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Thread: Você sabe o que foi o Holocausto Brasileiro?

O Hospital Colônia, em Barbacena-MG, foi responsável pela morte de 60 mil pacientes, dos quais 70% sequer foram diagnosticados com doenças mentais.
Todas as fotografias aqui usadas são do fotógrafo Luiz Alfredo, de 1961.
A origem da expressão “trem de doido”, que hoje tem conotação positiva em Minas Gerais, tem origem na primeira metade do século passado, quando trens de todas as partes do Brasil chegavam a Barbacena. Eles levavam, em grandes vagões de carga, os pacientes do Hospital Colônia,
instituição responsável pela morte de cerca de 60 mil pessoas. À época em que houve o maior número de mortes, entre os anos 1960 e 1970, a situação do hospital ganhou o apelido de “Holocausto Brasileiro”.
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Be very careful about what you read about #AhvazAttack.
There are many fake news, unconfirmed reports, fabricated photos and photos taken for propaganda use.
For example @bbcpersian journalist @BahmanKalbasi claims a group has taken responsibility when it is not true.1/8
.@guardian journalist @SaeedKD mislead public opinion by writing 'children' were killed by 'terrorists'. And when you read his piece you only see there was one child and not children. But what the headline of the article suggests is very different to its context.2/8
Director of Iran project at @CrisisGroup, @AliVaez jumps in to protect Iranian regime and asks US officials to condemn the attack. However, he has never asked US officials before to condemn Iranian regime for arresting, raping, torturing and executing political prisoners.3/8
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Si vous avez grandi dans les années 80, voici une série de prises de conscience douloureuses. #thread
Sylvester Stallone (72 ans) est aujourd'hui plus agé que Burgess Meredith (Mickey) dans Rocky (69 ans).
Ralph Macchio (56 ans) est aujourd'hui plus agé que Pat Morita (M. Miyagi) dans Karate Kid (52 ans)
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I believe @RahulGandhi , being the blathering idiot that he is, has actually lost the advantage @INCIndia has in the #Rafale issue by speaking without thinking. #Thread
So far, #Rafale discussion has been about the cost to the nation. Although even that was all hot air and faff, as a confusion and misinformation tactic it was effective.
Although BJP could well explain the cost figure differences like that fact that the cost Congress keeps talking about was just a bargaining point and never agreed upon in a contract, it’s quite well known BJP has been ineffective in communicating this to the masses clearly.
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So let's get this done.

Get your pop corn and a cup of coffee, let's have a quick look at the looming financial crisis in the State of Osun and why the decision of today is important to shaping their future.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet by @BudgITng ranking Osun State 35th State in Nigeria based on the Fiscal sustainability index.

Unlike the saying that the person on the floor does not need to fear downfall, Osun State was 36th in 2017 and needs to be worried.
Fiscal sustainability is the ability of a government to sustain its current spending, tax and other policies in the long run without threatening government solvency or defaulting on some of its liabilities or promised expenditures. You can say it's a measure of going concern
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Been dating on and off for a while and i wanted to share some of my insights as to why alot of relationships dont work. #Thread
We meet amazing people and we generally like them within days. We go on fancy dates. Talk nonstop for hours and maybe steal kiss or two.
We start to have feelings and the dates start to be frequent, we hang out with other members of our social circle and invariably its almost like we are now in a relationship.
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#DallasThread #Thread #Hurricane #HurricaneFlorence #Flood #Cleanup As the flood waters recede, I want to talk to you about cleaning up. I have received training in disaster relief and sadly have had to use this training.
While this thread is not in-depth, it will be most useful info in one place that I think you will find. It’s also a bit long. Sorry not sorry 😬
Let’s start out by stating the obvious, unless you are saving another human, nothing is worth risking personal sickness or your life for. You must protect yourself first in disaster areas. If it takes another day to get the right gear, wait that day.
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Is there any news channel that has taken the time to educate themselves & viewers about the difference betw civil & criminal offences in matters of marriage, divorce, while discussing Ordinance against Instant Triple Talaq? #Thread on #TripleTalaqOrdinance
Most channels spread the false idea that the Ordinance by criminalising Muslim husbands who desert without a legal divorce, is ending a 'privilege' that Muslim men alone enjoyed. Men of all communities do it, Muslim personal law sanctioned it b4 SC verdict #TripleTalaqOrdinance
How can desertion of wives without legal divorce be treated as a criminal offence if a Muslim man does it and not if a Hindu man does it? Deter qazis etc from sanctioning it by scrapping registration if they sanction ITT. #TripleTalaqOrdinance
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This will be my agree to disagree Q thread.

(As I run 😂)


Fact I support Q and Anons. This is IMO thread.


#Qanon #MAGA #KAG2020 @POTUS
QPost 2216

Q answers with 187 (Sherman Deaths) and also
(AUS, CA, NZ, UK, US) 4 times in a row.

Point made. Those contries are the ‘5 👁s’

Uranium 1 was funneled through 🇨🇦.

Clinton didn’t win, no safe house 😂

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
QPost 2216

Links to validate above Thread post.



Safety House is either in reference to Clinton as Secretary of State or they banked on her winning the “House’

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#THREAD: It was Poroshenko's ''State of the Nation'' address today. Here are some important points.
NUMBER 1: Poroshenko wants to amend the constitution by removing a clause allowing the Russian Fleet to be stationed in Crimea. "After we retake Crimea, the Russian base will no longer be stationed in Sevastopol!" he exclaimed.
NUMBER 2: Poroshenko wants to rapidly rebuild the defenses on the coast of the Azov Sea in order to be better prepared for any further Russian hostile acts.
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Je n'ai jamais fait de #thread sur la sûreté #nucléaire.
Alors prenons un peu de temps pour parler d'#AccidentNucléaire.

Un sujet majeur depuis #Fukushima : et si on perdait toutes les alimentations électriques d'un réacteur ? 😱
Un disclaimer préalable : je vais me focaliser sur les réacteurs français, de type « Réacteur à Eau Pressurisée » (REP). Ce que je vais dire ne sera que très partiellement applicable à d'autres réacteurs, notamment les REB de Fukushima.
Pour commencer, à quoi ça ressemble, un REP, et comment ça fonctionne ?
Je pique à @Framatome_ cet excellent visuel :
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We already know that Brett Kavanaugh has lied to the Senate while under oath. He should be impeached not confirmed to the Supreme Court. What else could he be lying about?
#Thread #Kavanaugh
In 2004 and 2006, Kavanaugh swore to the Senate that he never received any emails referencing or containing materials drafted by Democratic staff which had been stolen by a GOP Senate staffer, Manuel Miranda, between 2001-2003.
Newly public emails prove Kavanaugh lied to the Senate under oath in 2004 and 2006. The emails from his work in the Bush White House were released during the Senate’s review of Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. The following emails are just two examples of many.
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#Breaking #Trump muscle le ton et le jeu sur le lien entre exécutif et justice. Dans 1 interview qui s'annonce mémorable à @thehill, il déclare à propos de son ministre Sessions: "Je n'ai pas de ministre de la Justice". #thread…
2) Dans la même interview- filmée, #Trump revient sur son incroyable décision de faire déclassifier tous les documents relatifs à l'enquête du #FBI sur son éventuelle collusion avec la #Russie... pour s'y féliciter du mal que cela fera au…
3) Car rappelons que le président US, #Trump, vient donc d'ordonner la déclassification des documents portant sur 1 enquête en cours du #FBI, au risque évident de dévoiler sources, méthodes etc...pour 1 seule raison: cette enquête le concerne. #àlire…
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I'm going to quickly answer a series of objections that come up *literally* every time I post about the misogynistic filth (and other genres of hate) that are lobbed at me regularly for doing my job as a scholar. #thread
Objection: I'm playing the victim.

Reality: I'm accurately describing a phenomenon in which I am not at fault. Nobody deserves the hate mail I receive, absolutely nobody. Also, I'm not asking people to feel sorry for me. I am raising awareness.
Objection: Just block people who attack you.

Reality: I have blocked thousands of Twitter accounts. These is not a few bad apples but rather a society-wide phenomenon of permissibility of vile speech against women. We need to confront our demons because we can't outrun them.
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J'ai encore lu des choses pas croyables sur l'accès au métier de #pilote de ligne alors je vais vous raconter une petite histoire...
#thread @AvgeeksFR
Je connais quelqu'un qui, n'aimant pas trop l'école, est parti bosser avec un CAP mécanique en poche. Il aimait bien les avions alors il a postulé à la maintenance AF.
Mais là, pas touche aux avions, on lui fait changer des néons... 😞
Du coup, il se demande s'il ne pourrait pas aller bosser en aéroport, comme agent d'escale. Mais on lui demande un BAC... Qu'à cela ne tienne, il travaille le soir, passe son BAC et postule. Le voilà maintenant à enregistrer et embarquer les passagers ! 😊
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Farewell Alozie Chris my brother and my Choral Leader those years in Festac. Your wife and your son you never saw until your death will be fine eventually. Killed by Boko haram in Borno State on the 12th of August 2018. We will never forget you in a hurry #Thread
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Il faut prendre connaissance de cette histoire atroce, et peser les mots écrits par le président Tribunal de grande instance de Rennes, révélés dans cet article. #ProtectionDeLEnFance #Thread
Il ne s'agit pas ici de dédouaner qui que ce soit, non plus de pointer telle ou telle personne ou institution en particulier ; il faudrait en effet décortiquer précisément l'ensemble des éléments du dossier pour pointer les différentes défaillances et leurs causes.
Pour autant, la question des moyens alloués d'une manière générale à la protection de l'enfance, et notamment au traitement judiciaire de la protection de l'enfance, ne peut pas, ne doit pas, être évacuée.
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Today, I found out that some young people I know (ages 15 and 16) are in 'school' Whatsapp groups with teachers.

I salute the dedication of teachers who go beyond, but I think this a very dangerous breach of privacy / work-play balance, and must be stopped.

Here's why: #Thread
1) You cannot join a Whatsapp group without revealing your phone number. This is an immediate risk for minors - the room for abuse is so large I'm stunned that schools allow this. Pedophilia, sexual predation, grooming - all possible when adults have kids' phone numbers.
2) There is also risk of harassment by other kids. I remember my friends in high school (esp girls) who kept phone numbers very private, because they didn't want to be constantly bombarded.

When a teacher makes you join, there's no opt out. Everyone gets your phone number.
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« Normalement, chez moi, en tout cas depuis une loi de Bonaparte qui a malheureusement été abolie en 1993 par les socialistes, on doit donner des prénoms dans ce que l’on appelle le calendrier, c’est-à-dire les Saints Chrétiens. » Non. #Thread…
Bon, passons sur le « chez moi ». Chez toi, Rico, c’est la France, donc tu fais ce que tu exiges des étrangers qu’ils fassent: tu respectes la loi commune, point.
À la Révolution, la Convention passe un décret du 24 Brumaire an II qui proclame la liberté pour tout citoyen de se nommer comme il leur plaît, en se conformant aux formalités prévues par la loi.
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1/n: LENDING (business) IS NOT A FEATURE.

And yes, distribution of lending/credit products is a ‘feature’ in some platforms/products.

Lending (CREDIT) is a business with many complex moving parts.

#long #fintech #thread #lending
2/n: In fact “Lending (Credit) is older than money and FinTech.” (…)

There’re lot of tweets (within the FinTech community in India) about Whether 'lending is a feature' or not? So, let’s unpack that a bit..
3/n: True definition of Lender = Lending Money from own balance-sheet (i.e. skin in the game). The primary revenue here is Interest Income (Net Revenue from Funds), and margins computed basis NIM (Net Interest Margin) and COF (Cost of Funds).
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Je m’ennuie et je dois écouter le nouvel album de disiz donc..
Kaïju: la prod est énorme, j’aime beaucoup l’auto tune même si quelques réserve quand il monte avec sa voix (gros + dans le doublage de voix 2ieme couplet, au niveau texte c’est une bonne synthèse de ce qu’il veut aborder dans sa thématique d’album.
Disizilla: une prod énorme encore, sobre avec cette basse qui fait tout. J’suis partagé sur les drums qui donnent un côté « club » mais qui fait néanmoins bouger la tête. Niveau flow le premier couplet sera un des mes préférés. Niveau texte Disiz fait comprendre [...]
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Random questions #thread
1. What’s something you really want right now?
2. Are you afraid of falling in love?
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#Thread As Kerala is recovering from the devastating floods, a Kasargodu native is heading India's first comprehensive flood monitoring system in Kolkata funded by Asian Development Bank. Follow the thread for more about the project which will be functional from next month.(1/n)
Gopalakrishna Bhatt, A hydro geologist from Badiyaduka is the technical consultant of the project. It has been designed to
provide forecasts as well as real-time updates from sensor
nodes installed in key points throughout the city. Read… (2/n)
The system includes: weather forecasts; flood models for
various intensities of rainfall; real-time information on
pump status, sump and canal water levels, actual rainfall, inundation levels,; and messaging system to
provide warnings to officials
and citizens. (3/n)
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மூட நம்பிக்கை, கடவுள், மதம், ஆரியத்திற்கு எதிராக அண்ணா எழுப்பிய கேள்விகளுக்கு இதுவரை எந்த ஆத்திகனும் பதில் சொன்னதில்லை😂😂😂

1) நமது நாட்டில் சைவ சமயத் திற்கு முன்னால் ஏதாவது சமயம் இருந் ததா?
2) அது எது?

3) சைவ சமயம் என்பது எப்போது உண்டாயிற்று?
4) அதற்கு முதல் கர்த்தா அல்லது சமயாச்சாரி என்பவர் யாவர்?
5) சைவ சமயத்திற்கு மற்ற சமயத்தில் இல்லாத தனிக் கொள் கைகள் என்ன?
6) அதற்கு ஆதாரம் யாது?

7) சைவம் என்பது சிவன் என்னும் ஒரு உருவமுள்ள கடவுளை, வழிபடு கடவுளாகக் கொண்டதா?

8) அல்லது தனித் தெய்வமில்லாமல் ஏதாவது கொள்கைகளை மாத்திரமோ, அல்லது குணத்தை மாத்திரமோ அடிப்படையாகக் கொண்டதா?

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