
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Summary of the 2017 research paper, 'News media literacy & conspiracy theory endorsement', which explores the extent to which understanding news-making processes mitigates against believing conspiracy theories.…
Conspiracy theories are flourishing, spurring concerns about the role of misinformation in influencing public opinion & election outcomes.

Does news media literacy predict the likelihood of endorsing conspiracy theories? What is the impact of literacy on partisanship?
Basically, greater knowledge about the news media predicts a lower likelihood of conspiracy theory endorsement, even for conspiracy theories that aligned with the political ideology of participants in the survey.
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Twenty years ago, a ship named the Joola capsized off the coast of the Gambia as it sailed from the south to the north of Senegal.

Nearly 1,900 lives were lost in the disaster, more than on the Titanic, but few outside Senegal know about this tragedy.

#THREAD 1/ | #Joola
A new BBC Africa documentary investigates what happened that day and why the survivors and the relatives of the victims, believe justice still has not been done.

2/ | #Joola
On September 26 2002, the Joola had only just returned to service after being out for engine repair for more than a year.

The boat had been manufactured in Germany and first delivered to the Senegalese government back in 1990.

3/ | #Joola
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#Thread - महाराष्ट्राचा पहिला सार्वजनिक नवरात्र उत्सव -

"श्री शिवभवानी नवरात्र महोत्सव"
( दादर-मुंबई- महाराष्ट्र राज्य )
हा उत्सव कुणी सुरू केला, त्यामागचा सद्हेतू काय होता. मराठी मातीचा गौरव वाढवणाऱ्या ह्या नवरात्र उत्सवाबद्दल माहिती देणारा हा लेख संपूर्ण वाचा. ( १३/१)
1920 च्या दशकातील घटना-
दादर ला सार्वजनिक गणेशोत्सवात सहभागी होण्यास बहुजन बांधवाना बंदी होती, यातून पूज्य डॉ आंबेडकर, रा. बोले व प्रबोधनकार ठाकरे यांनी आंदोलन उभा करत तो डाव हणून पाडला, यापुढे उत्सवात दलित नको ह्या कुयोजनेने ब्राह्मणांनी गणेशोत्सव बंद पाडला. ( १३/२)
मात्र प्रबोधनकार ठाकरेना मनोमन वाटायचे असा कुठला तरी उत्सव असावा ज्यात स्पृश्य-अस्पृश्य आदी मंडळी आनंदाने सहभागी व्हावे व महाराष्ट्र धर्म वृद्धिंगत व्हावा. याच पुण्यहेतू कारणे राव बहादूर बोले यांच्या बंगल्यावर अनेक पुरोगामी मंडळींची नियोजनबद्ध बैठक झाली व ठरले.. (१३/३)
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20 theses on #Ukraine/#Russia: recap.
1 We must act not only for Ukraine to win, completely, but also for Russia to lose, fully.
Let's stop fearing a collapse of Russia (which some weak minds are more worried about than Ukraine's victory).
A #Thread
1/20 Image
2 There can be neither negotiations (apart from one-off issues like prisoner exchanges) with Putin's regime, nor peace talks.
Any hint of this weakens us.
3 The discourse in favor of such discussions, such as "we will have to sit down at the negotiating table", is either a sign of ignorance of the danger of this regime, or a propaganda narrative.
It would lead to a betrayal of our commitments to Ukraine and put us in danger.
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💥 #जब_भगवान_ने_बनाई_स्त्री....#पढ़ें_यह_दिलचस्प_रचना 🚩

जब भगवान स्त्री की रचना कर रहे थे तब उन्हें काफी समय लग गया। छठा दिन था और स्त्री की रचना अभी अधूरी थी।

#इसलिए_देवदूत_ने_पूछा - भगवान, आप इसमें इतना समय क्यों ले रहे हो?

क्या तुमने इसके सारे गुणधर्म देखे हैं, जो इसकी रचना के लिए जरूरी हैं।

यह हर प्रकार की परिस्थितियों को संभाल सकती है। यह एकसाथ अपने सभी बच्चों को संभाल सकती है एवं खुश रख सकती है। यह अपने प्यार से घुटनों की खरोंच से लेकर टूटे दिल के घाव भी भर सकती है। यह सब सिर्फ अपने दो
यह अपने प्यार से घुटनों की खरोंच से लेकर टूटे दिल के घाव भी भर सकती है। यह सब सिर्फ अपने दो हाथों से कर सकती है। इसमें सबसे बड़ा गुणधर्म यह है कि बीमार होने पर अपना ख्याल खुद रख सकती है एवं 18 घंटे काम भी कर सकती है।

देवदूत चकित रह गया और आश्चर्य से पूछा कि भगवान क्या
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